Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Children and Toddlers

I would say most annoying things about children aged 2-10

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1 They cry for the smallest reasons They cry for the smallest reasons

I like kids and toddlers, but this can be annoying, - NeptuneWater

One toddler was crying very loud while I was at the movies. Some one should raise the movie volume to block off the toddlers loud crying

They throw tantrums like Caillou when they don't get their way they whine and the squealing hurts my ears! - Lunala

Caillou is a monster

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2 They are unhygienic

When my mom was young, a neighbor kid like to put his hands in the gutter where the dirty water is before he was going to play and touch other kids toys with his dirty hands

Manny (a little kid from diary of a wimpy kid which is a book series) tried to wash his hands in the urinal when he first entered a boy bathroom. Gross! - Lunala

I try to stay away from those little kids in public who always have their damn finger up their nose. - Popsicles

DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT THIS EVER AGAIN. This is my other comment and the other one was "Nasty! ".

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3 They smell

Lots of them DO smell kinda funny. (Holds up Loreal wash stuff) try baths peeps!

4 They are stupid

I can safely say that not all children are stupid. I myself am 12 years old and don't get me wrong, a lot of children are stupid, but so are a lot of adults. Categorizing all children as stupid when many adults are is one of the most ridiculous levels of hypocrisy I've ever seen.

The majority of stupidity in the world does come from adults. And I agree with you. - LordDovahkiin

This rule doesn't apply to toddlers, they haven't even been to school yet! - DapperPickle

Of course we're not Einstein, but WE CAN'T BE BLAMED FOR THAT!

I think the definition of "smart" is relative. Everyone has faults in his/her level of intelligence, but it doesn't necessarily make them "stupid." A child's brain is less developed than an adult's (I assume you're an adult), so they can't quite differentiate what is morally right or wrong; how smart they become depends on their parents and how dedicated they are to teaching their children how to survive in our society. Not all kids are stupid. In fact, I know plenty of children who are astonishingly talented, who can solve complicated math problems mentally, read adult books, and name more countries than their teachers (I could name these children right now, but for the sake of their privacy, I won't). And as for toddlers, you can't really call them stupid because they haven't been sufficiently educated.

Also, as an eleven-year-old myself, I find your argument invalid. Not every child is the same. Sure, some kids are the soul embodiment of annoying, but the ...more

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5 They scream

I hate screaming, and again, I'M 10. Unless it's something like… if I delete my story from Notes that I spent months typing =(

I'm 10 to and I hate totlers

I always have this problem and it's a place I can't get off till I'm their... a plane! 😡😡 god do they scream I mean I had a headache before take off and the flight attendant said something to quiet it down when they both started crying

6 They annoy you

THOSE DAMN KIDS IN YEAR 3! Whenever me and my friends go onto a table with lower school, they start whispering about us. You can tell because they keep looking at us in the process.

7 Your parents care about your younger sibling more

My Dad always takes my little brother and sister out to do fun stuff while I'm away. I hate it when this happens. - NeptuneWater

My parents in a nutshell - CoolCat999

I would be able to swear by now if it weren't for my brother =/

That's true - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

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8 They get loads of birthday and Christmas presents

But then, they're just TOYS. Kids age 9+ get cool stuff like Art Therapy, Wii U games, amiibo figures, notebooks…
I'm talking' about myself now…

Did you see this video in YouTube? There's this kid that was whining that he got a PS2 instead of a PS4. He broke the wall of his brother, who was the one to give him a PS2. Then, after that he gave him a real PS4.
I don't think that spoiled brat deserved the PS4.

I'm jeleaous

9 They watch annoying TV shows and play horrible video games They watch annoying TV shows and play horrible video games

Dora is an example... - DapperPickle

My little brother plays Pokemon Sun (not horrible). Sometimes I do, too. My little sister and I mostly play Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai (also not horrible) - NeptuneWater

They love stupid shows like Teen Titans Go, and I noticed a LOT of younger kids are starting to play Call of Duty. - Popsicles

My brother used to watch Teen Titans Go a lot. UGH WHY - Lunala

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10 They often have a bigger bedroom than you

Yes... For no reason

I've the tiniest bedroom in the house.

I'm assuming this entry is addressing adults. This is not true. Adults get the master bedroom. Which, FYI, is the largest bedroom in a house. - LordDovahkiin

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? They tell you to be quiet
? They watch boring shows

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11 They act like it's OK to disobey and disrespect their elders

A little kid once threatened to kill me I'm 15 and I wanted to beat his ass - Ihateschool

Most kids laugh if anyone says 'grandma' and if I take my scooter to school (one that you stand up on and push) or anyone else, some really immature kids always say 'OLDIES ON MOBILITY SCOOTERS! Hahaaa! '

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12 They always stare

If they're babies or toddlers it's fine but if it's a 6 year old in a fairy tutu it's creepy. - Lunala

When I'm at the park with my sister some 3 year old kept staring at me. Rude.


13 They imitate Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 by doing Drax's jokes and mimics his laugh

Imagine if the kid asking the teacher while the teacher reading the Mommy Laid An Egg book to the kindergarteners during story time by asking "Did you make a penis? " and the kids would be laughing.

14 People on this site keep mouthing off about them
15 They get you to do what they are doing too

FYI, you don't have to do it. - LordDovahkiin

16 They are noisy
17 They whine. All the time.
18 They tell yo mama jokes

Only the DUMBEST KIDS would do that - njalabi63989

19 They wear stupid clothes

When I was 9 I STILL didn't know how to tie my laces so I wore babyish shoes, blue and pink jeans that fell down every 2 seconds, and tight tops that showed my fat arms.

I have always worn black, grey, and sometimes red clothes. Only when I was a toddler we're my clothes stupid. - LordDovahkiin

20 They drool

Yes... They do. - TheGoldenRifle

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