Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Arrogant People


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1 They Act Like They Are Superior To Everyone

That reminds me of my 'friend'. - Sofiaaaaaa

They have that stupid in your face, I'm so much better than everyone else attitude. It's really quite sickening. And they're not even that great, or even that good looking for that matter.

Arrogant people are so annoying. Arrogance leads to the dreaded thing I call narcissism. Narcissism is when someone thinks that they are the greatest thing that has ever walked on planet Earth and that they are the best at everything and they brag about themselves like all the time. Basically almost everything listed on this list. - Anonymousxcxc

These people are arrogant, boastful, cocky, jerks, and bullies. - CardboardBox

2 They Put Others Down To Lift Themselves Up

My 'friend' roasts me and I hate it. - Sofiaaaaaa

The worst of the worst. They destroy you in order to make themselves better. A terribly evil act indeed!

This is so true. American white guys love to do that.

At the end of the day treating people unfairly by belittling them and humiliating them is only going to make you feel worse about yourself. If you're capable of recognizing the harm you are doing to everyone around you, you're certainly capable of recognizing how pathetic you have become. There is no real satisfaction in being a bully. It's cowardly, and they know it. - BKAllmighty

3 They Try To Be Tough

There's this group of 5 girls in my class. They're popular and they're very tough. Very cold hearted and they never let anyone learn

4 Saying I Don't Give A F**k In Nearly Every Second Sentence
5 They Always Have To Try and Prove Something

Yep - Sofiaaaaaa

What a list
I don't think this is a bad quality

6 They Hate Confidence

Yes - Sofiaaaaaa

Arrogant people hate confidence? A bit of a contradiction but still...

Agree with everything else on this list! - Britgirl

7 They Don't Believe In Equality

Actually Hamilton is generally described as arrogant but he is working for equality

8 They Have A Big Mouth

One reason why they should be hit in the head with a shovel

9 They Never Encourage Anyone

This is one of the biggest issues with them. - LemonComputer

10 They Exaggerate How Good They Look

Arrogant people will eventually turn ugly.

Many of them aren't even that good looking yet they have that I'm so hot and sexy and I'm all that attitude. I don't think they really see themselves when they look in the mirror, just what they want to see.

Oml yes. My 'friend' (I mean she's not my friend) dresses like >:( - Sofiaaaaaa

They exaggerate everything about them, and it's something I can't stand. - PositronWildhawk

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11 They Think They're Never Wrong

There are always those who cling to their ignorant ideas no matter what proof stands up against it. *cough*darnyoufoxnews*cough*

12 They expect to be treated like a god/goddess

So...they're Himederes. - RoseWeasley

13 They never admit that they are wrong

absolutely - Sofiaaaaaa

14 They think they need to be in everything, no matter the odds.

When there's a party, a wedding or any other special event, they think they should be invited.

15 They Don't Put Thought Into Their Words
16 They Scowl, Sneer And Smirk More Than They Smile

My 'friend' smiles in a bad exaggerated mean way - Sofiaaaaaa

I happen to smirk a lot...but I'm at thr back row of thr class anyway...

17 They think their lives are so much better than yours

That's because Hamilton from Hamilton lives in a time where his life is better although he wishes for a war (listen to Aaron Burr sir so the war wishing sounds normal ok?

18 They think you're disrespecting them even when you're not

Why don't they just go and look in a mirror - Sofiaaaaaa

19 Saying Bad Words all the time

I know right! There's many other vocabulary choices, and they think saying the worst choice makes them cool!

20 They Are Arrogant

Of course, it's a page top 10 most annoying things about arrogant people

21 They Never Listen

Hamilton always listens... To one person... Even his son who is sassier than him listens to more people

22 They Think That They Are Boss


23 A lot of the time, they aren't good at what they brag about being good at

Well in the musical Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton was bad at keeping his son Phillip Hamilton alive...

24 They're ignorant and they won't listen to what's right
25 They Can't Accept Defeat

This is mostly for 5th grade and middle school.
Someone:You're out!
Arrogant guy:No, I'm too cool for that!
Me:If there were a zombie apocalypse, this class would be the original zombies.

26 They Always Makes Fun of Those Who are Simple

A lot of girls in my class have designer handbags and they make fun of me and my backpack and call me poor

27 They put their whole life on display/straight up boast about their lives
28 They have no respect for people they think are beneath them
29 They always need to be the center of attention

COMPLETELY - Sofiaaaaaa

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