Top 10 Most Annoying Pokemon Moves

Don't you hate it when your opponent uses a move that you always hate. Well, so do I. Today, I'll be listing the most annoying moves in Pokemon. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 Confuse Ray

When computer uses this move against you, you will always hit yourself 2-3 times and die before retaliate.
but when you use this move against computer, computer rarely hits itself and snaps out of confusion just after 1 turn!

Even though there is 50 % chance each for your pokemon to hit itself or not, but it always hit itself many times in a row and your opponent also attack while your pokemon's confused. So your pokemon died before doing anything many times. [I think the real chance of hitting itself is 60-70% not 50% lol]

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2 Protect V 2 Comments
3 Attract
4 Destiny Bond

Once again, screwed over by Wobboffet, and the worst part, you can't even escape, with his stupid ability. - SmashBall

5 Earthquake

It's pretty much the most overused move online. - SmashBall

6 Double Team

Use Double Team ONE MORE TIME! I dare you! - SmashBall

The fact that makes this move so sad is that many Pokemon Trainers IN THE ACTUAL GAME will spam Double Team (e.g Ltnt Surge), which is just sad.

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7 Rest

REST IS JUST SO ANNOYING. Its not helpful really, but just annoying.

Who else remembers Juan's Kingdra? If you don't know, Juan is the final Gym Leader in Pokemon Emerald, his special Pokemon is Kingdra. The moves are Double Team, Water Pulse, Dragonbreath (I think) and Rest. When it's in low HP, he can just use Rest. My god, it's annoying. - SmashBall

8 Swagger
9 Stockpile
10 Counter

Who else gets screwed over, by Wobbuffet and his Counter? - SmashBall

The Contenders

11 Sand-Attack

This move ruined Pokemon for me.

12 Toxic

When you're poisoned, every couple steps, your poisoned Pokemon loses HP, until it faints. This is ESPECIALLY annoying when you're doing Nuzlockes. - SmashBall

13 Recover V 2 Comments
14 Spore

The move's accuracy is 100. So, you're almost guaranteed to go to sleep - SmashBall

15 Splash
16 Wrap
17 Rollout

Remember Whitney's Miltank? Oh my god... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

18 Explosion V 1 Comment
19 Growl

Wild Pokemon and Trainer spam this move. And it's annoying.

20 Fury Swipes V 1 Comment
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1. Protect
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1. Confuse Ray
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