Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Children and Toddlers

I would say most annoying things about children aged 2-10

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1 They cry for the smallest reasons

This list is partially inaccurate. Not all toddlers are like this! I have a 2 year old cousin and he's very well behaved!

I came to my friend's house, then I realized she had a 5 year old sister! My friend was busy, so she told me to play with her sister. We were playing with the blocks, then suddenly I ACCIDENTALLY knocked it down.

She started crying and punched me. I said sorry, but she kept on insisting that I was "bad". I told her we're going to build another one even better than the one I knocked down, but she said that I would mess it up. Then I got really iritated then I said "THEN WHY DON'T YOU JUST BUILD IT AGAIN?! " She ran out, crying, and she told my friend. She defended her sister, stating that "she's just a kid".

To this day, I hate my "friend".

One toddler was crying very loud while I was at the movies. Some one should raise the movie volume to block off the toddlers loud crying

I like kids and toddlers, but this can be annoying, - NeptuneWater

2 They are unhygienic

When my mom was young, a neighbor kid like to put his hands in the gutter where the dirty water is before he was going to play and touch other kids toys with his dirty hands

My 7 year old cousin used to stick his hand down his pants and scratch his butt and privates in public when he was little. GROSS!

Manny (a little kid from diary of a wimpy kid which is a book series) tried to wash his hands in the urinal when he first entered a boy bathroom. Gross! - Lunala

I try to stay away from those little kids in public who always have their damn finger up their nose. - Popsicles

3 They scream

My little cousins would constantly scream all the time. I hate it.

I was pretty quiet as a 2 year old

I hate screaming, and again, I'M 10. Unless it's something like… if I delete my story from Notes that I spent months typing =(

I'm 10 to and I hate totlers

4 They are stupid

I can safely say that not all children are stupid. I myself am 12 years old and don't get me wrong, a lot of children are stupid, but so are a lot of adults. Categorizing all children as stupid when many adults are is one of the most ridiculous levels of hypocrisy I've ever seen.

The majority of stupidity in the world does come from adults. And I agree with you. - LordDovahkiin

This rule doesn't apply to toddlers, they haven't even been to school yet! - DapperPickle

Of course we're not Einstein, but WE CAN'T BE BLAMED FOR THAT!

Also Children, Some of them did finish school so take this off the list.

5 They smell

Lots of them DO smell kinda funny. (Holds up Loreal wash stuff) try baths peeps!

My cousins also smelled like pee when they were little

When they’re little, my cousins would either smell like poop, vomit, or spoiled milk. I wish I could wear face masks whenever I’m around them back then!

6 They are loud

My cousins are 7 and 9. They scream, cry, whine, and yell and sing annoying songs all the time.

Why can't they just shut up? >:(

7 They are noisy
8 They annoy you

THOSE DAMN KIDS IN YEAR 3! Whenever me and my friends go onto a table with lower school, they start whispering about us. You can tell because they keep looking at us in the process.

Especially when you want to be left alone

Adults annoy us (but I do agree)

9 Your parents care about your younger sibling more

My Dad always takes my little brother and sister out to do fun stuff while I'm away. I hate it when this happens. - NeptuneWater

My parents in a nutshell - CoolCat999

I would be able to swear by now if it weren't for my brother =/

They also care about my younger cousins more!

10 They watch annoying TV shows and play horrible video games

Dora is an example... - DapperPickle

My little brother plays Pokemon Sun (not horrible). Sometimes I do, too. My little sister and I mostly play Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai (also not horrible) - NeptuneWater

They love stupid shows like Teen Titans Go, and I noticed a LOT of younger kids are starting to play Call of Duty. - Popsicles

My brother used to watch Teen Titans Go a lot. UGH WHY - Lunala

The Contenders

11 They disrespect your property

I have a spring rocking horse and one of my little cousins rode it extremely hard. I will be very angry if he breaks it.

I agree

12 They get loads of birthday and Christmas presents

And you get almost nothing :(

But then, they're just TOYS. Kids age 9+ get cool stuff like Art Therapy, Wii U games, amiibo figures, notebooks…
I'm talking' about myself now…

Did you see this video in YouTube? There's this kid that was whining that he got a PS2 instead of a PS4. He broke the wall of his brother, who was the one to give him a PS2. Then, after that he gave him a real PS4.
I don't think that spoiled brat deserved the PS4.

I'm jeleaous

13 They drool

Yes... They do. - TheGoldenRifle

14 They whine. All the time.

They're crying and screaming about anime.

15 They often have a bigger bedroom than you

Yes... For no reason

I've the tiniest bedroom in the house.

I'm assuming this entry is addressing adults. This is not true. Adults get the master bedroom. Which, FYI, is the largest bedroom in a house. - LordDovahkiin

My 9 year old cousin has a bathroom in her room. A BATHROOM! It's not fair! Why can't I have my own personal restroom as well? >:(

16 They always stare

Babies and toddlers constantly stare at me no matter where I am, whether at the Jersey shore or the mall or even during family gatherings!

If they're babies or toddlers it's fine but if it's a 6 year old in a fairy tutu it's creepy. - Lunala

When I'm at the park with my sister some 3 year old kept staring at me. Rude.

That must be annoying - Unnamed Google User Remade

17 They don’t respect personal space
18 They poop and pee in the swimming pool

It should be illegal to poop and pee in the pool

Perhaps this list should have been called "Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Toddlers." Because most of the entries on here apply ONLY to toddlers, and really small children. - LordDovahkiin

Toddlers ruins everything!

@LordDovahkiin-No this list is accurately titled. Toddlers don’t play videos and they don’t know what certain things like yo mama jokes are.

19 They imitate Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 by doing Drax's jokes and mimics his laugh

Imagine if the kid asking the teacher while the teacher reading the Mommy Laid An Egg book to the kindergarteners during story time by asking "Did you make a penis? " and the kids would be laughing.

When my uncle was around 11, His teacher said what helps a jelly fish sting and he said to her "You Piss on It".

I grew up when the mcu didn’t even exist so I had no problem with this

20 They leave toys everywhere

My cousins used to do thus whenever they come yo my house. They even put toys on the stairs. Also if I even try to clean up or EVEN MAKE A PATHWAY they would freak out and throw a HUGE tantrum and even MY MOM would not allow me to move the toys.

They're bunch of lazy slobs

21 They act like it's OK to disobey and disrespect their elders

My cousins used to constantly call me "bad" for "making them mad".

A little kid once threatened to kill me I'm 15 and I wanted to beat his ass - Ihateschool

Most kids laugh if anyone says 'grandma' and if I take my scooter to school (one that you stand up on and push) or anyone else, some really immature kids always say 'OLDIES ON MOBILITY SCOOTERS! Hahaaa! '

A kid called me "Baby grandma" what that doesn't make any sense.

Listen kid: A baby can't be a grandma and a grandma can't be a kid. Retard - AlphaQ

22 They wear stupid clothes

When I was 9 I STILL didn't know how to tie my laces so I wore babyish shoes, blue and pink jeans that fell down every 2 seconds, and tight tops that showed my fat arms.

I have always worn black, grey, and sometimes red clothes. Only when I was a toddler we're my clothes stupid. - LordDovahkiin

My mom forced me to wear toddler clothing when I was in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!

23 They bad mouth about anime

I can relate. I once mentioned Only fools and horses (not an anime but still a T.V. show) and literally everyone was singing the theme song really badly in my face - Unnamed Google User Remade

Captain Falcon should give them ghost peppers for bad mouthing and making hates about the 4kids version of F-Zero Gp Legend

Lol. I've seen so many kids that love anime. This entry is a joke. - LordDovahkiin

They bad mouth about Spacetoon.

24 They Stare at Your Food

My little cousins would BEG for my food and then my mom would make me give it to them

My sister stares at my food all the time. - andrewteel

25 They run naked

It was nasty when the toddlers went naked outside in the back yard or my neighbors old house

Lol! My sister does. - andrewteel

Only toddlers. - LordDovahkiin

26 They annoy you with Teen Titans Go jokes

TTsG isn’t funny. At least the original TTs is better than TTsG. - HelloWhyImHere2

27 They watch Teen Titans Go
28 They go to McDonald's

Seriously? Everyone goes to McDonald's.

29 They ruin your life

It's the shortest time of our life.
Sometimes you actually wish you could be a kid again.
It's the cause of the 90s obsession.

30 They watch YouTube Kids
31 They do bad stuff and then blame it on you and your parents believe them

They say moo then blame that on you do not believe me you do not know toddlers

I wanted to install surveillance cameras everywhere to prove my innocence because of this

32 They pee wherever they want instead of the toilet

Only if they’re toilet training

33 People on this site keep mouthing off about them
34 They get you to do what they are doing too

FYI, you don't have to do it. - LordDovahkiin

35 They tell yo mama jokes

Only the DUMBEST KIDS would do that - njalabi63989

36 They Imitate Teen Titans Go
37 They make you cringe
38 They force you to watch Teen Titans Go with them
39 They annoy you with F-Zero Gp Legend jokes
40 They imitate Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII
41 They annoy you with their super hero obsessions
42 They watch Disney Channel Sitcoms
43 They imitate Gordan Ramsey from Kitchen Nightmare to make them extra meaner and bossier
44 They're F-Zero Gp Legend Haters
45 They sing the Waffles song from Teen Titans Go

Over and over!

46 They poop and pee in Chuck E Cheese tubes
47 They fling poop
48 They will break your Final Fantasy 7 toys and video game while throwing tantrums

I will spank them for doing that!

49 They watch boring shows

Like I Didn't Do It and Good Luck Charlie

Barney's a good one. - andrewteel

Like VeggieTales for example.

Baby Sara: "No! I wanna watch Disney Princesses! " *sobbing*
Sara's Mom: "Sara! You better take a bath or else you'll get punished! " *growling*

50 They tell you to be quiet

My sister would if she could talk more. - andrewteel

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