Top Ten Most Annoying Places to Have a Mosquito Bite

I am a Canadian who hikes daily, and I therefore have to put up with these miniature vampires. They have a knack for biting you in places that leave you shaking your head and thinking, "How the HELL did that bug get in there? "
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1 Finger

In one night I got bite on two of my fingers and a bunch on my arms and legs. This is one of the most annoying parts of the body because I use my hands everyday.

At the joints specifically. I think there are better places from where they can suck the blood than those bloody fingers. Maybe the belly (though we won't allow it through our clothes).

Ha! I've never ever been bitten by a mosquito. I feel like I've been blocked out of some exclusive club. Now I really want one - a mosquito bite, that is...

Scratching away at one on my finger right now. Gosh this list gave me the willies all over...

2 Ankle

I have one on my ankle right now and It's driving me crazy! I have really sweet blood and can't get through a summer without obtaining at least 100 bites.

You know those bruises you get when you bump your ankle? Multiply the annoyance by ten.

I have one on the back of my ankle where the shoe rubs.. It's a killer

A very common itching spot, to be honest.

3 Back

Especially on that little square that's out of both swatting and scratching range.

Especially when we can't reach it ( I scrub my back to wall when it itches hooray bears! )

I could reach any part of my back. Not a problem for me.

It would be really hard to itch

4 Foot

I once went outside without shoes and socks, and I got a total of 134 mosquito bites on my feet and ankles. I was in agony and couldn't walk for a week. They always seem to bite in multiples on the feet.

I got 20 mosquito bites all over my legs and arms and back and two under my feet, they are more painful and itchy than normal, plus get bigger and itch more often!

Especially on the bottom of your foot where it is frowned upon to take off shoes and itch in public! It's the worst!

I have one on my right foot right now and it is itching like CRAZY.Well,after that my foot started aching because I scratched my foot a little too much

5 Genitals

Hard to imagine it unless one somehow goes through your underwear. Or if someone is without clothes, that's another case.
EDIT : Well, that's something I shouldn't have forgotten. Damm outhouses! But bathrooms at homes are fine, no mosquitoes there.

Fortunately for me, mosquitoes seem to be attracted to my mother and brother. I felt sorry for my bro when he got it on the testicle.

When you're scratching your genitals and the police arrest you for masturbating.

I never experienced this, but I believe this is the worst, along with armpit.

6 Scalp

I honestly have no idea how the bugs even get through to skin.

7 Calf

Simply because they're very unsatisfying to scratch.

Getting bit anywhere is such a curse

8 Elbow

Similar to ankles, but easier to scratch.

9 Toe

Numbs the toe, yet making it itch like hell

Especially the joints

It itches worst out of all the other mosquito bites I’ve ever gotten. I have one on my 2nd toe on my right foot and it sucks..

10 Ear

I think I got bit on the inside of my right ear and it hurts so bad. My mom grabbed one of those ear thingys and tried to look inside that ear and I started crying because IT'S REALLY PAINFUL AND I CAN'T SLEEP.

Or right behind them. Thankfully, mosquitoes (or mosquitos, I'm still not sure) rarely succeed, thanks to their high-pitched whine. They leave that to the black flies.

Then how will it be gone?

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11 Neck
12 Eyelid

I have experienced the eyelid and it is terrible it seems like eyelids are the worst to me

Looks like you have an swollen eye

13 Buttock

So relatable.

14 Between Toes

Between the toes is very uncomfortable. I have one between my toes and it itches so bad

In between the toes are the hardest to scratch

15 Breast

Hurts and itches real bad

16 Belly Button

Oh dear lord, just any kind of bite there is painfull. It's so hard to treat it b/c you can't get a lot of cream in there and if you need to itch you don't really know where to itch. Just touching the area around it is painful. Dear lord

This happened to me and it is like a living hell

Dear lord it's painful when it gets swollen.

17 In Your Mouth

Never been done to me

18 Armpit

Especially when you're wearing tank top.

19 Back of Hand

The back of the hann is the worst for me. I have a bunch of bites but the one on the back of my hand is the wors one. I don't know why but... it is

You can't even use your hand till bite heals, which is annoying as hell.

You get a numb hand and you can't even scratch it because if you try you will only make your hand worse.

It’s gets annoying

20 Palm
21 Knee

I was bitten in my knee this night. So annoying!

22 Eye Ball

Thankfully this has never happened to me but I imagine that it would hurt more than all the other items on this list

It will hurt

23 Heels
24 Near Your Toe Nails

So disrespectful to bite their especially when you have to wear tennis shoes for work and you several bites on the sides of your big toe and an ant bite between 3rd and 4th

25 Back of Leg

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who thinks is the most annoying

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