Top 10 Most Annoying Stereotypes Made About Certain Animated Series

Is there such a thing as cartoonism (in the context of words like sexism, nationalism and racism)? Because there really should be right about now

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The only good SpongeBob episodes are the ones from the original trilogy of seasons

Completely false in both cases, I can assure you

(the second thing was supposed to be "Spongebob's original trilogy of seasons never EVER had a bad episode in their whole entire lives") - xandermartin98

Have you watch episodes like mimic madness or my leg - BoyGenius234

Pokémon is the best show based off of a video game just because it's the most popular

Earthworm Jim only had two seasons and was roughly a thousand times better overall than this show will ever be

I rest my case here (seriously, though; EWJ, much like Rocko before it except often even more so, had HEAPING droves of literally EVERYTHING that a truly great traditional cartoon should be; jaw-droppingly gorgeous art style and animation, hilariously witty and parodic/sardonic humor, pop culture references that are actually funny, wonderfully over-the-top and ridiculous action sequences, charmingly written/designed and lovable characters out the wazoo, sublime voice acting, perfectly fitting music, sharp and clever dialogue, you name it) - xandermartin98

Rocko's Modern Life is just a wannabe carbon copy of Ren & Stimpy

Even without using my common excuse of "Rocko was the actually GOOD show of the two", I can tell you for certain that Rocko did NOT rip off Ren & Stimpy. Yes, it pretty heavily borrowed certain elements of itself (most notably the gross-out imagery and its purposefully ugly art style) from R&S, but if you actually looked at the ways in which they were written, there was indeed a pretty MAJOR diversity between the two shows.

That, and the idea for Rocko also started WAY before R&S was even a thing in the first place; now let's see how R&S responds to Static Cling's stupefyingly hilarious and amazing trailer, shall we? - xandermartin98

All of the My Little Pony fanboys have a mixture of Down Syndrome and autism and live in their mothers' basements

What are the chances?! There’s only a slight chance that someone has autism, and a slight. Chance that someone has Down Syndrome. But the most ridiculous part is “live in their mothers’ basements” What nonsense is that? There’s only a chance someone lives in their mother’s home as an adult, let alone in their basements which probably have no significant source of food and water.

Now THIS is a good reason to tell someone that he's been watching too much Youtube, if he actually believes this stereotype

This is offensive to half of the worlds population. 👎👎👎

Dragon Ball Z has no storyline whatsoever; it's all just mindless action

Pretty close to being true, actually, but pay attention to all of the background narrative going on in the show and it'll make this assumption pretty flipping easy to prove wrong (need I mention Vegeta's backstory of how Frieza basically set out to kill and enslave his entire race, or how much training Goku put himself through in the original Dragon Ball series to get where he is in DBZ? ) - xandermartin98

People only like Invader Zim because Gir is cute and is also in it

You do know that not all Invader Zim fans are girls that shop at Hot Topic, right (yes; unsurprisingly, the Zim series was a VERY popular subject there back in its heyday) - xandermartin98

People only like Rick & Morty and SpongeBob because of the memes associated with them

Krabs' Money Fetish
et cetera, et cetera, et cetera - xandermartin98

Steven Universe is just feminist propaganda

There is a lot more to the show than just this, I really hate when people say the show sucks for this sole reason. - kempokid

Yes, but that's not ALL it is either - xandermartin98

Some reasons I don't like it:
1. It bores me
2. Steven's voice is annoying
and other resons. But I don't hate it because of the feminist message. - 445956

Family Guy and The Cleveland Show are just a wannabe carbon copy of The Simpsons

If you're going to complain about something you don't like about these shows, how about how astonishingly mean-spirited and unfunny both of them are (along with how unabashedly racistly The Cleveland Show portrays African Americans) - xandermartin98

Everything that IHE said about Big Mouth is automatically 100 percent fact

As much as I may love I Hate Everything dearly,

I know for a fact that not everything he says IS even close to fact
For example:

"Remember when music was good BACK IN MY DAY? "
"(insert thing here) is the worst thing in history"
"Aquaman is the worst superhero ever created" - xandermartin98

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All South Park fans that are under 18 are little kids trying to look cool

Hi, I'm a Millennial. I've got a friend he is 30 he has been a fan since he was 7 or 8.

...or they like the show. I started watching it with my dad when I was 4

It's called "Periphery Demographic", courtesy of T.V. Tropes

A show having gross-out humor in it automatically makes it bad

But oh no, Ren & Stimpy doesn't have to put up with this at all, because it was so amazingly INNOVATIVE for its time (reality check; so was Rocko) - xandermartin98

Batman: The Animated Series is the only true Batman

Batman: The Animated Series is in the same league of overrated T.V. shows as power rangers time force and young justice. The Batman (2004-2008) has more heart than Batman: The Animated Series and 3-dimensional characters and better comedy that balances a dark and edgy tone with a lighthearted one. It seems like all people want from Batman is a violent show with no humanity in it.

Caillou is for babies
If a show looks ugly aesthetically, then it must also be badly written as well
Camp Lazlo and Spongebob are bad shows just because they completely pale in comparison to Rocko's Modern Life before them

Rocko might be the only GREAT thing that Joe Murray has made, but I'm mostly just trolling when I say that it's the only GOOD thing he's made - xandermartin98

Rick & Morty being incredibly pretentious must automatically mean that it's also incredibly stupid as well
Ren & Stimpy is all just mindless visual flair

Go ahead, just TRY and prove me wrong - xandermartin98

Mr. Krabs is the only cartoon character who only thinks about money

What about Ed, Edd N Eddy

Sanjay and Craig is the worst gross-out cartoon ever

It's a bad show, but it's not worse than The Brothers Grunt or Mega Babies.

All My Little Pony fanboys are gay
All of the Invader Zim fans are annoying poser goths that shop at Hot Topic
Courage the Cowardly Dog is scary
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