Most Annoying Things About Anime Haters

Hello, guys. Anime is honestly one of those things you either love or hate. Many people on this site (including me) like anime, and many don't like anime, and many just don't care for it. Yes, anime may have some annoying fans but today, I am here to explain why anime haters are worse. Also, I do not care about what the haters think of this list, they are far worse.

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1 They can't respect opinions

True. Many, if not, all anime haters often tend to generalize against anime fans and assume that absolutely anyone who likes anime is immediately a weeaboo. Anime haters usually have a hard time differentiating between casual anime fans and hardcore obsessive weeaboos and otakus. I admittedly used to be triggered by those types of haters in the past, but now I just try to ignore them and don't reply to them. Though that doesn't stop me from wanting to express my thoughts on how incessant and absurdly persistent their generalization of people who just want to enjoy a certain form of entertainment is. I know some people who don't like anime and I can still be friends with them, so it's things like that why I try not to assume every anime hater is disrespectful. Unfortunately, almost a majority of anime haters I've come across are close-minded pricks that can't even spell weeaboo right since they always spell it as "weaboo" and not "weeaboo". - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Am I the only who doesn't care about anime BUT also doesn't feel the need to hate on it? - cjWriter1997

Apparently, anime fans can't either. You've proven that by making this list. I can hate anime all I want. Doesn't mean I hate the people that watch it.

In my option, rabid haters are WORSE than weeaboos - BorisRule

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2 If they hate one anime, they consider all of them bad

YES. (except Pokémon) - TheRedstoneWiz

Because it it. Anime should be globally banned from the earth - GamerMike35

Nah, I don't think anime should be globally banned. I mean that's just the same as banning cartoons - MLPFan

3 They ruin anime lists

You know what, GamerMike35? If you think that it's fun to ruin anime lists and annoy weebs, then how about I give you crap for the fun of it?

Because it's fun. it's fun to annoy weebs - GamerMike35

4 They target the most popular animes

Everything about this list is accurate. - egnomac

Because the most popular animes are the crappiest.

Because they're overrated - GamerMike35

5 They will only get close to praising a kids anime

Like the list about reasons why Pokemon is better than Arthur... Dang, I thought some of my most awful lists from my early days were bad. Just look at this list I just mentioned. At least my lists never started a drama war... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

6 They don't watch the full anime series

How do you know that GamerMike35?

Because it's automatically bad - GamerMike35

7 They trash talk the fans

You guys trash talked us first. now we're doing revenge - GamerMike35

8 They immediately consider the plot of an anime to be bad without watching the anime at all

Because we obviously know it's going to be bad - GamerMike35

9 They do all the same things that they accuse anime fans of doing.

Just like Jack does the exact same thing to Metalheads that he is doing to Anime haters right now... - EpicJake

10 They can't name a single character in the series

Why would we want to? They're all ridiculous and forgettable. And naturally, if we don't watch anime, why would we know the names anyway?

So true posted by anyahbear

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? They like to misuse the word weeb
? They are everywhere

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11 They are worse than anime fans

The haters are worst bar none. - egnomac

12 They assume all anime fans hate cartoons

This drives me crazy because I'm pretty casual when it comes to anime but I'm still normal (kind of) and I like a lot of Western cartoons like Gravity Falls, Miraculous, most Disney movies, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, The Wild Thornberrys, etc. Heck my favorite show ever, Avatar: The Last Airbender, is a Western cartoon (yes it looks like it could be an anime due to the Asiatic influence and art style but for Pete's sake people it's NOT an anime, it was made by American animators and distributed by an American television company so therefore it's an American cartoon). - Anonymousxcxc

13 They think all anime is porn

Um... no? Haters who think that are probably perverts themselves.

14 They don't respect Anime fans
15 They believe anime is not a cartoon

They should get their eyes check!

I thought Anime fans thought Anime was not a cartoon - I don't hate Anime just don't watch it very often ok.

Anime = Japanese CARTOON

So anime and cartoons are the same thing - MLPFan

16 They hate anime just because it is Japanese

That's racist! It's like hating Shopska salad just because it is Bulgarian, or hating IKEA just because it is Swedish or hate Donald Trump just because he is an AMERICAN! - BorisRule

17 They reuse the same negative comments
18 They think all anime fans are weebs

Agreed, I'm sick of being called a weeaboo just because I happen to like anime (and I like Western cartoons too).

19 They think F-Zero Gp Legend sucks

If it didn't exist, then Captain Falcon wouldn't be playable in the Super Smash Bros. games! - TheYoshiPyro64

20 They complain too much
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1. If they hate one anime, they consider all of them bad
2. They can't respect opinions
3. They will only get close to praising a kids anime
1. They can't respect opinions
2. If they hate one anime, they consider all of them bad
3. They ruin anime lists



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