Most Annoying Questions Parents Ask

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1 How was school?

(My high school special ed teacher gives me a hard time at school today)

Terrible. My teacher yelled at me and made me cry in front of the whole class. I also got in trouble for nothing and when I told her that I didn't do anything wrong, she will not believe me. I wish that she was dead.

I could never properly answer this question because when the school day was over; I would basically delete it all from my mind since it was all boring to me, so after being asked I would reply "I don't remember."

This really gets on my nerves. I love my parents, but I really don't get why they keep on asking this question. And if I say it was fine, they keep asking questions about what I did and the like.

Since my parents do this so much, I pretty much have to say that school was good right when I get in the car every time before they can even ask the question themselves.

2 What are you doing?

I'm asked this by all of my family whenever I do anything.

Same answer every time, playing on the internet

Staying alive and breathing

Minding my own business.

3 What did you get on the test?

Didn't even go for the test that was held today...( No one knew about it anyway so..)

This is why I don't tell my mum when I have tests

This gave me anxiety for 2 years.

We're Asian:

Me: I got an 88 on my test
Mom: 88?!? You're not studying enough!
Me: >:(

4 Who are you talking to?

My mom thinks that if you constantly talk to yourself you have mental problems

My parents don't care who I talk to, as long as it's not harmful to me.

An imaginary person

Sometimes I may talk to my self because I have no one to talk to at the time, it feels embarrased when I hear this

5 Who are you texting?

It's none of the parents business if their children are texting someone because my Mum does that to me all the time and takes forever to give my phone back.

Every time my Mum asks me this, I get annoyed. If I ever as say mind your own business to my Mum, she will fully scream at me and threatened to hit me.

I don't really text but I chat/message and it gets annoying when they ask who I'm messaging.

I'm texting the president requesting him to lower the taxes..

6 How many friends do you have?

That kind of hurts when they ask that...

I hate this question

7 What's your password?
8 How are you?

1. What else am I to respond with other than "fine"?
2. Is there really ever a time where I would respond no instead of confronting you and telling you what's up?
3. Can you not tell how I'm feeling already?
You should see that I am irritated by these questions.

I'm serious, every time they ask this I'll say I'm fine.
I'm depressed? I'm fine
I just tried to kill myself? I'm fine
I self-harmed? I'm fine
I was bullied today? I'm fine
I haven't eaten today? I'm fine

9 Can I use your laptop/phone?

My mom asks me if she can use my DESKTOP PC

10 Who's ___?

My mom asked who Sonic The Hedgehog is. Do you guys think that it's annoying for you cause your parents asked about a video game character

So many times when I mention a boys name. Then they ask if I like him.

My mom once asked me who Hatsune Miku was.

Then look it up on Google.-Vestalis

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11 What's ____?

What. I think your parents are broken, because no regular parents ask half of these questions.

Why not you look it up in the dictionary?

12 What's the worst that can happen?

I Get Hit By A Train
I Get Hit By A Car
I Get Hit By A Truck
I Get Hit By A Plane
I Get Hit By A Bike
I Get Hit By A Helicopter
I Get Hit By A Tank
I Get Hit By A Blimp
I Get Hit By A Brick
I Get Hit By A Lava Train
I Get Hit By A Lava Car
I Get Hit By A Lava Truck
I Get Hit By A Lava Plane
I Get Hit By A Lava Bike
I Get Hit By A Lava Helicopter
I Get Hit By A Lava Tank
I Get Hit By A Lava Blimp
I Get Hit By A Lava Brick
I Get Hit By An Acid Train
I Get Hit By An Acid Car
I Get Hit By An Acid Truck
I Get Hit By An Acid Plane
I Get Hit By An Acid Bike
I Get Hit By An Acid Helicopter
I Get Hit By An Acid Tank
I Get Hit By An Acid Blimp
I Get Hit By An Acid Brick


Easy. I die of fear

Getting Hurt, Falling Over

13 Who's your friend?
14 Who did you sit with at lunch?

And after that question, they ask "what do your friends bring for lunch? "

I sat with no one because everyone hates me

My mom asked me that today

my small group of friends

15 Can I see your Instagram?

I don't have an instagram

16 Why aren't you doing your homework?

Probably because you're asking me why I'm not doing my homework?

Because I finished it/ didn't have any

Because it's due two weeks from now

Because I have better things to do

17 Can I see what you're doing?

I absolutely hate it when that happens! One time I was about to look something up, (Not anything inappropriate, thank God! ) when my stepdad just barged into my room without permission and asked what I was doing on my kindle. (My mom won't let me have a phone and I'm 12! ) I was absolutely startled when he said that but I did it anyway and when I showed it, I was able to think of a good excuse for looking it up and much to my surprise, he believed me! - PastelSnowstorm

I’m not looking up porn!

18 Who did you dance with?
19 When am I going to have grandchildren?

My parents already have...*pauses to count*...five grandchildren and one great-grandson. Are they happy? No. They want ME to have children for them to make a fuss of.

Dude I'm 16. I am not old enough yet.

20 Why?
21 Who's your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Why would I tell you

22 What are you thinking about?

So annoying! Why do you have to know what we’re thinking about at this exact moment?

Dad: Whatcha thinkin about?
Me: You don’t want to know...

23 Why are you always on your phone?

My mom is always like "Why are you always on your phone? What business do you have on there?". So annoying! I can be on it if I want to! Just be grateful that I am not a drug addict!

Because I have friends I haven't seen in months since covid 19 came and I have to keep in touch with them! Gosh!

I could be a drug addict! Do you realize how lucky you are?!

Because you’re always at work and I literally have nothing to do

24 You didn't do this did you?

My parents ALWAYS ask me this whenever my cousin did bad stuff during parties and family gatherings. My response is always the same:


25 When are you going to get a job?

Nobody trusts me.

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