Most Annoying Pokemon to Get in the Games

So you see a Pokémon and you want to get it. But then you figure out how to get it... and now you rather go for a walk.

The Top Ten

1 Milotic Milotic

Get a rare Feebas, find a rare prism scale and TRADE! I can't trade. IT'S SO HARD TO GET AND I HATE POKEMON THAT HAVE TO BE TRADED TO EVOLVE! If you're looking for beauty, try a Gardevoir or Delphox.

So not only is febass a pain in the @$$ to get, but now if u want this thing u have to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT in getting its beauty COMPLETELY FILLED. Got it once, not worth it. - person5000

2 Beldum Beldum

Clear body + low capture % + take down killing itself = rage - person5000

3 Febas

It's in certain squares u have to be exactly on them & they r always randomized & on like 5/200(or more). U no, the Pokemon I'd want to b is a febas, because then not many would give a f to find me & I could swim freely - person5000

4 Entei Entei

Have to find randomly first. Runs away. Then if you mean look it, 'IT USED ROAR! ' & u lose its location... F M L. Plus awful capture % - person5000

5 Abra Abra

Totally. I hate it when it uses Teleport on me whenever I try to catch it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Can't even weaken it 'IT USED TELEPORT! ' Maybe if your fast enough u can put it to sleep. - person5000

6 Suicune Suicune V 1 Comment
7 Alakazam Alakazam V 1 Comment
8 Latios Latios V 1 Comment
9 Latias Latias V 1 Comment
10 Raikou Raikou V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Feebas Feebas
12 Castform Castform

Took me 2 hours in weather SOS next to Po Town for this little to show up. 2 hours. - marshadow

13 Politoed Politoed

Man, this took me several nights just to get this thing in Pokemon Sun. It has one of the lowest rarity rates in the game and only appears when it's raining. Also, it can only be captured during the night (or at least around 6:00 PM in my time zone). Many of my attempts ended with me falling asleep in my bed while playing. Thankfully, I was finally able to capture it fair and square in a weather SOS battle! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

At least for the other weather SOS battles, the weather actually shows up. I've never seen rain in Malie Garden. Ever. Not only that, but I swear, the thing barely ever shows up. 5 hours of using Rain Dance over and over, in the hopes that the planets would align and I could find it. - Zach808

This...POKEMON. It's so hard to get a King's Rock and it's so much harder to find this thing in SOS battles. If I didn't get it on GTS, I would've not been able to complete the Alola dex. - Rue

14 Zygarde Zygarde

And the worst part about collecting all those Zygarde Cells is that the game doesn't even keep track of which islands you have finished collecting them on. Not to mention some cells only appear during the day or at night! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

15 Minior Minior

You have to chuck poke balls as soon as you encounter one and pray you will get it without weakening it because it WILL use self destruct. - Rue

16 Gabite

Gabite was the worst Pokemon to get through weather SOS chaining. No wonder why gible is being sent out like crazy on wonder trade. - marshadow

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17 Pheromosa Pheromosa Pheromosa is a dual-type Bug/Fighting Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. It is one of the Ultra Beasts and is known by the code name UB-02 Beauty.

With the extremely low defenses it has, you better hope you don't one shot it. With the extremely high offenses and speed it has, you better hope it doesn't one shot you.

Oh and in Pokemon Moon, there are 4 of them to catch. Unlike with Buzzwole in Sun where there's only 2. - Rue

18 Silvally Silvally

Type: Null was one of the hardest friendship based Pokemon to evolve. Well for me at least. - marshadow

19 Necrozma Necrozma

I hear people caught this Pokemon in a beast ball. Like how did you do that without losing your mind? - Rue

20 Mareanie

You can only get Mareanie by SOS chaining a corsola and hoping a Mareanie would spawn. Honestly it was hellish and now that I can breed Mareanie, I'm never doing that again. - marshadow

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