Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Being Short

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Being Short

1 People think that you're way younger than you actually are.

I am an adult and I am not only short but also autistic so everyone thinks that I am a 16-18 year old

No one takes me seriously at all! I'm 19, 5'3 tall, amd underweight. For some reason, people think I'm either 12 or 14 years old. The struggle is real! Even kids don't take me seriously! Hopefully this will come in handy when I'm older.

I'm the opposite. People mistake me for a 13 or 14 year old sometimes. - cosmo

Some people are really annoying because they think you're way younger than you are-and they only base it off your height. When people think I'm seven years old (I'm 14) it bugs me cause if you actually look at my face it doesn't look that young. My face does NOT look like a seven year olds. My friends parent is shorter than I am, and do you think she looks 7? No. - mpgami

This used to annoy me but now I'm flattered when someone says "24? You look 18! " It's nice. - Britgirl

2 People don't take you seriously when you're angry.

It is quite infuriating when people laugh at you when you're actually trying to get a point across. Then you ask them why they're laughing and they say, "I can't take you seriously because you're so short! " - theevilsquiddancer

Oh my god yes! I'll get mad and they won't take me seriously so it's a giant snowball- I get mad, they laugh. I get more mad, they laugh harder. And so on - mpgami

For a 12 year old everyone says I'm pretty tall. - cosmo

This is really funny but awful to short human

3 People always use you as an arm rest.

I'm actually not too short but there's a really tall girl I know that uses me as an armrest and we laugh about it because even though I'm only slightly under the average height she's so tall that she can easily use me as an armrest - mpgami

To be fair, it's not like Ian minds. At all, actually. - Garythesnail

I wouldn't be able to tell you how many times people have done this to me!

If you do this, then just stop. Please. - theevilsquiddancer

4 People say that you're adorable.

I actually don't mind when someone calls me adorable. I like it. - Garythesnail

I wish people called me adorable. - anonygirl

Aw look an adorable smol bean - Tekiku

Not adorable enough that I won't rip out your eyes :D (Jkjk I promise I won't rip out your eyes! ) - theevilsquiddancer

5 You can't reach things.

Sometimes I have to climb on my counter to reach things on higher shelves in the cupboards. - theevilsquiddancer

6 People make fun of your shortness.

Sometimes I use to feel very insecure about my height.

A guy called me midget for 2 years.

That stupid Height Hitler (A nickname I give to the bitchy popular girl that is tall and complains about how she "feels so tall" standing next to me). Good I moved schools. - Lunala

7 People think that you're "feisty" when you get mad.

Haha on the rare occasions I lose my temper, my brother and dad say I look like a purple jelly bean and that make it worse! - Britgirl


You're so cute when you get feisty!

Proceed to rip off my ears. I dare you.

Also, Spencer, you're like, 5' 7". - keycha1n

"Though she be but little, she is fierce! " - theevilsquiddancer

If anyone even thinks of saying, "You're so cute when you get feisty," I will rip off his/her ears. (Jkjk I promise I won't... Maybe.) - PetSounds

8 It's harder to run as fast or jump as high as other people.

I know this kid, Adam, and god you should see him run! One time I was bringing my backpack to class and I hit him with my elbow just by walking! He stared at me like =n= and I was cracking up. If you were there... - Magenta_Flame

But if it's on a horse ( professional horse-riding on the tracks ) it's an advantage to be short and light.

This is especially annoying if you play a sport. - theevilsquiddancer

Yeah..I play basketball so that's kind of annoying but fortunately I play guard so I'm not typically in a position to have to jump higher than other people to get rebounds - mpgami

This is why I'm terrible at gym. - Merilille

9 It's harder to find nice clothes that fit you.

This is a problem for tall people as well. There just isn't enough good clothing of sizes which people wrongfully consider unnatural out there! - PositronWildhawk

10 Sometimes you have to look straight up when talking to people.

Not as bad as looking down...

But I, as a quite tall person (well, I'm probably only tall compared to my classmates), have to look straight down... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

And sometimes I have to look straight down! Or bend down to fit in things! - PositronWildhawk

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11 You are picked last while dividing teams in a sports event

Never had that problem ( but I guess some people are picked up last ). As a matter a fact I'm really good at sports because I compensate my shortness with a whole lot of anger and energy and a great willpower to win and beat the others. So, even if I'm picked last it doesn't bother me. They will see the results and be surprised afterwards.

This happens to me, but not because I’m short, because I’m the least athletic person in the world - sadical

12 People beat you up

Most of the time a tall person will pick up a short person to beat him / her up because they think for sure to win and not to be hurt themselves. So, I agree that learning to defend yourself with martial arts is a good thing. Martial arts learns you how to make of your shortness an advantage. It also helps you to give you confidence.

The average height for Asian people is 5 foot. Learn like them kung fu!

Yes, it's true! Just look at YouTube where in real footages short girls ( mostly Asian girls ) kick their opponents who are trying to steal, rape... down in a matter of seconds. Learning to defend yourself is not only made for tall people.

13 When you're at a concert, you can't see the stage

I stood on my seat at a concert so I could see - sadical

14 Shoe sizes can be hard to find

So true, and when I find the shoes with the right sizes it's always one of this model of shoes I don't want or like. I can find shoes that I like who are fitting of course but it takes some time ( sometimes even a month ).

My shoe size is 5 and so many brands don't carry anything below size 6. It's really frustrating. On the bright side, I can fit kids shoes, so I pay way less for the same exact shoes, just from the kids section.

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