Top 10 Most Annoying Pokemon Moves

Don't you hate it when your opponent uses a move that you always hate. Well, so do I. Today, I'll be listing the most annoying moves in Pokemon. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 Confuse Ray

I agree - BigFatNoob

This move drives me up the wall

We're looking at you Golbats! - SmashBall

When computer uses this move against you, you will always hit yourself 2-3 times and die before retaliate.
but when you use this move against computer, computer rarely hits itself and snaps out of confusion just after 1 turn!

2 Attract

Me: Sends in Salamence
Online guy: sends in Purugly
Me: purugly? This guy is screwed!
Online guy: uses attract.
Me: Oh come on!
Me: Sends in machamp:
Online guy: uses attract.
Me: Sends in Dragonite. Heh one hit with Huper Bean, His dumb purugly is done for. So, it’s finally MY turn.
Me: I use hyper beam. ATTACK MISSES!
Me: I swear to god use it one more time
Other guy: Uses Attract.
Me: Forfeits match

Annoying move. Except when I use my Audino team. - Crabmccrab

Fk you audino

Kissy kissy attraction! A girl attract a boy! GROSS

3 Protect


Its like a pelipper 40 lvls below you spams it its like UGH STOP you're GONNA DIE STOP DELAYING IT

I hate people who spam this move

I hate this move so much! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

4 Double Team

Use Double Team ONE MORE TIME! I dare you! - SmashBall

I live with this annoying move but, this move is the best attack in video games called - double team from pokemon (easily, because he raises your evasion) - mewtwo1

Good luck actually hitting a CPU spamming this if you don't have a move that never misses, let alone a move strong enough to pierce their defences. Leech Seed + Toxic + Double Team + Leftovers/Recover = RAGE.


5 Swagger

Really fking anoying, makes my pokemon hit themselves 5 times in a row before they can even avoid the confusion.

6 Destiny Bond

The only situation having a zubat helps - Crabmccrab

Once again, screwed over by Wobboffet, and the worst part, you can't even escape, with his stupid ability. - SmashBall

The death of my blaziken. R.I.P - Sambazing


7 Stockpile
8 Sand-Attack

Looking at you Faulkner’s pidgeotto

This move always makes half my team get K.O.'d in a battle.

Why? Sand attack is just weak and you should not care much about it and you will never use sand attack for fighting the elite fours! - pikachu_boy123lol

This move ruined Pokemon for me.

9 Rest

This move is my personality

That's the most unfair move I've ever seen. >:(

REST IS JUST SO ANNOYING. Its not helpful really, but just annoying.

Who else remembers Juan's Kingdra? If you don't know, Juan is the final Gym Leader in Pokemon Emerald, his special Pokemon is Kingdra. The moves are Double Team, Water Pulse, Dragonbreath (I think) and Rest. When it's in low HP, he can just use Rest. My god, it's annoying. - SmashBall

10 Counter

Who else gets screwed over, by Wobbuffet and his Counter? - SmashBall

The Contenders

11 Earthquake

Just carry a pokemon with levitate (ability) or magnet rise (move), flying types are not recommended because pokemon with earthquake usually have rock types moves - pikachu_boy123lol

It's pretty much the most overused move online. - SmashBall

12 Toxic

When you're poisoned, every couple steps, your poisoned Pokemon loses HP, until it faints. This is ESPECIALLY annoying when you're doing Nuzlockes. - SmashBall

13 Dark Void

There are no fees and strategies to counter this move, but you have to basically make room on your team for a pokémon with the ability to do so, otherwise your whole team is just screwed. It's kind of ridiculous that I have to have a pokémon trained specifically to counter this one move.

I get that the move is cool and can be pretty useful and everything...but if it's the ONLY MOVE that your opponent uses on you throughout the battle it's infuriating. I just can't have a fun battle against a Darkrai anymore.

Literally put you to sleep and with darkrai ability, you are like screwed

And I thought I could beat that guy with darkrai... - Crabmccrab

14 Spore

The move's accuracy is 100. So, you're almost guaranteed to go to sleep - SmashBall

15 Fury Swipes

This is what dugtrio for me

16 Recover

Recover Spam. 'enough said.

Healing moves are so annoying! - Martinglez

17 Pursuit

Low level to firat party(with exp share this way can get more xp too) and changes. Pursuit. And fainted.

I hate this move when I am using Shedninja, it kills Shedninja before I switch it out, and also stealth rock and spicks, it is great for contering shedninja. If my oponnent used spicks or stealth eock and charging moves the next turn (fly, solar beam), I use shedninja to absorb the charging move. - pikachu_boy123lol

18 Hypnosis

" Oh, hi Gengar! "

19 Explosion

At least the user faints :/ - Epicsauce45

A wild pokemon appears you use false swipe until it is at 1 hp. IT USED EXPLOSION, YOU FAINT AND YOU CAN'T CATCH IT.


20 Wrap

Even more annoying & add some paralysis move on your Pokemon, & watch the bs ensue. For those who don’t know about gen 1 (& 2? ) wrap is that it was a continuous attack THAT wouldn't LET THE OTHER SIDE ATTACK! So they can slowly kill you without your Pokemon being able to move if they go first! Thank you gamefreak for changing that!

21 Curse

Half HP lost, and then 25% on your self damaged!

22 Splash

Splash do not deal damage, how can splash take out your rayquaza and deoxys in oras? - pikachu_boy123lol

This just wastes your time

It took out my rayquaza and deoxys in oras - Sambazing

23 Rollout

Coundt beat a pokemon in one attack without this in brick bronze roblox - Xomanxy

Remember Whitney's Miltank? Oh my god... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

24 Fake Out

I HATE THIS - legendary

25 Mirror Coat

me too

Charizard used fire blast!
Glaceon held on onto its focus sash!
Glaceon used mirror coat!
Charizard fainted!

This is what happend to me in brick bronze :( - pikachu_boy123lol

26 Teleport
27 Thunder Wave

Any move that can paralyze you is annoying.

How was this not added before? - DarkShadows

28 Stealth Rock

Makes entire types non-viable

29 Roost

Especially with npc trainers who spam it, moves like roost and recover should have a 1 to 2 turn cooldown

When you see a bird and you won’t be able to kill him in one hitt, triggered!

30 Tackle

I got sweaped from Tackel after Smergle make belly drumm and Batton Pass to Gogoat. Worst Trainer moment in my life!

Tackle. The most annoying move ever. Every Pokémon can learn it basically, including magikarp(which is in fact boss) - Crabmccrab

31 Poison Sting
32 Sticky Web

You will like never be able to put speed

33 Dragon Rage

Wheres tge fuge subsitituetez

34 Sheer Cold

All 1hit KO moves suck but sheer cold is the worst because you just can not be immune to it like all the other I hit KO moves. It sucks so much when the 1 hit KO move actually hits especially in a nuzlocke

35 Refresh
36 Wish
37 Growl

Wild Pokemon and Trainer spam this move. And it's annoying.

38 Sleep Powder
39 Soft-boiled

Because Chansey and Blissey love to spam this move it's even more annoying then rest or roost.

40 Tri Attack

You can become froze confused or burnt fun for all

41 Yawn

Here's looking at you, Snorlax.
This is why I always carry an Awakening.

42 Trap Room
43 Supersonic
44 Minimize

Seems much worse than double team

45 Fire Spin

Like wrap in gen 1 it was very annoying & bs

46 Leech Seed
47 Milk Drink
48 Will-O-Wisp
49 Dragon Ascent

Rayquaza mega evolve

50 Air Slash

This move flinches so damn often its absurd. I once had my pokemon flinch 3 turns in a row!

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