Most Annoying Pikmin Enemies

On This List You Can Put Down Who You Think Is The Most Annoying Enemy In The Pikmin Series, Whether It's The Careening Dirigibugs And Their Rock-Bombs, Or Waterwraith And His Level Of Intensity, You Can Decide Who YOU Think Is The Most Annoying Enemy In Pikmin History.

The Top Ten

1 Waterwraith

Whenever I am in the submerged castle, I get a large feeling of dread that makes me not want to play anymore. This thing almost ruined pikmin for me! I scream when it behind me, and if you get crushed by him, your dead! You leave the cave with no pokos, no treasures, no nothing! I hate this abomination. And it makes this noise that gives me nightmares! I hate it!

Reminder: a crushed Pikmin is instantly killed. Yeah. Let that sink in. But then you get Purples and he goes down easily.

I've never beaten submerged castle, not because I couldn't, because I hate this monstrosity you call an enemy

You know this boss is hard when even the legendary Chuggaaconroy is scared of this boss. - DatKirbyGamer

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2 Gatling Groink

This half toy, half fish,one time, killed my army of pikmin while I was getting a treasure! Even worse, they have explosives AND can be in caves AND your purple pikmin are weak to explosives, plus their slow! Its like Nemo became a murderer and got the stripes removed, and stole military experiments! It's a nightmare, as well!

The Shoot Up Meteor Like Bullets That Fall Onto Your Pikmin, They Blow Back Your Pikmin Which Is Annoying, Though They Hardly Kill Them

Combining the elements of multitude levels of annoyance, a shield to protect it's face, roaming the area and reviving like the spotty bulbear, and using long ranged explosives to demolish your army from a comfortable distance... Ugh This thing is a monster to say the least

WAY too frustrating

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3 Spotty Bulbear

Compared to the standard Red Bulborb it has far more health, a bigger biting range, and in Pikmin 2 this beast wasn't nocturnal and would hunt you down with it's suprisingly fast speed and intelligent AI. And once you finally kill it, it can regenerate it's health -unless you bring it to base- and continue ruining your day. Holds my spot for most scary and most annoying enemy in the series to this very day.

Hmmm in pikmin 4 there should be an area with 5 of each enemy on this top 10 (only one of each boss)

4 Careening Dirigibug

Two words, BOMB ROCKS!

5 Armored Cannon Beetle

This Guy Has A Hard To Find Weak-Spot, And He Shoots Rolling Boulders That Are A One-Hit KO

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6 Titan Dweevil

This Guy Killed Me Several Times, And The Time I Beat Him It Took Me 20 Minutes!

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7 Yellow Wollywogs

Worst enemy by far: 2nd place of the dreaded water wraith: Titan Dweevil was easy!

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8 Bulbourb Larva

When You Swarm These Enemies They Always Get 1 Kill, The Only Way To Defeat Them Is By Using A Captain Or Getting A Lucky Throw, (Easily Done By Using Purple Pikmin)

9 Segmented Crawbster
10 Emperor Bulblax

The Emperor Bulblax On The 1st Pikmin Took Me Several Tries! He Could Eat Tons Of Your Pikmin At A Time, Jump And Then Land Of Them, Or Roar And Scare Them!

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The Contenders

11 Orange Bulbourb

These Specific Bulbourbs Wake Up Easier Then Most
And It Has An Increased Biting Range

Will wake up and massacare my pikmin it makes me so mad I wanna rage

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12 Raging Long Legs

Once You Damage Him Enough He Stomps Around And Smashes All Kinds Of Your Pikmin

13 Man-At-Legs

His Gun Is Quite Annoying

14 Desiccated Skitter Leaf
15 Shaggy Long Legs
16 Plasm Wraith
17 Anode Beetle

These Enemies Work Together To Shoot A Line Of Electricity, If Your Pikmin Touches Lightning It's A One-Hit KO

18 Pileated Snagret

This guy is even scarier because of it's face and has one foot which helps him hop to stomp your pikmin PLUS it has bigger biting range to eat three at once

Hole of Heroes battle is nearly IMPOSSIBLE if you're going for a no-death run.

19 Empress Bulblax
20 Swarming Sheargrubs

Why oh why do my pikmin chase after them! NOO! Come back to the Onion NOW!

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