Most Annoying Situations Regarding Headphones

Headphones are nice to have, but there is somethings that are annoying about headphones

The Top Ten

1 When they don't work at all

This sucks when you hear nothing in your headphones - flaggy0666

2 When they only work on one side

This always happens to me it sucks, after two months it's annoying and mine are doing it right now, so annoying - flaggy0666

This sucks when this happens music and videos sound weird and it is hard to block out an annoying noice with music when headphones only work on one side - flaggy0666

3 When headphones feel uncomfortable in ears
4 When earbuds always fall out of your ear

This so annoying my last ones kept doing that - flaggy0666

5 Most headphones you buy don't last

They always wear out so fast, unless you have ones that go with your phone or iPod or MP3 player or for your video game system - flaggy0666

6 When the button to play and pause music quits working
7 When your headphone zaps you in the ear

This really hurts that I have to take it out quickly - flaggy0666

8 When your headphones sounds zappy

This sounds bad I had headphones at school sound like this on video sounded bad - flaggy0666

9 When you break the overhead part on overhead headphones
10 When you break the jack

The Contenders

11 Shorting out audio

This is annoying then you know your headphones aren't going to last any longer - flaggy0666

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1. When they don't work at all
2. When they only work on one side
3. When headphones feel uncomfortable in ears


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