Most Annoying Situations Regarding Headphones

Headphones are nice to have, but there is somethings that are annoying about headphones
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1 When they only work on one side

My headphones started doing this today it sucks that they only work on one side it doesn't sound the best anymore. My left headphone quit working.

This is annoying when they only work on one side it sounds weird with music

This sucked when this happens it sounds weird in music and stuff

This is annoying I have it mostly with the left not working

2 When they don't work at all

This happened to my headphones they stopped working at least I had a back up pair

That’s just inconvenient and annoying

This is really annoying when they stop working my headphones broke that only lasted a week they were junk

3 When earbuds always fall out of your ear

This is annoying when they won't stay in your ear I had this happen before

Sometimes it seems no matter what I can’t get them to stay in

Yes it’s so annoying! Like stay in my ear already!

4 When they feel uncomfortable in your ears

This sucked when they feel uncomfortable I had it before

Then you need to buy better headphones.

This also applies to earbuds

Sometimes they give multiple ear pieces for different sizes but they still don’t feel right

5 Most headphones you buy don't last

I remember the headphones that came with my mp3 player only lasted for 3 weeks and then they broke

Well that goes for almost anything really. Same applies to Chargers

I had headphones break in 1 week it sucked they were junk

6 Losing one of the wireless headphones

That would suck if you lost one wireless headphone then it would sound weird in music

I still prefer wireless over wires but this is the downside. You lose one earbud and they’re useless

7 When the button to play and pause music quits working

This happened with my old headphones I had to press the music on my phone instead of my headphones

Not a big issue just makes things inconvenient

8 When they zap you in the ear

I hate when this happens it hurts

9 When you lose them

It sucks when you lose them I have lost a pair of headphones twice

10 When the audio shorts out

This is annoying when this happens, I had it happen before

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11 When you break the over the head part

I had this happen before on headphones when I sat on them by mistake, and another pair was for my ps3 and the overhead part broke then I couldn't use them anymore

12 When they sounds zappy

This sucks when this happens with headphones

13 When a button is shorting out

I had this happen with my old headphones I just moved the cord and it would sometimes open google assistant on it own it was annoying when it did and youtube videos kept pausing on me

This is super annoying move it stop or skip music or youtube video or open google assistant on its own or open siri on it's own on iphone or ipod touch the headphones think you pressing the button or holding it down

14 When the batteries die in wireless headphones

I had wireless headphones once and they died when I was watching a movie on Netflix it sucked

I hate when this happens with my wireless headphones it sucks I have to charge them

That would suck if you were watching a movie or listening to music and the batteries died and you need to charge them

15 When you break the jack

I had this happen once with the headphones that came with my old ipod it sucked

16 When they glitch and the volume shoots up

That would suck if this happens worst if it went to max volume

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