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81 People using the word "hater"

What so annoying?

It's getting annoying - mayamanga

82 Facebook Comments Plugin

Nobody uses Facebook anymore. Even the lamest person in my class uses Instagram instead. Why would I waste my precious time signing up for a stupid social media site that nobody uses just to post a comment?

83 Broken Links V 1 Comment
84 Sign Up to Read This! V 1 Comment
85 New Rule In Daly City, Ca
86 HowToBasic

He wastes a lot of food and damages laptops and mobile devices beyond repair. Also, the comments sections have the overused Kids in Africa could have eaten... comment joke.

87 Childhood ruining videos
88 BuzzFeed
89 Depressing Content

I see this everywhere. I play Minecraft, there's always someone moaning about how they hate their life. I seem to be the only sympathizer, while everyone else tries to convince them that they should die. Worst of all, I'm not even sure whether they're telling the truth, and may have had my day ruined for no reason. Also, there's always depressing newsTheinternet has reality in it. Excuse me, internet, but you're my excuse to enjoy life OUT of reality, thank you very much!

-Emberflight of StormClan

90 Vandalism on Wiki Sites
91 Rule 34
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