Top Ten Most Annoying Questions Kids Ask


The Top Ten

1 Are we there yet?

Luckily my cousins didn't do this on a 5 hour flight to San Francisco once. If they did I would've lost my sanity. (I was on the same flight as them)

Very annoying!

2 Why?
3 Where is ____?
4 When is later?
5 How much longer?
6 Do I have to?
7 Can you help me sleep?
8 Why can't I have more?
9 Can you scratch my butt for me?

Drax the Destroyer (Guardians of the Galaxy):Uh Hahaaahahaahahaah!


10 When is dinner?

Or what's FOR dinner (which my younger sister asks almost every single day, sometimes 2 hours before dinner is actually being cooked) - Livirus

The Newcomers

? What color is your underwear?
? Do celebrities poop?

The Contenders

11 Where do babies come from?
12 Why are they naked?

My cousin asked this once when a couple sleeping in bed are on T.V. during a family party. It was really awkward.

13 Do you have a vagina?
14 Do you have a penis?
15 Do you poop?
16 Do you fart?
17 Do you have stinky feet?
18 Did you make a penis?
19 What’s_________?

When my cousins were little

Cousin 1: he’s gonna spit up!
Cousin 2 (to me): what’s spit up?
Me: that’s what grownups say when little kids throw up

20 Can I have some of your food?
21 Are you a boy?
22 Are you a girl?
23 Are you a boy or a girl?
24 Can you wipe my butt for me?

My cousin said this to me a lot when she was younger.

25 Can you stay here with me?
26 Can you do this for me?
27 Can I have some candy?
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