Most Annoying Things About The Internet

The Internet is one amazing thing, but just because something's amazing doesn't necessarily make it good. This list was made to show some of the dumbest or most annoying things about the thing you're using right now, the Internet.
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1 Viruses

How to not get (most) viruses:
1) Don't download things illegally 2) Don't click shady ads 3) Don't visit suspicious websites 4) Don't plug in random USB drivers you happen to find. But even then, you may end up getting a virus from something, if you're unfortunate enough.

Yes I guess pop-ups are annoying, but when a virus has crippled your computer to the point where pop-ups can are the least of your worries, I think the virus is the one true annoyance when surfing the internet.

Yep, that's far worse than a pop-up. Viruses can be dangerous, whereas a pop-up is only annoying. A virus can destroy your computer and give all your passwords away, a pop-up can be closed with only one click!

A plenty of nonsense ads and is still better than viruses... UNLESS pop-ups and redirection to pages with worse viruses can kill your computer and phone and make you crazy.

2 Pop-ups

If I see one more paper clip come up and ask me "I see you're trying to get the sex tape of your teacher in school, can I help? ".. well I lost my Train of thought but there still annoying.

Worse than these are those pop under ads. You get a sudden surprise when you close your browser window.

I go to a random website...Suddenly a pop-up advertisement appears! "Would you like to buy a potato? "
GTFO and leave me alone!

I'm so sick of popups crashing my browser, or those weird sexual pop ups that show up for no reason.

3 Porn

I HATE porn! Like even when you are not searching it up, You are looking at pictures of something that;s not even pron and BOOM! a picture of a nude or naked women shows up and your like, I need to bleach my eyes and feels guilty for the rest of the day

It truly shows how desperate someone is and extremely disrespectful. Of course it's wrong for the person who actually posted the porn itself. It's wrong but apparently that's how humanity is these days.

I kept seeing ads with naked ladies in them, and it's really disgusting. Sometimes, when I google something, then "Boom! " I see the same porn picture over and over. Sucks, right?

They just did one for me noe and am sure its gonna get my into a major trouble cus my sis saw it when I dropped my laptop and now she's surely gonna tell do I stop this ridiculous shenanigans?

4 Advertising

Your playing web game, and suddenly a pop up ad blocks your game. This is annoying, especially when your playing an online racing game. An ad comes out of nowhere and completely covers your game. So you need to slow down because you can't see where your going and you don't want to hit anything. They also slow down your computer and your game. I hate those waiting ads. On most websites, you need to wait half a minute for the video ad to end just to play your game. I had to sit through a makeup ad just to play a racing game. What the hell! To make matters worst, the web game doesn't even load during the ad!

Yeah, advertising is so annoying, every time when I watch a video of my favorite Youtuber, TheDiamondMinecart, it stops in half of the video and sometimes it doesn't allow me to skip. Not only that, when I watch T.V. and my favorite program is about start, I have to watch at least 50 to 60 ads. When my least favorite program takes 5 to 10 ads. SO ANNOYING! >:<

Hi would you like to buy a PianoQueen music note for only 7 easy payments of 79.99! Get a free t-shirt if you pay shipping and handling! (With an added fee of 4.99! ) Buy it and I won't be financially screwed!

These are annoying

5 Fanbases

I admit some fans are okay but the ones that go crazy and make death threat to somebody who doesn't agree with them or hate the show,movie,video games,etc those are the ones I hate.

The worst fanbases in my opinion are...

Krystal from Star Fox: Rabid furries, disgusting erotic art, fetish art, characterization wars thanks to Star Fox Command, rabid crossover shippers, shipping wars and rabid haters.

Renamon from Digimon: Sick freaks who draw suggestive or explicit art when the fact is that Renamon is nothing like what they imagine her to be. Let's not forget the crossover shippers who put her with Krystal for no reason.

Sonic series: Enough said. Shadow the Hedgehog fans and Cream the Rabbit fans are especially awful.

Nostalgists: They whine about everything today and want the so-called "good ol' days" back, let it be about video games, cartoons, shows, movies or character designs.

Balto: Rabid furries. Rabid haters who claim it to be a Lion King ripoff just because it was released in the mid 1990's and had talking animals in it. Shipping wars, notably involving Dusty from the third film. The sequels were mediocre at ...more

Fan bases. Annoying ones like brownies.

6 Trolls

I hate trolls even the good T.V. shows like avatar believe it or not has trolls but I bet they never watch the show their reasons why the show sucks doesn't make any sense. A lot of trolls don't make any sense

On January 18, 2015, when my YouTube channel was in its infancy, a troll disliked every single one of my recent videos. I had a whole temper tantrum after discovering the dislikes.

I trolled Animal Jam by having inappropriate dens on multiple accounts. I wrote the f word, the b word (one that refers to female dog), the s word that ends with x, the d word, "kill", and "balls".

Roblox trolls tho- don't get me started..

7 Server Errors

Only 77?! Fake end of the world videos are annoying but not more than server errors! Come on, I got a server error on the Minecraft Forum just yesterday and every time I closed my eyes for the rest of the day I would see it again. I was that annoyed that they just happened to be down at the right time for me to see the error, complete with the same old uninformative 500 code. Add an uninformative code that you've seen 100 times to an error message and it becomes unbearable.

This happens to me every time I'm in the middle of multiplayer mode in a game, and I said I hated the internet connection on my Kindle because of that.

8 People can't spell/use proper grammar.

I don't have a problem when people use abbreviations, and to some extent I'm okay when people don't use punctuation, but some posts/comments are so ridiculous it's hard to take them seriously. Like on TTT you'll see a long-winded comment with absolutely NO way of telling where the sentences start or end so you have no idea what they're talking about. And other people make you wonder if they passed 1st grade english...

The best thing to do in any chat room is when someone gets made at you, point out all the spelling mistakes they made. They'll keep raging, making horrible spelling mistakes which you keep pointing out, etc.! It may seem annoying at first, but trust me, it's hilarious!

As a writer, this is extremely annoying and I'm not the type that points every single grammar or spelling error someone says but when they can't spell daughter or stupid stuff like that then I have to say something. If you are foreign to English then I understand that but seriously, how hard is it to spell or properly right a sentence without sounding like a five year old. (I'm not directing this to anyone, just in general.)

ASL has to be the most annoying and overused acronym ever on the internet. Whichever chatroom you're in there seems no escape from it. Can't people learn to actually have a conversation instead of asking this all the time?

9 Surveys

Picture this you're listening to music on Pandora and all of a sudden it stops, and then you see where it went and all of a sudden you are on this survey page yet you never even touched anything. Whoever redirects me to the survey page needs to die. Honestly, I wish I hadn't said that, but I've been driven to the limit enough times already. It's a scam anyways.

I mean, this is obviously bad.

Guy: "*reads* download online cool game! " Yay! *clicks*

Internet: Please do this survey to download.

Guy: NO

10 Error 404 : Not Found

It's even more annoying when the internet bar is filled and it still says, "no internet connection". But this isn't a reason to hate the internet. Nobody can really control it.

What? What do you mean NOT FOUND? Where's the help link? Nobody's explained this to me! Anybody? Ugh...stupid errors...

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11 Cyber-Bullies

People cyber bully you if you are a labour (UK) liberal (USA), a feminist, like stuff from a couple of years ago Twilight Saga, like topless men but are fine with boobs big ones, if you say My Little Pony is for girls, enjoy mainstream pop music 90s, 00s, nowadays, watch reality T.V. of talent shows, don't spell/use grammar properly. That is enough.

Cyber bullies are just dumbasses who have no lives and rather hurt people because they are hurt themselves and want to take it out on someone to feel like the bigger person. They probably couldn't even say the things they say on the internet to someone's face in real life.

I bet these cowards would be too scared to come out from behind their computer screens and say cruel things to someone's face.

Somebody said something rude about my drawings on another website one day.

12 Slow Loading

Slow loading due to linking to advertising may not be worse than viruses or child predators, but it's pretty bad.

I am literally wired into my internet and it still is sometimes slow!

Get this to number 1

13 Anonymous/Internet Tough Guy
14 Parental Controls

I get why they're there, but it's SO ANNOYING! I actually have a stupid time limit, 2 hours on weekdays and 4 hours on weekends, and there's a bunch of cool (not inappropriate) websites I want to go on but can't, unless I ask my dad for permission to add it to my "approved websites" list. But YouTube is one I want unblocked, but I KNOW he'll say no because of "inappropriate content." So I always get jealous when I see other kids on YouTube and Tic Tok and stuff like that.


I really hate parental controls.

Its annoying absolutely, but it at least has a purpose. No parent would want to treat their young ones with bad material from the internet, especially under 5s. The thing that makes it annoying is that some parents are way too depending on parental controls, so they might end up blocking access to a majority of anything!

Parental controls in schools are the WORST! Anaconda by Nicki Minaj is allowed in our school computer's YouTube, but Peace Sells by Megadeth is NOT!

If I ever have children, I won't ever put up restrictions for them. I judge what's appropriate for them, but I won't block inappropriate things.

15 Jake Paulers

Consists mostly of preteen girls.

16 Lies

It's a shame that Wikipedia tends to be editable by anyone. I wonder if the facts I got weren't really facts? I know it's moderated and all, but you never know.

yeah I hate it when people spread lies about others, set them up, and make them look bad, it makes me feel so sick, really sick, that's like real pain, horrible just horrible, for a example, people bashing other religions and making stuff up about it!

Lies make people dumb anyway.

17 Biased People

Biased people drive me insane.

18 People who hate on something without even trying it or watching it

I hated Jake Paul strongly before I watched any of his videos. My instinct was correct.

This is why you should never judge a book by it's cover.

This website also has it's fair share of such people.

Just like bullies who think RPG is for nerds.

19 Getting banned

I've once had a toonzone account with a different username but it had my main email. When I logged into my Banned Toonzone account I was completely unable to do anything. every time I tried to contact the help desk or EVEN tried to log-out, it kept giving me this error message saying that I was banned for the following reason: Rules violations.
It was a disaster, and I couldn't even do anything about my email being there!

Just an example of why I can't stand getting banned on several sites of the internet -_-

Also, someone's account getting banned from certain websites can be their own fault, but not always. Just saying!

Some people even get banned for no reason.

20 Screamers

I hate these. Once, I was watching a World of Warcraft video on YouTube, and at the time, YouTube recently updated their site with the inclusion of Google Plus, and at this time, you could post literally anything in the comments section. I clicked on a very convincing yet deceiving link supposedly about World of Warcraft's next expansion. Instead, I was abruptly greeted with flashing lights, an ear raping scream, and Jeff the Killer's face blairing on my screen. Screw screamers.

People call these "jokes" or "pranks", but what if I get seizures from flashing lights? Screams? HE-LLO, people! A lot of us have phobias and health problems with loud noises and flashing lights.

Heart attacks from scary faces and seizure attacks from flashing lights like in porygon episode of pokemon.

Screamers can cause seizures, paranoia, fear, shock, etc. They're not fun to experience.

21 Disgusting Videos

You won't believe this, but there are Asians (not Asian-Americans) who would record their babies pooping...WITH THEIR DIAPERS OFF! Really, they record their babies' buttholes with the poop coming out... Just Google translate poo in Chinese/Viet (or any other Asian language) and then paste it on to YouTube, Tudou, and Youku. You will find them eventually, but they are so easy to find on Tudou and Youku...

I can't believe a couple of adventure time "fans" uploaded a few videos about the worst fic ever on YouTube!

Another example of a disgusting video is of people popping their boils.

Sometimes, I watch videos of people farting, and it's a little funny.

22 Nostalgiatards

I listen to a lot of old music, but there are also new songs and artists I like. It's so annoying when you're just listening to an older song and you decide to scroll through the comments and cancer just hits your face. "I was born in the wrong generation", "Music today is trash", "the 60's were so much better", "I'm only 13 and I like The Who". It's so cringe and annoying. The fact that you like older things that your parents or grandparents like doesn't make you more intelligent or a better person. I wish they could all be transported to the middle ages and burn for being witches. Literally the only good things that come from them is that its fun hating them and you can also make ironic comments like "I'm only 2 minutes old and I enjoy listening to the silence before the big bang".

They suck. But there is this one user who keeps on complaining about nostalgiatards because of hating the new stuff while not recognizing the fact that old stuff could be better than the new ones in many aspects. As an old saying goes, "The classics can rival the new ones." Of course people who are the opposite of nostalgiatards would say that the saying I stated was "old".

Anyway, both people who either complain about the new stuff and the ones who are narrow-minded towards knowing about how the old things are better are equally annoying.

These are the same kinds of people who prefer dial-up to wireless, if I'm not mistaken.

They're too stuck in the past.

23 People who use autism as an insult

I'm autistic (ASD), and it hurts me how ignorant people are about autism. Usually, people use this to describe something cringey or stupid, when most of us autistics are actually really talented and smart. They used to use the word "retarded", which is quite insulting, but they decided to use another disability group to disrespect. Autism can be such a struggle, but people choose to insult us, comparing us to all sorts. People need to become more aware of disabilities in general, physical or mental. If you're someone who insults autism, take a moment to imagine how hard not being able to socialise might be, how hard controlling your emotions can be, how hard dealing with blaring sounds and extremely bright light could be. And imagine if someone was joking about you and making fun of you for that. How would you feel? You wouldn't want people to laugh if you were crying, would you? So why would you do that to us? Sorry if that got heated, I just needed to get my point across. Thank you.

I hate when people do this. Making fun of someone for having autism is just cruel, and not funny at all. I have lots of respect for people with autism, and I would NEVER make fun of them. Treat them how you'd like to be treated

I actually am autistic. The fact that people use this so often while I have to watch sometimes (for example, online games), just makes me want to break my computer sometimes.

I agree. The reason I sometimes cause trouble on other sites it's because I have autism. I do wish to behave better though :/

24 Spam
25 Blocked Videos on YouTube

YouTube has been blocking Vocaloid videos due to fake copyright reports, or "this can't be viewed in your country" even though it never said that before!

I hate blocked videos, that should be higher up on the list.

It's sometimes good, like what if it was porn?

That is so annoying

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