Top Ten Most Annoying Sounding Languages

I'm counting down the most irritating, annoying sounding languages.
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1 Chinese

Even if I speak English at home to my mum, I had to learn Chinese as a second language when I was a child because I had to go to school in China, the horribly arrogant "Central Kingdom" where I was born. Their language is vulgar and full of swearing F words, and it is so intolerable that they can swear rivers of tears out of your eyes, from where you can feel your soul painfully demised. The sort of anguish is ever-lasting and has caused chronological trauma to my overall mental well-being. The richness of their swear words was beyond imaginable. How have they accumulated such a richness of F words? Also, they make a lot of open racist comments in their everyday language. I am a British, and I know this by heart because I would always get called an island barbarian and be instructed by my Chinese schoolmates to go back to my barbaric islands throughout the 12 years of schooling over there. I never realised it was racism until I encountered such poor racist treatments outside of school ...more

I totally agree! I speak Chinese as my first language and I think it sounds terrible! So many of the sounds are so short, and it was so hard. When I think in Chinese, I always imagine a female Chinese voice saying : nin hao in that really "trying to be prestigious but failing" tone

Probably the three most populous nationalities here are the Chinese, the Japanese and the Korean

Ching ching chong ching chang cheng ching chung...

2 Italian

Most annoying and horrible language, old fashioned. Italians cannot speak without gesticulating, even when they are driving.

And for improving the intellectual level of Italian, Italian is NOT the most direct evolution of Latin, it's the Romanian (from Romania).
Italian is not a pure living language, it's dying because there is no evolution.
I just can't stand this pompous sound. It's some kind of caricature of art. I only hate Spanish and English more.
Italians do not speak, they yell.
Their language is like their country dirty and old fashioned, look all rednecks when speaking such language.
We never know if they are talking or farting.
I guess farting even the smelling is there...
Italian is not a language, just an ersatz of o dead Latin.

For sure, it's the most annoying, boring, noisy, twangy language. Try to listen Italian radio in Italy, looks so outdated, totally depressing.

3 Latin

Come on, it's gorgeous!

Dead language, so annoying.

4 Spanish

Very annoying, very fast, especially when they shout and that is almost all the time.

Its very hard to learn and it's extremely irritating, it's so quick and annoys the hell out of people. I apologize if I offended any Spanish speakers - ant081799

Spanish is a very good language, if don't think so, that's your opinion.

I'm Mexican American & I approve of this message.

5 Slovak

Sounds weird

6 Korean

It sounds very confusing and annoying, it's hard to understand and that places it at number 5 on the list.

Korean is like what they called 'pasta' lol... just vomit. Italian is the best one, like our REAL PASTA!

They sound very loud and seriously what's with all those whinning?

No korean is not annoying at all

7 Latvian

It makes no sense, it's super hard to understand and sounds very confusing, I understand why this is so rarely spoken. - ant081799

8 Arabic

Sounds terrible: only language where you have to speak with your throat

Classical Arabic is HOT!

Does not sound cool, sorry Arab fellows

It's annoying - Mona_rs

9 Japanese

It's almost as hard to learn as Chinese and it is impossible to understand anything they are saying. - ant081799

10 French

It sounds ok, but it's very hard to learn and it's perceived as "the language of love", but it's kinda ugly and I don't think I'd let someone making those noises kiss me or do anything like that. No offense to French speakers though - ant081799

Sick of hearing people say "Je" disgusting.

It's THE language of loVe.
It's a complex language, with which you can express everything you want.
The French dictionary is the fist one in term of number of words.
I spent time to learn it, but it's such a nice experience to speak it, you learn and improve it everyday, it's a real magic language.
But if you are not clever or not mature enough, pass your way and continue to write here or there stupidities.

It's a way to express feeling and emotion in a way like no other. It originates from a place of great beauty. The lang.
Is thought of highly and is respected for its ways of making someone know you truly.

The French language is beautiful. They have the best love song in the world. The language may be hard, (it is even hard for French) but the difficulty able you to express feeling better.
Believe me, be able to sing in French work with laddies ;).

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11 Polish

It's weird but pretty

12 Bulgarian

It's very confusing, like Russian and they always sound angry when speaking it. - ant081799

Bulgarians are so creepy oml (not tryna be racist but they r also like so dark)

13 English

Pretty useful language but Screw the English writing system

Seriously? English is the easiest language to speak and learn.

How the hell does tough rhyme with dandruff? After that, I do understand why people don't like this language. (I speak English by the way)

"The English Language can be learned through tough thorough thought"
Seriously it's horrible. Tough rhymes with Dandruff but not with Through. - yyyyyyyyyy

14 Swedish

It just sound weird to me... Sorry Sweden :/

15 Portuguese

Ahaha I love how annoying this language is! especially the Brazilian Portuguese. Because I have two Brazilian Girls in my class and they are always screaming and speaking loudly and they seem like they are fighting lol, but actually they are just joking around or something I dunno. it actually is really funny and annoying.

No disrespect to the people who speak it but it is hard to understand and sounds very irritating. - ant081799

This language irritates me a lot by way how it sounds.
It is something as any old man without teeth eats a soup and speaks together...
Too much soft words, lot of "sh.. ", "ny.. ", "jy" and so on. Spanish is on similar base but sounds normal.

Sometimes my mom tells me to speak Portuguese. I do not really know a word. If you have vovĂł and vovĂ' and vovõ, How do you pronounce them?

16 German

It's so guttural.

17 Hungarian

Hungarian sounds like a constipated pig singing with sausages in its mouth.

18 Esperanto
19 Vietnamese

So noisy and irritating

Just irritating

Back in nam...

20 Old English

It's so stupid, I find it extremely hard to believe people back then spoke like this, its impossible to understand. - ant081799

21 Filipino
22 Russian

It's hard to learn and sounds very confusing, but it doesn't sound too annoying so it is only 9th in my countdown. - ant081799

Who the heck put Russian on this list

23 Cantonese
24 Albanian
25 Hindi

It has lots of weird words like shishu(child), paap (sin), tocha (skin), dhanyavad (thanks). etc.

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