Top 10 Most Annoying Special Infected in Left 4 Dead 2

Let's take a look at the most irritating, unstoppable and overpowered zombies in Left 4 Deas 2

The Top Ten Most Annoying Special Infected in Left 4 Dead 2

1 Jockey

Yes, it deserves be hated so much!

I hate the jockey so much I know he is around but he comes out of no whrer

This infected can just jump out of nowhere and maul your head. Furthermore, he is incredibly hard to hit and he drags you away from your team. - Steam

2 Boomer

It can puke out bile. Plus, it also can blind you if you kill it too close. And the bile I was talking about? Common infected around will be attracted to it and maul you to death. - Steam

3 Spitter

Something just like the boomer; can attack you far range. The only difference is it is damage over time. Once you are trapped within spitter goo, your health can deplete incredibly fast. Oh and after you kill it, it lays down a little gift in liquid form on the floor for you. - Steam

4 Tank

Not much to say as a few shots from the shotgun can kill him. Other than that, his extremely large health pool of 6000 makes him never die. Plus, his main attack knocks backs AND stuns survivors. - Steam

5 Charger

Somehow instantly charges as soon as you round every other corner and it will bowl down your teammates and help you waste supplies.

Runs like a mile from the trees and pins you. Once it hits a wall or stops running, it will start smashing you on the ground. Yes your teammates can kill him easily this way, but he can stun them for a while and send them back, delaying the rescue. - Steam

6 Smoker

If the smoker is out of sight on top of a roof, he is difficult for your teammates to kill. - Steam

7 Witch

Wait until you play on expert. These things kill you in one hit.

If someone startles her, she instantly incapacitates them. Hard to kill too. - Steam

8 Hunter

Jumps everywhere, and hard to spot. Once he pins you down, only your teammates can help you and he drains your health incredibly fast. - Steam

9 Uncommon Infected

Only a handful of guys out there. They are special in some way. - Steam

10 Common Infected

Large groups of them tear you apart. - Steam

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