The Top 10 Most Annoying Songs from the 70s to Today


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21 Love the Way You Lie - Eminem
22 Bullet with Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins
23 This is Why I'm Hot - Mims

I'm really annoyed about this song. Mims is a terrible group - kmyeakel

24 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

This is annoying. This was another annoying overplayed song that played on the radio. - kmyeakel

Laughing on the "brain" post. Actually, I'm rolling on the floor!

I wonder if the blank space is where her brain should be

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25 #1 Crush - Garbage
26 Yeah 3x - Chris Brown
27 See You Again - Wiz Khalifa

This song has been playing on the firkin radio every single day it's so annoying it's been playing since forever oh my gosh this artist why did you have to write this song it's been on the radio for five once already and that's how long it's been playing straight it's so annoying

I have no idea what Wiz Khalifa is saying, I know this was a song to Paul Walker, but this song sucks - kmyeakel

28 Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars

This song is so stupid - kmyeakel

29 Suit and Tie - Justin Timberlake

Both of these 2 just don't get it - kmyeakel

30 She's Gone - Hall and Oates
31 Omg - Usher
32 Give Me Everything - Pittbull V 1 Comment
33 Hot N Cold - Katy Perry

Really annoying - kmyeakel

34 Firework - Katy Perry

Annoying song - kmyeakel

35 Real Slim Shady - Eminem

"My name is" come on. Lack of song now. - kmyeakel

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36 C'mon C'mon - The Von Bondies

"on another day come on come on." I know I like rock and roll, but come on this lyric is over played - kmyeakel

37 We Found Love - Rihanna

Over played on the radio - kmyeakel

38 Die Young - Kesha

This song is terrible and Kesha is being so hurtful. Having young kids getting killed. not a good song. - kmyeakel

That's no what its about, its about living for the moment, not killing yourself. - KJS2300

I'd rather listen to Die Young by Black Sabbath than listen to this garbage

39 Party Rock Anthem - Lmfao

So over rated and annoying song - kmyeakel

40 Yeah - Usher

Used to like it, but now its annoying - kmyeakel

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