Top Ten Most Annoying People In Restaurants


The Top Ten

1 The people who spit spitballs

It's so stupid and annoying and obnoxious - AzaleanGirl

2 Obnoxious people who yell over everybody

They could keep it down and still have the people at their table here them. I remember once at mcdonalds some guy was on the phone SHOUTING about sharpening pencils on the phone. - AzaleanGirl

3 Someone who complains about the food the entire time

If you don't like the food just don't grow, or keep your opinions to yourself. - AzaleanGirl

4 The person that takes hours to order

I'll have the... No wait... The chopped salad with dressing on the side... I'll have French... No Italian... Nah French... Actually a pizza... With pepperoni mushrooms and some... Actually I'll have the... No wait go with the first one - AzaleanGirl

5 People who take photos of their food constantly

90% of people who does this is Asian

I hope you relize no one cares what you are eating just eat the food and stop posting it. - AzaleanGirl

6 People who throw food

Just plain old rude - AzaleanGirl

7 Spoiled kid

You know, the ones that whine and cry and throw fits for no reason. - AzaleanGirl

8 Teens who go out of their way to annoy everybody
9 People who order 10 million things and make you have to wait longer to get your actual dinner

Can't they spend one second not ordering something new? - AzaleanGirl

10 The people that are watching what you are eating

Like those little kids that stand up and watch you from the top of the booth. - Yatagarasu

The Contenders

11 Elderly people that stare at you for no reason

That has happened so many times...What's your problem? Having squint eyes or fits?! - Ananya

12 People who try to make you move

I'm not getting up, deal with it! - AzaleanGirl

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1. The people who spit spitballs
2. Obnoxious people who yell over everybody
3. Someone who complains about the food the entire time


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