Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Beliebers

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1 They always love Justin, even though he did terrible things

How can anyone love someone who treats his fans like crap? I mean he don't care about anyone but himself

The believers are very ugly

Then they try to deny everything he’s done. - 3DG20

If Bieber went crazy, and killed 12 people. There’s no doubt in my mind that his idiot fans would still stand by him and defend him. Believe me woman falling in love with a murder has happened before (google Richard Rimerez ) - MJfan119

2 If somebody says they don't like Justin, they immediately attack them

Theyve told people who don’t like him to go jump off a bridge

Yeah and they assume anyone who dislikes him are jealous. - 3DG20

Exactly! They even do that on Facebook and YouTube! You'll see the most foul language to ever come from 12 year old girls! - Croy987

Like Croy987 said, when someone says something bad about JB, 12 year old girls attack them, using the most foul language they can. WHERE ARE THERE PARENTS?!

3 Most of them hate many great bands like The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Rolling Stones, ext.

They have no good music taste. Period! - Userguy44

Well what do you expect when Justin himself does it? - 3DG20

I love queen, the Beatles and Abba! Justin is a Dustbin

A.K.A real music - MJfan119

4 They can't respect opinions
5 They can be rude

They are* rude. - 3DG20

What if they become like JB? - Animefan12

6 They always sing his songs
7 Most of them cry over the smallest things that happen to him

They don’t just cry, they cut themselves over it too. - 3DG20

8 They claim he's a good role model

The reason why is because they are idiots and they follow a Idiot who is not a good role Model

He pissed on the street, got arrested for drunk driving, smoked crack, and threatened other people! That criminal is NOT a role model! If I had kids, I'd BAN them from listening to him!

What? Come on, a role model? There is in no way, shape or form, that that...piece of chewing gum stuck to a chair can even be considered human let alone a role model. Gets in trouble with the law, does drugs, has a DUI, 100% sexual (and sexist) music videos, creepy lyrics, pedophiliastic nature, abusive to Selena, JB is about as much of a role model as a chimpanzee (and even THAT has more talent at singing). I swear if Justin Bieber brings his fake physique anywhere near me and starts singing nonsense, I'll rip out his vocal cords so that the world won't have to deal with his crap anymore.
He got surgery for his abs, went to jail, abused Selena Gomez. That pervert is NO role model. If I had kids (which I don't because I'm young), I'd BAN them from listening to him

9 Most of them are psychotic

Insane or something? - Neonco31

10 They love his hair too much

Sure, I love Robert Plant's hair a lot, and I may want to poke it or something, but I don't want to rip it out and make out with it! - MontyPython

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11 They think metal sucks

They cannot disrespect metal

12 They only love him for his looks
13 They claim he's a good person

Only thing is you could punch an elder in the face (don’t actually! ) and still be a better person than her. - 3DG20

He's not a great person, but he's improving a little bit. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

14 An 11-year-old girl renamed a street in Texas for Justin Bieber

That 11 year old is spoiled then! - Skullkid755

To be ethuanized as punishment for renaming a street after a criminal

15 They always compare to Michael Jackson
16 #Cut4Bieber

I’m sorry, but whoever does this bull is not getting a single bit of empathy from me because you are giving cutters who are actually suffering a bad name. - 3DG20

17 A fan actually spent $100,000 on plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber

Why would anyone want to do that to themself? One he probably wasted his entire life savings, and two he chose to look like the worst/ugliest pop singer ever (well next to Nikki minaj) I saw a picture of that guy before the surgeries...he actually pretty looked pretty handsome! All this woman has to ask is, why dude? Why? - MJfan119

That doesn’t surprise me... - 3DG20

That isn't annoying that's creepy. - Skullkid755

18 They think they have swag

What is swag? Is it a feeling of coolness, or coolness itself? The world won't ever know. - Skullkid755

B**** please! The only thing you have is an IQ of a negative number. - 3DG20

19 They thought Anne Frank was bullying Justin Bieber

But she was dead before he was even born. - 3DG20

20 They bash other celebs yet defend JB if he does similar things

I'm sorry but I think there was one of them who committed suicide for him and he didn't care - ParkerFang

Selena cancels her Revival Tour due to Lupus: she's a selfish bitch.
Justin walks off stage mid-concert due to "fans being too loud:" he's smart and cares about his health.

21 They made fun of Chester Bennington's suicide

Those slutty, inhumane pieces of s***... Try going through what he went through his entire life. Not funny now, is it? God I can’t wait until the tables turn on them when Justine dies. - 3DG20

22 They hacked Drake Bell's Twitter account
23 They hacked Esperanza Spalding's wikipedia page

I'm not a fan of her, but that is just shocking!

24 They like every show on Disney but Gravity Falls
25 You hear better insults from 5 year olds
26 They will snoop on your profile to find any possible reason to attack you personally all because you disagreed with them
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