Most Annoying Rivalries of All Time

This list is a list of rivalries that usually get into people's skins. I do happen to be aware of really obvious ones out there. So if I put an obvious one in here. It's not going to be a big deal. Some spots on the list are going to have stemmed on TheTopTens and a big one is the whole India thing. I am also going to try not to have lots of stuff in the United States.

The Top Ten

1 United States vs United Kingdom

This is one that is either a no-misser or misser due to relations with each of the two countries. But what the main problem is that people get into debates about such pointless things like "Oh but the UK has better cars than America." or "The United States has more freedom than the UK." When it comes to manners in the different countries, It usually ticks me off. It doesn't matter who one acts. But when it comes to stereotypes, Not ALL Americans are fat, It's to a problem they can't help or they don't get exercise. Also, not every British person is considered "Posh" and I've never been to the UK and I don't know what goes on there because potato. And if you wonder "Why so many people in America? " so often is because people came to start a new life where it could be a lot more free than a place like France for example. And people especially need to get over things like "Debt" and the American Revolution. Lastly, enough with the whole thing of the USA not having a "U" in some words.

Never watch the news so I don't relly know anything about this - Matt92647

2 Metallica vs Megadeth

I am going to try my best and not do lots of Metal ones in here. I had to put it into here because believe it or not, Dave Mustaine was a Metallica member. He wasn't kicked out because he sucked, he was booted because of drug abuse.

They Are Both Awesome! - GreenDayFan21

3 Ford vs General Motors

This one is a very obvious one if you study cars. If you don't, it might not look obvious to you

Both make crap.

But both are better than Chrysler...

4 Disneyland vs Walt Disney World

I don't want to go any further on this. It's hella obvious. It's also like California VS Florida

5 Religion vs Atheism

I am an Atheist and it DOES in fact get annoying after a while with this kinda stuff.

I'm a Christian & yes, this is a pretty tiring argument.

6 Capitalism vs Communist

Sadly, this is a problem still since the Soviet Union fell back in 1991.

7 India vs United States

Well this isn't a real life rivalry but rather more something on here.

8 Los Angeles vs New York City

It's basically 3 WORDS with THIS: West VS East

9 Omnivores vs Vegetarians
10 Haters vs Fans

The Contenders

11 Coke vs Pepsi

I personally prefer coke, but both are good sodas.

12 Fender Stratocaster vs Gibson Les Paul
13 Beatles vs Rolling Stones

Too often this is the barometer for what kind of musichead someone is.

Apples and oranges. One might be the greatest rock band, the other might be the greatest pop band. Both are excellent.

14 Apples vs Oranges
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