Most Annoying Things About Being the Odd One Out In a Circle of Friends

Although having lots of friends can be great, it can be really annoying, especially if you are considered 'different' from the others. Here are some of the most annoying things about being the odd one in a circle of friends!

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1 Everyone else seems to be best friends

This is my life in an item - sadical

They always seem annoyingly close. - BlueDogGirl

I'm best friends with one of them, but the others don't usually care if I'm there. - Garythesnail

Sooo true. This and #2 resumes my frienship with others at my school.

2 You never get told anything

My friend group walk of together and don't tell me gossip or their secrets when they tell everyone else

The others seem to know something all the time and they will never tell you. - BlueDogGirl

That's exactly how I get treated because my friends are idiots!

3 You are excluded if you do not have something they all do

My friends like to read (ew) and I like to play video games (yay! ) - sadical

My friends had a group or as they call it they're "squad" (it was only like 4 people )
And they said I can't join unless I have a Xbox one. And my friend joined the squad and so I was down to one friend now. And I'm not saying I hate fact the squad is basically my whole friends trying to act cool and ever since the leader of the squad (also my asdf movie best friend) left the school the squad was no more. We still talk...__. - Danguy10

I understand what you mean. These comments are just my personal experience, and I did get excluded because I didn't have Instagram, which meant I didn't understand what they meant if the were talking about something that happened on there. - BlueDogGirl

Designer clothes, social media... if you don't have something and all your friends *seem* to, you feel left out when they talk about it. - BlueDogGirl

Every kid in my grade has snapchat and Instagram

Except me - Lunala

4 They watch and gossip about shows you don't like

I don't like Gravity Falls and yet my crush in school loves it, I once joked about hating it and she nearly got triggered - Neonco31

They gossip about shows you don't watch and won't explain. - BlueDogGirl

My friends watch some show named ''PLL'' and they wont stop talking about it, and they never talk about some shows I like

5 They always stand up for each other, even though the person they're standing up for is obviously wrong

They always seem to believe what someone else says, even if they are obviously lying. - BlueDogGirl

6 You never know their secrets

They whisper about things and refuse to tell you. - BlueDogGirl

7 You're left out in games

They still see me as friends, but they always say "Oh, sorry we don't have any room on the team." - ethanmeinster

You are given the worst roles in games. - BlueDogGirl

I can vouch for this one. - LarkwingFlight

8 They make fun of you

Personal experience:

I was always the odd one out of six friends. Being the tallest, I tend to slouch a lot just to be nicer to them. Being the one who keeps silent almost 90% of the time (add the earphones) I tend to have a fear of being made fun of...and being the one who tends to havee "weird" (ahem Guns'n Roses and the like) taste in music, I get fun of. They, well three of those friends, tend to call me a wannabe just because of that. And they keep on pestering me to do their dirty work and be their scapegoat even if I almost lost my whole arm (literally) once because of it.

One time when I moved into a new school, I saw my friends ogling over someone else, and when I informed two of my only closest friends that I'm visiting, the other three didn't care. Those two literally ambushed me with hugs as soon as I step foot, but that was the last time I walked into that school.

A few weeks later I just came back with a first honor for the first quarter, and I ...more

I get called the stupidest name ever, which is "Dead Chicken." CAN I PLEASE GET REVENGE ON MY "FRIENDS" SO THEY CAN SHUT UP?!

They seem to think that you don't care if they are laughing at you, but they get p*ssed if they're the one being laughed at. - BlueDogGirl

9 You never get a partner


You dread partner work because you are never chosen by anyone. - BlueDogGirl

Put it this way, all my friends are married with children... - Britgirl

This happens to me in every gym class ;-;

10 They talk about you

They gossip about you and pretend they aren't if you ask them, even though you know they are. - BlueDogGirl

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11 You aren't invited to things
12 They do things you don't like

My friends all follow fads. I hate on fads when they come around. I ditched them. - FrozenHatingPokefan

13 They have all kinds of inside jokes and references that you never know about

Yeah - sadical

14 They never respect you
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