Most Annoying Things About Back to School Commercials

I remember how back to school commecails drove me nuts back when i was in school

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1 They start playing too early

They so do I saw one on july 17 2019 it was so disappointing I started school sept 3 2019, why so early

Yeah I saw them in the middle of july of 2013 probably around july 17 they were playing already - trains45

That’s what I don't get. Why do they play it early?

Same here, I don't get why they do, like in in the middle of july when you have lots of summer left, in 2013 I had to deal with back to school commercials probably around july 15, when I started school in september, it really made me mad to see then in the middle of july in 2013 - trains45

2 They play too much in summer

Yes they do they drove me crazy all summer of 2019 since they started

Yes they do! If I had a satelite T.V. right now I would see them, they would be super annoying

3 They always feature "back to school"

Yes they do the T.V. radio, or youtube, it super annoying - trains45

4 They are also YouTube ads

Yeah it sucks, some are overplayed - trains45

5 When they have annoying songs or words

Yeah this is the worst I seen so many annoying back to school commercials in 2012 that had annoying music or words - trains45

6 They keep playing after school starts

There still playing today september 18 2019, they should stop october is 2 weeks away and there is still back to school commercials I heard one on the raido, update sept 24, 2019, still playing it, school started almost a month ago, why it still playing - trains45

Yeah I saw some in the middle of september 2013 and heard them in the middle of september 2014 and 2015 - trains45

7 They play every commercial break

Yeah I saw them play at least one every commercial break - trains45

8 They make you nervous for school

Yeah it always made me nervous for the new school year - trains45

9 They make you think about school

The commercials always made me think about my new school year and made me nervous about the new students - trains45

10 They play on the radio

Yeah I thought I would be back to school commercial free in 2016 summer without satellite T.V., nope they still were on the radio and youtube as an ad - trains45

The Contenders

11 They keep repeating

Yeah they kept repeating a joe fresh back to school ad it drove me nuts - trains45

This happend to me for few days it drove me nuts I probably saw the same joe fresh ad over 100 times

12 They make you feel like summer is almost over

Yeah on August 1st last year and it felt like summer was over in like a week - trains45


13 They play the most Wonderful Time of the Year song on staples commercials

Yeah this song is quite annoying in staples commercials - trains45

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