Top 10 Most Annoying People at School

The Top Ten

1 Bitchy popular girls

The worst! They just make you feel ugly and worthless. - Britgirl

Bad people and like animals - belarbi

They are really selfish. - Connor360

2 Bullies

True.Bullies are annoying even for popular kids.I am popular but there is this annoying idiot that keeps bullying me by lying to the teachers to get me in trouble or trying to make me physically attack him by saying something offensive.But he surrendered to me lol.But I still hate him-TheCoolGuy1

3 Kids who try hard

Why is this a problem? - Songsta41

4 Teachers
5 Kids who hate their own generation

I don't like my generation. - Connor360

6 Kids who smoke smarties

So annoying

7 Fanboys and Fangirls
8 Kids who complain
9 Kids who call others snitches
10 P.E. Teachers

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11 Assistant Principals who ask you stupid questions
12 Girls who love My Little Pony

What is wrong with that? And, by the way, they are called "Pegasisters". I am one and no one makes fun of me for it. - Pegasister12

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13 People who look like they are wearing eyeliner

I got one at school he is a flipping boy

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14 That person who asks you for stationary every 5 seconds in class
15 The person who stares at you all day
16 Tattletale
17 Know-It-All
18 Immature idiots
19 The kids in the cafeteria who throw food at you
20 Band Kids who only talk about band
21 Kids which only game they talk about is Call of Duty
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