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1 Ethan

His negativity is just really... UGH! He just pisses me off, at least pretend to be nice about not liking something. He's just super annoying, I hate him, forever and always. I hope he gets kicked out from the whole FineBros React series because, it will honestly be WAY better without his unneeded comments that no one besides haters gives a damn about.

At some parts, I liked him but his negativity is offensive.

Half the time he acts like he doesn't even want to be there or he's too cool. While everyone else is having a good time and actually trying he's just like eh.

Worste person ever

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2 Alix

I think Alix is amazing and I respect her because she is honest.

In the Sandy Hook shooting reaction video she basically said her parents wouldn't care if she was still alive or not. She's obviously a brat who complains to her parents when she doesn't get her way

All she said was that people died for better reasons than Amanda and that nobody cares

Always seems to try and be "edgy" and the "cool realist" but goes overboard into being a spiteful bully.

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3 Rumor

Should not be on this list! Rumor is the perfect example of quirky. She may no longer be on teens react but I can watch the videos she is in and smile. She is not afraid to be different in what she looks likes or in her her opinions. Over all making her the perfect roll model for girls everywhere.

Rumor is amazing! I love her!

Yeah, I should've never put Rumor on the dishonorable mentions since I've seen more episodes with her. - JaysTop10List

Can anyone be more of a basic bitch than her? She pretends to like everything just to fit in and be seen as cool.

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4 Jeremiah
5 Jade

Remember the TEENS REACT TO THE THE FAULT IN OUR STARS? The last part when they get to talk to the author himself? At least the Fine Bros did not show her turn because that would be deafening. Am I one of the people who think Jade is one of the naughtiest teens on the show?

SPOILER ALERT: Spoils everything and gives long descriptions on everything. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Has anyone seen TEENS REACT TO HUNGER GAMES, CATCHING FIRE and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS? I need to smack someone because she is annoying. And Jade is such an irritating person.

She is fat and stupid.

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6 Everett

I said the same thing in the comments on that video... I could not stop laughing for about five minutes. Nirvana started and ended before Jay-Z put out his first single let alone before he was first noticed.

Whoever believes Nirvana stole from Jay-Z, deserves to be number one in this list.

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7 Sam

Like what the previous commenter said, He's just giving his honest opinion. So if you or anyone else doesn't like it, you can stop watching or keep it to yourself, because it's not his or anyone else's problem but yours.

I love him so much what?

"Honest Opinion" Apparently nobody watched the video. He was speaking gibberish and not paying attention to the videos at all because he didn't like the first video. He's horrible.

He is so funny! I don't get the hate lol - johnbraganza

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8 Lia

She tries to hard to be funny and her voice is annoying

She reminds me of a dumb blonde

On every single one of her videos there are comments everywhere saying "she's hot". I will respect their opinions but I am not going to turn into a crazy guy and try to jack off to her.

She is annoying so yep I hate her

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9 Jeannie

She is always so negative. I mean just try to be positive sometimes..

She is really joyful. I like that in girls

What are you talking about?

She's so cute and nice. - milmcgirl

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10 Bryson

What the hell? Come on, guys, who doesn't love Bryson?
He's adorable and so funny.

I mean he's kinda cute but SO boring. His opinions are literally so childish or he does some stupid crap.

Bryson is a sideboob.

Not saying the word " s--- " enough.

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11 Madison

I think Madison is very sweet and always has funny jokes to tell. She's awesome!

Good god, this girl is dumber than a bag of bricks. She is legit the most stereotypical blonde I've ever seen in my life.

She is awesome and I like her! Please, Get her off this list

She's super dumb and just clueless

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12 Rachel

Rachel is a sweet girl and I don't know why would someone said she's annoying. Sometimes she is the only one with common sense.

Now, I'm sorry but this is total bull.. She has the best opinions, she has a great spirit and she's fun! She should not be on this stupid ass list

Rachel's cool and down to earth. How can you not like her? - JaysTop10List

She's number one in best of teens react
enough said

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13 Andrew

Why do people hate him?
I think that he looks nice, especially his black hair.
He may be anti-social or doesn't talk or to be precisely comment so much, but I like him.

I love andrew so much I wish he asked me out

14 Seth

He's so cute and sweet, he should be number 1.

A true gamer. I enjoy every gaming episode with this guy.

No way! He's so funny - milmcgirl


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15 Eric

Wait, why the heck is he on here? Eric is awesome!

Are you people serious

Church is over

Why is Eric in there he is awoosme

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16 Jourdan

He's really annoying though, just grumpy and negative, never seems to like anything he's just "that's not cool" to everything


Mandy cause you said that you need to be nice what the hell

He is the funniest teen on teens react

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17 Morgan

I have to disagree with those who are saying she think she's a know-it-all. She's funny and has a great sense of humor, I love her in The Last of Us. She's the kind of girl that I would be friends with!

She's makes rude complaints about everything in each video she's in. She needs to think before she speaks.

I love her sense of humor. She isn't afraid to speak her mind. You say rude complaints, I say personal opinion. You guys need to chill.

Gouth girl

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18 Tom

He seems like he is trying far too hard, just full of fake. Almost like he watched Youtube as a kid, and compiled what he thought would be a good personality, but just comes off as a HUGE act. Any time he is on screen with someone else it shows the most, always checking how other people are reacting to him.

Come on, Tom should not even be here.. Now you're just putting in random names -_-

Why is Tom even here? He's funny and a total cutie! Marry me Tom Phelan!

He loves hot wings

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19 Will

He's got personality, but it just happens to be an annoying one.

Every time this kid says "Oh snap! " I hope my neck snaps.

Lol the chair he sits on is going to snap because he's a fatass


20 Rae

Insensitive to anything not from her generation or that she enjoys.

Shes just so cute!

She wants a butt like Nicki Miami

21 Kaelyn

I totally disagree. I love her just my opinion.

I have no idea why she isn't number one she's so annoying

To begin with, her voice is annoying. She's always on the fence, saying "I don't know", and when she made up her mind on something, it's very religious.

She is Amazing! And she has a beautiful Soul. Keep on doing what your doing girly because The Lord Jesus Christ is Awesome! 😊😇😊*~{Peace}~*

22 Nora

She honestly hates everything. She hates Prom, Kids, 13 reasons why. All she does is complain and Is really annoying.

She is just extremely annoying and thinks she is too cool for everything.

23 Tori

Tori has THE best reactions, she's cool and I would be friends with her if I knew her!

She literally admitted to jumping on the Linkin Park hate trend just because her friends hate them.

This makes no sense
She's a cool down to earth girl
Why hate her?

She is annoying as hell. She tries so hard to be 'likeable'. I see her as a fake girl who
say what people want to hear rather than her own honest opinion. And the fact that she can't say ANYTHING without smilling or lauging makes her even more annoying.

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24 Riley

She actually has nothing to contribute

I have to say that Riley has no expression whatsoever, lol she doesn't get scared. In Outlast: Whistleblower, she just had this face throughout the whole game -_- she goes like "a" and she's still like -_-

25 Jasser

Dude is so annoying

26 Rebecca

You want cookie fatties fat

Want a cookie fatty

She's beautiful!

Awesome Rebecca great makeup! 😊

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27 Kennedy
28 Miracle
29 Ksi
30 Troy

His reaction to J-pop was the worst! he was way too hateful!

31 Jeordy

I feel like instead of reacting I feel like Joerdy should use her mouth for other things if you know what I mean!

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32 Phil

He's the most annoying character. Stupid prep.

33 Chelsea
34 Anita

Dude, anyone who's being troublesome is clearly annoying and I think kids suck and you just think children are perfect sweet little angelic cinnamon rolls and that is basically not true. Few children have the maturity, mildness and wisdom to be too good for this world, too pure and Anita is clearly nowhere near that.

I never said that her not laughing at people getting hurt is annoying. So, calm down, man. It's just her troublesome behavior when she does the laughing challenge. So, good for whoever put her on the list, she is indeed annoying.

Sometimes she talks a lot yeah, but she cares about stuff and isn't that type of girl whos like "I WANT THIS! " When she isn't on camera, she can be very clear and stuff. I'm pretty sure as a child being viewed from all around the world she has to be a little jumpy at times, and might make few wrong words here and there then thinking what to say. Sorry I got in this fight with you, but I just know her irl and she isn't like this.

So basically what I'm trying to say here is that if you know her personally, she isn't a brat. Shes very sweet indeed, and just because of one TNTL video you don't say she is far from a good kid. I'm sorry that I got into the fight with you, its just I can be a little overprotective ^V^,

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35 Becca

She's too proud and thoughtless - Pinkarray

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36 Adam

I love him

37 Thomas
38 Labib


39 Josh

1) He acts like he's a bad ass

2) He acts like a jerk in versus gaming episodes

3) He has no interesting personality, he strikes me as an evil sidekick to some random school bully - kreefan11

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40 Benny

He is the best big bet

41 Reina
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