Most Annoying Super Smash Bros. Brawl Stages

As good as some stages are in SSMB Brawl plenty of stages have their annoyances.

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1 New Pork City

The stage is way too darn big and they make stock matches incredibly lengthy since the size of the stage make it easy for fighters to escape and hide. - egnomac

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2 Mario Bros.

Its easy to get Ko'd with all the random characters speeding around the stage. - egnomac

3 Hanebow

First there's too few standard stages to fight on and second there's no music - egnomac

4 Rumble Falls

It's a moving stage and can speed up at random leading to a lot of cheap Ko's. - egnomac

5 Rainbow Cruise
6 Wario Ware Inc.

Dude... The stage is awesome...
But there is random good effects for those who won
This stage makes level 1-9 cpus OP!

7 Flat Zone 2
8 Skyworld
9 Summit
10 Distant Planet

When I play with my friends on this map someone always plays Ike and uses his side atacks to fling others into the monster's mouth which imediately eats you. It's an instant KO.

The Contenders

11 25m
12 Mushroom Kingdom

It moves way too fast,

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