The Top 10 Most Annoying Songs from the 70s to Today


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41 Die Young - Kesha

This song is terrible and Kesha is being so hurtful. Having young kids getting killed. not a good song. - kmyeakel

That's no what its about, its about living for the moment, not killing yourself. - KJS2300

I'd rather listen to Die Young by Black Sabbath than listen to this garbage

42 Party Rock Anthem - Lmfao

So over rated and annoying song - kmyeakel

43 Yeah - Usher

Used to like it, but now its annoying - kmyeakel

44 Sexyback - Justin Timberlake V 1 Comment
45 Climax - Usher

This song is over rated - kmyeakel

46 Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

A rip off to Martin Gaye - Got to give it up - kmyeakel

47 Love Story - Taylor Swift

A song that Taylor Swift did before making more terrible songs - kmyeakel

V 1 Comment
48 Dark Horse - Katy Perry

Juicy J is stupid. Katy Perry sucks - kmyeakel

49 As Long As You Love Me - Justin Bieber

This kid is far from over. Sucks so much - kmyeakel

50 Grenade - Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars only about jumping in front of a train and killing. A bad person - kmyeakel

51 Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars

This is beyond terrible - kmyeakel

52 Diamonds - Rihanna

This song is about Meth - kmyeakel

53 Can't Feel My Face - The Weekend

Most annoying group of the 2015 - kmyeakel

54 Take Care - Drake

This song is stupid that it makes Rhianna and Drake dumber. - kmyeakel

55 My Love - Justin Timberlake
56 Holy Grail - Jay-Z

This song is downright terrible - kmyeakel

I actually love this one. I am 61 years old. Maybe that's why! It has a good beat to it. Songs now are sso monotone!

57 The Hills - The Weeknd

Really hate the beat. - kmyeakel

58 Harlem Shake - Baauer

I know it used to been cool on YouTube, but now the Harlem Shake sucks. - kmyeakel

59 99 Problems - Jay Z

Jay Z has a problem with his life. I'm sorry this song sucks - kmyeakel

60 How to Love - Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne doesn't know what he's saying. Totally lame song - kmyeakel

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