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Which sayings, in your own personal humble opinion make you all "Bro, here's the thing: I am literally going to kill myself if you say that one more time. Just saying'. Don't get mad. We're still all cool with each other, no homo. Ya feel me?"

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1 Just sayin'

Translation: I just said something rude or snarky or sarcastic or something blatantly obvious, but adding "just saying'" at the end makes it all better. - Blue_Devereaux

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2 Bro/brah

When did this become a thing? I'm not your bro or your brah. I guess it's the current version of "dude" or "man".

Who says it? Bros under 25, especially dumb, white frat boys. - Blue_Devereaux

Sounds like your calling someone a bra

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3 Ending a phrase or sentence with an upward inflection

What is it? Making every statement sound like a question.

Example: The character, Michelle, from the film "American Pie" repeatedly says, "So, this one time at band camp..." with an upward infection.

Who says it? Once upon a time, it was mostly done by dumb, white girls/women under 30. Now, it's an epidemic, and boys and men are doing it, too. It makes you sound stupid and immature. - Blue_Devereaux

Gah! Really annoying? People sounding like they're asking questions all the time? It's so gum itching? - Britgirl

4 So, here's the thing
5 Overuse of "literally"

Who does it? People who do not understand the distinction between "literally" and "figuratively".

Example: Hearing some of these stupid phrases literally makes my blood boil. (If my blood actually boiled, I'd be dead, literally. ) - Blue_Devereaux

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6 IMO and IMHO

Unless you are an expert on a particular subject matter or have some first hand experience with the subject matter, then everything you say is just your opinion. You don't need to explain that to me. I get it. And I take it for what it's worth. There is no need to remind me that you're just spouting off. It makes you sound weak. Which of the following sentences sounds authoritative? "In my opinion, the death penalty should be abolished." vs. "The death penalty should be abolished."

Even worse is writing or saying "in my own opinion" or "in my own personal opinion". If it is your opinion, then necessarily you own it, and it is personal to you. (Of course, this is all just my own personal opinion. ) - Blue_Devereaux

7 Ya feel me?

I can almost guarantee that if you're asking me that, then, no, as a matter of fact, I do not "feel" you. People who use this expression tend to use it many times in one short conversation. - Blue_Devereaux

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9 It is what it is

Translation: I've absolutely nothing to add to this conversation, but I feel the need to state the some fact is, in fact, a fact. - Blue_Devereaux

10 A form of the verb "to be" + "all"

I am all mad at him because he was all drunk and puked in my car which made me all, "Bro, what? " - Blue_Devereaux

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? Video games “rot your brain”

I’m 12 and I’ve been a gamer since 2009! And I’m an honor roll student, which I’m pretty sure all those honor rolls came from me memorizing the patterns on Pac-Man! - Granton8ter05

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11 O.M.G.
12 Not being funny, but...
13 Overuse of the word, "like"

Like Scoobs! - Granton8ter05

14 That's beast
16 How you like me now?
17 number 1... and number 2
18 Second of all...
19 Smile, it might never happen
20 So, yeah V 1 Comment
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