Most Annoying Things About The Internet

The Internet is one amazing thing, but just because something's amazing doesn't necessarily make it good. This list was made to show some of the dumbest or most annoying things about the thing you're using right now, the Internet.

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1 Viruses

Yes I guess pop-ups are annoying, but when a virus has crippled your computer to the point where pop-ups can are the least of your worries, I think the virus is the one true annoyance when surfing the internet. - masongilbert74

Yep, that's far worse than a pop-up. Viruses can be dangerous, whereas a pop-up is only annoying. A virus can destroy your computer and give all your passwords away, a pop-up can be closed with only one click!

It all depends on how severe a virus is. But generally speaking, most computer viruses are designed to use excessive amounts of memory, invade the privacy of others and steal identity. - illusion

I've never had a virus

We just want to download something but a stupid virus comes along and ruins it for no reason!

Just make sure you are on a safe website and that the file you're downloading is legit. - RogerMcBaloney

2 Pop-ups

Why isn't this number 1? Sometimes those fake virus scams pop up MULTIPLE TIMES and I CAN"T EVEN CLOSE THEM AT ALL unless I force my computer to restart...and also whenever my parents see them, they automatically think it's a real virus and freaks out!

If I see one more paper clip come up and ask me "i see you're trying to get the sex tape of your teacher in school, can I help? ".. well I lost my Train of thought but there still annoying. - PotBellyPup

Whenever a fake virus scam pops up my parents automatically think that it is a real virus

Worse than these are those pop under ads. You get a sudden surprise when you close your browser window. - lukevisser

3 Porn

Porn is gross! - andrewteel

Ha, more like the best thing about the internet.

(It's a joke don't get mad. Although I do wholly believe that porn is great for people who are not kids as long as it doesn't become a problem or addiction in their lives.) - Atham

It plagued google images every time you will search something porn pictures pop up PORN NEEDS TO BE BANNED!

Horrible. You're just surfing Google Images for a pic and a naked girl shows up. A great use for the back button!

4 Advertising

Ads are so annoying, same on youtube and stuff, And on mobile video games - trains45

Your playing web game, and suddenly a pop up ad blocks your game. This is annoying, especially when your playing an online racing game. An ad comes out of nowhere and completely covers your game. So you need to slow down because you can't see where your going and you don't want to hit anything. They also slow down your computer and your game. I hate those waiting ads. On most websites, you need to wait half a minute for the video ad to end just to play your game. I had to sit through a makeup ad just to play a racing game. What the hell! To make matters worst, the web game doesn't even load during the ad!

99.5% of ads are ones we don't care about/ have seen millions of times. And even if I see one I DO think is interesting, still I just wanna see the video/ play my game.

Ummm, this is also #2 what's up with that? - TheInsomniac

5 Fanbases

I can't stand 90% of the online fanbases. Especially BFDI and BFB. - KeyboardHero

The Fortnite fanbase is a good example of bad fanbases - KingSlayer93316

Fan bases. Annoying ones like brownies.

At my school there are kindergarten kids who hang around older kids and they think they are so "swag" because they like minecraft idiots

6 Trolls

just a bunch of virgins with no life - LucasMota

There is nothing wrong with being virgin. You don't need to worry about HIV if you are virgin! - MChkflaguard_Yt

On January 18, 2015, when my YouTube channel was in its infancy, a troll disliked every single one of my recent videos. I had a whole temper tantrum after discovering the dislikes. - allamassal

A lot of them should get hit in the head with a shovel

Ignore these people.

7 People can't spell/use proper grammar.

ASL is early text talk. Not like nowadays.

Complain about grammar nazis all you want, but if people just learned how type normal sentences than they wouldn’t be an issue.

I hate grammar nazis, seriously?
like people talk like "lmao I love dat their lmaoo hei gurlll"
on the internet...
are you like 30-years-old?

The best thing to do in any chat room is when someone gets made at you, point out all the spelling mistakes they made. They'll keep raging, making horrible spelling mistakes which you keep pointing out, etc.! It may seem annoying at first, but trust me, it's hilarious!

8 Server Errors

This happens to me every time I'm in the middle of multiplayer mode in a game, and I said I hated the internet connection on my Kindle because of that. - PhilTheCorgi

Only 77?! Fake end of the world videos are annoying but not more than server errors! Come on, I got a server error on the Minecraft Forum just yesterday and every time I closed my eyes for the rest of the day I would see it again. I was that annoyed that they just happened to be down at the right time for me to see the error, complete with the same old uninformative 500 code. Add an uninformative code that you've seen 100 times to an error message and it becomes unbearable. - allamassal

All of my favorite websites get this error anytime I want to do something. ALL OF THEM. HOW DO THEY HAPPEN AND HOW COME I CAN'T FIX IT? - NuMetalManiak

Sometimes TheTopTens has server errors. It's annoying.

9 Anonymous/Internet Tough Guy

I really really hate these guys

Looking at you jidf


10 Surveys

Picture this you're listening to music on Pandora and all of a sudden it stops, and then you see where it went and all of a sudden you are on this survey page yet you never even touched anything. Whoever redirects me to the survey page needs to die. Honestly, I wish I hadn't said that, but I've been driven to the limit enough times already. It's a scam anyways. - Nonpointed

Someone on this website sent me a porn survey 😑

I mean, this is obviously bad.

Guy: "*reads* download online cool game! " Yay! *clicks*

Internet: Please do this survey to download.

Guy: NO - tent2

The Contenders

11 Error 404 : Not Found

It's even more annoying when the internet bar is filled and it still says, "no internet connection". But this isn't a reason to hate the internet. Nobody can really control it. - TheInsomniac

What? What do you mean NOT FOUND? Where's the help link? Nobody's explained this to me! Anybody? Ugh...stupid errors...

Aka, my life - RustyNail

12 Parental Controls

My school will block any fun website. They think that kids can't have fun anymore. Some tech people are just jerks!

Parental controls in schools are the WORST! Anaconda by Nicki Minaj is allowed in our school computer's YouTube, but Peace Sells by Megadeth is NOT!

This just annoys me. When I want to go on a cool website. It just blocks me. If you're a parent that does this to there son. Just stop

They're the absolute worst. I once had hours for my computer, and I hate that kind of thing. - PhilTheCorgi

13 Slow Loading

Ugh I hate it! >:(
1. It's a waste of time
2. I hate the stupid loading circle - andrewteel

Slow loading due to linking to advertising may not be worse than viruses or child predators, but it's pretty bad.

14 Cyber-Bullies

Bullying is NEVER the answer!

Somebody said something rude about my drawings on another website one day. - PhilTheCorgi

People cyber bully you if you are a labour (UK) liberal (USA), a feminist, like stuff from a couple of years ago Twilight Saga, like topless men but are fine with boobs big ones, if you say My Little Pony is for girls, enjoy mainstream pop music 90s, 00s, nowadays, watch reality T.V. of talent shows, don't spell/use grammar properly. That is enough.

I bet these cowards would be too scared to come out from behind their computer screens and say cruel things to someone's face.

15 Jake Paulers

Consists mostly of preteen girls. - NightJinx

16 Lies

It's a shame that Wikipedia tends to be editable by anyone. I wonder if the facts I got weren't really facts? I know it's moderated and all, but you never know. - EdGeinFan

yeah I hate it when people spread lies about others, set them up, and make them look bad, it makes me feel so sick, really sick, thats like real pain,,,, horrible just horrible, for a example, people bashing other religions and making stuff up about it!

Lies make people dumb anyway. - PhilTheCorgi

17 Biased People

Biased people drive me insane. - KeyboardHero

You know, those people who are all like
You get it by now.

18 People who hate on something without even trying it or watching it

This website also has it's fair share of such people. - RogerMcBaloney

This is why you should never judge a book by it's cover.

I hated Jake Paul strongly before I watched any of his videos. My instinct was correct. - NightJinx

Seriously close-minded people.

19 Screamers

I hate these. Once, I was watching a World of Warcraft video on YouTube, and at the time, YouTube recently updated their site with the inclusion of Google Plus, and at this time, you could post literally anything in the comments section. I clicked on a very convincing yet deceiving link supposedly about World of Warcraft's next expansion. Instead, I was abruptly greeted with flashing lights, an ear raping scream, and Jeff the Killer's face blairing on my screen. Screw screamers.


Screamers can cause seizures, paranoia, fear, shock, etc. They're not fun to experience.

People call these "jokes" or "pranks", but what if I get seizures from flashing lights? Screams? HE-LLO, people! A lot of us have phobias and health problems with loud noises and flashing lights.

20 People who use autism as an insult

I'm autistic (ASD), and it hurts me how ignorant people are about autism. Usually, people use this to describe something cringey or stupid, when most of us autistics are actually really talented and smart. They used to use the word "retarded", which is quite insulting, but they decided to use another disability group to disrespect. Autism can be such a struggle, but people choose to insult us, comparing us to all sorts. People need to become more aware of disabilities in general, physical or mental. If you're someone who insults autism, take a moment to imagine how hard not being able to socialise might be, how hard controlling your emotions can be, how hard dealing with blaring sounds and extremely bright light could be. And imagine if someone was joking about you and making fun of you for that. How would you feel? You wouldn't want people to laugh if you were crying, would you? So why would you do that to us? Sorry if that got heated, I just needed to get my point across. Thank you.

Using any disease/disorder as an insult in general isn't good at all.

I hate when people do this. Making fun of someone for having autism is just cruel, and not funny at all. I have lots of respect for people with autism, and I would NEVER make fun of them. Treat them how you'd like to be treated - KingSlayer93316

People also use "gay" as an insult. - PhilTheCorgi

21 Memes

There are good memes, and there are bad memes. Why has god abandoned us?

Some memes are good. Most of them are trash though. - KeyboardHero

Memes are so annoying, especially the dead ones. And they can also be racist and offensive.

Memers should keep their shrek fantasies to themselves. They're kill the internet.

22 Nostalgiatards

I listen to a lot of old music, but there are also new songs and artists I like. It's so annoying when you're just listening to an older song and you decide to scroll through the comments and cancer just hits your face. "I was born in the wrong generation", "Music today is trash", "the 60's were so much better", "I'm only 13 and I like The Who". It's so cringe and annoying. The fact that you like older things that your parents or grandparents like doesn't make you more intelligent or a better person. I wish they could all be transported to the middle ages and burn for being witches. Literally the only good things that come from them is that its fun hating them and you can also make ironic comments like "I'm only 2 minutes old and I enjoy listening to the silence before the big bang".

They suck. But there is this one user who keeps on complaining about nostalgiatards because of hating the new stuff while not recognizing the fact that old stuff could be better than the new ones in many aspects. As an old saying goes, "The classics can rival the new ones." Of course people who are the opposite of nostalgiatards would say that the saying I stated was "old".

Anyway, both people who either complain about the new stuff and the ones who are narrow-minded towards knowing about how the old things are better are equally annoying.

These are the same kinds of people who prefer dial-up to wireless, if I'm not mistaken. - NuMetalManiak

The 90's were so great. I'm such a 90's kid. (Even though I was born in 2004.) - PianoQueen

23 Fan art

Fan art takes over the internet, and quite frankly, I'm really tired of seeing it. - KeyboardHero

Even though there are many questionable/bad/disgusting fan art, I don't think that fan art in general deserves to be in this list. Why? Because not all fan art are bad. In fact, there are a lot of amazing art out there based on T.V. shows, movies, video games, etc. I would only agree to this IF all fan art are bad, but, hey, that's not true! - Jasmine21064

Sometimes you'll have really good and creative fan art that makes you want to give up drawing altogether. Oh, and then there's the really confusing and dumb fan art that makes you either cringe, hurl, or both. Frankly, I'd prefer the first one.

Some of the fan art on the internet have ruined lots of movies and games for me. It’s the ships that destroy me the most. - NightJinx

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24 Getting banned

Some people even get banned for no reason. - PhilTheCorgi

Being banned is your own fault - TheInsomniac

I've once had a toonzone account with a different username but it had my main email. When I looged into my Banned Toonzone account (which was Mordecailovesrigby) I was completely unable to do anything. every time I tried to contact the help desk or EVEN tried to log-out, it kept giving me this error message saying that I was banned for the following reason: Rules violations.
It was a disaster, and I couldn't even do anything about my email being there!

Just an example of why I can't stand getting banned on several sites of the internet -_- - RB-Number1-fan

25 Spam

The food or the fish? Or the insect or that fart in greenland

26 Blocked Videos on YouTube

Alright Youtube, you better stop blocking videos right now! I JUST WANT TO WATCH SOME MUSIC GAME VIDEOS! - jdramirez

YouTube has been blocking Vocaloid videos due to fake copyright reports, or "this can't be viewed in your country" even though it never said that before!

Trolls Abusing Content ID
Enough Said - JPK

It's sometimes good, like what if it was porn?

27 Disgusting Videos

You won't believe this, but there are Asians (not Asian-Americans) who would record their babies pooping...WITH THEIR DIAPERS OFF! Really, they record their babies' buttholes with the poop coming out... Just Google translate poo in Chinese/Viet (or any other Asian language) and then paste it on to YouTube, Tudou, and Youku. You will find them eventually, but they are so easy to find on Tudou and Youku...

People pooping is disgusting. LOL! - andrewteel

You can always not watch them or avoid things that seem to be clickbait. - EdGeinFan

Another example of a disgusting video is of people popping their boils.

28 Fake End of the World Videos

The worst part is that people believe that this videos are true which is dumb - Mranonymously

Trying to upload crap on Internet,

I hate these... - KingSlayer93316

Ikr they are nothing but a big fat joke

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29 Sign Up to Read This!

I just want the article! Oh, just subscribe to 1000000000000 mailing lists!

30 Littlest Pet Shop videos

There's nothing wrong with them

Used to play with these when I was little. Seeing cute designs being drenched in neon pink paint and turned into customs annoys me. The fandom is very cringy in my opinion. - Lunala

Often it's just young girls having fun. Yes, it might be a little cringeworthy to some, but they're usually not hurting anyone. - Entranced98

There’s nothing wrong with Pet Shop videos or the pet shops in general. It’s the Furbies (however you spell it) you should be worried about. - NightJinx

31 People take it too seriously.

I agree. if you can clearly see a guys deluded or misinterpreting don't make such a big deal out of it and which they died or you could torture them. many of the deluded guys are nice people but maybe a bit stupid, naive or maybe more experienced. nobody should be hated for being stupid or having different views. if you hate others views it just goes to show that your inconsiderate and think your views are right. believing is feeling I say

Like when people take a joke video seriously on youtube and go "FAKE! " - AmINumberOneYet

You say one Yo Mama joke and they go full on Hulk at you... - NightJinx

Learn how to take jokes, please.


Why can't captcha just dissapear

This is so annoying. It doesn't even work anymore for my main way to be on the internet.

I hate these things, because they take me too long for me to create an account on a website I'm interested in. Plus, I see them too much. - PhilTheCorgi

They take too long and are annoying and the picture clicking ones make the pictures take FOREVER to load - Lunala

33 Facebook

Who invented this stupid thing? - donrodrigo

Facebook is underrated!

Worse than Google+

Facebook is a nest of gossipers, attention whores, and advertisers.

34 Web sites that you frequently visit that suddenly upgrade and you find it harder to use now.

Like this onr

YouTube Facebook Google! For the win! YouTube used to be so awesome! Now it's crap.

Yahoo used to be good. But it sucks now.

Examples: TheTopTens,YouTube,etc. - GrapeJuiceK

1 Comment
35 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, more.
36 Selfies

They're Everywhere And My Mom Has Bunch Of These - CuteGirlJigglypuff

GUH. LEMMIE TAK A SELFEE. -does a duck face, which isn't a duck face-
What the heck...Nobody cares about your obsessions with yourself.
If you seen someone's selfie that annoys you, tell them this...
You're selfie is L.A.M.E. (Look.At.Me.Everyone.) [I do not own the phrase.]

37 Annoying Internet Girls

This is sexist. Don't say things like this. - PhilTheCorgi

What really sucks is that sometimes they can get away with bullying by pulling a "girl" card. I've seen happen before and it's honestly unfair treatment of an actual minority of people - NuMetalManiak

Popular girls from my grade. Put up a selfie and say "lol I'm ugly" for attention.

I don't do that. I'm one of the good internet girls, not an attention seeker. - Lunala

I hate it when you get the girls on social networking sites where they put up a really nice photo of themselves with the comment of Ugh... Look how Ugly I am withoput makeup on. I'm just sat there like, its called natural looking biatch, get used to it

38 Lag

I get these every time, even with a very good connection. - jdramirez

This even happens when I play Dog Sim. - PhilTheCorgi

A cause of bad internet or too many tabs open, not a reason to hate the internet - TheInsomniac

39 Rule 34

Those who draw that stuff are not real artists.

It scars good fans of the characters.

40 Wars between Emoji Movie fans and Emoji Movie haters

I am on the Emoji Movie fan base side. Bring it on, haters. Also, Wreck it Ralph 2 is a poor Emoji Movie ripoff and was only made to get revenge on the Emoji Movie for them ripping off Wreck it Ralph 1 and to be the first movie to advertise Fortnite and to be an even bigger and longer giant ad than Emoji Movie. Ralph, you ruined my childhood for doing Fortnite dances. So did you, Bart Simpson.

So wait? People actually love the Emoji Movie?! - MrCoolC

There are people who actually liked that apple advertisement disguised as a movie
Also, I thought everyone just agreed that it was bad, I never heard of any wars - TheInsomniac

Wait, Emoji Movie fans exist? Oh no... - KingSlayer93316

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41 Pop ups that say you won a million dollars

These kind of pop-ups are scams. That's why I ignore them. - PhilTheCorgi

I have been the 1 millionth customer on like 4 sites so far where the "reward" is a million dollars - TheInsomniac


NO I did not win a million dollars. And no thanks, I don't want free viruses on my device, thank you.

42 Stupid Websites

Porn websites are an example. - andrewteel

43 Metallica apparently sucks.

Metallica is great - NightJinx

metallica does not suck everyone says that they do but if you take time to listen to the songs you'll like them and the other metal bands.

Seeing a Metallica hater who has opinions full of holes and trying too hard to complain about them is the funniest thing I've seen in this site. Don't trust such a moron.

44 Hackers

I only hacked a few Animal Jam accounts, because I saw their information in a YouTube video. It was fun, because I like to change things that are in other people's accounts. - PhilTheCorgi

45 Dan and Phil

Who cares about these guys anyway, apart from crazy teenage girls?

To be honest, I really love Dan and Phil, they're really funny, nice guys. But even if I do, I'm not an insane fangirl. I just really enjoy watching them. :) Don't hate on me, please, it's just my opinion.

I hope I'm not the only teenage girl who hates this youtube channel.

Good news: I'm pretty certain there are other teen girls who hate this channel as well. - Lunala

46 Rick Roll

Leave never gonna give you up in the 80s and stay there

duh duh duh duhduh bang bang. (that was my. 38 going off BTW). - fireinside96

47 Racial and Prejudiced Comments

Ugh I hate these!

You can have whatever opinion you want, but I don't want to read about it every time I read a news article or watch a video online. And there are usually numerous grammatical spelling mistakes. - kiwigreeneyes

I hate it when those racist trolls pop out of no where.

48 Dumb Users

That think good users and bad users exist.

oh yeah

Sexists(especially if they're hypocritical), racists(consciously or unconsciously), homophobic people(especially those who use "gay" as an insult)

49 How Addictive It Is

Yep and its killing shops

Not gonna lie. This is true. - PianoQueen

50 Vandalism on Wiki Sites

It was a box office bomb movie but have you seen the vandalism on The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl?

Todd Howard?

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