Most Annoying Things About Cousins

Please vent about how horrible your stupid irritating cousins are.

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Cousins

1 They want your stuff

I had a cousin she always wanted my stuff and screamed when she could not get it. - TwilightKitsune

2 They are bullies

I have one that beats me up all the time for no reason

I am glad I do not have cousins like these, most of my cousins are mature and don't act mean. We just talk and laugh.

My cousin is a barbie fan and she is mean to anyone who hates barbie. - TwilightKitsune

3 Your parents love them more

So do the rest of my relatives!

One time one of my cousins was acting like a spoilt brat and MY MOM APPROVED IT - TwilightKitsune

4 They steal things and take them home

True. One of mine took my toy and broke it, and she got away with it. I told her mom but she acted like it was okay for her to take it. Hate them so much. - TwilightKitsune

5 They force opinions on you

My Barbie fan cousin always sings her Barbie songs... - TwilightKitsune

6 They treat you like slaves

They are lazy they just sit on their butts all day and when they went water they force me to get them for them and when they ate dinner years ago I had to spoon-fedd them. THANK GOODNESS THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!

We are our own person. We have our own rights. - TwilightKitsune

7 They want your room

My older cousin who’s 23,always takes my room locks it then when I try to go in she makes me close it- then when she does something bad to my stuff they blame me for it like I-

It's my room, my stuff. Get the hell over it. - TwilightKitsune

8 They blame things on you
9 They cry

2 of my younger cousins are prone to throwing tantrums OVER ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!

Oh no, the wail of my annoying little cousin when he doesn't get what he wants, I hate it. - Pegasister12

10 You have to see them during the holidays

I hate holidays so much that I have been through the same thing over and over

I will make an excuse not to look after them

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11 They beat you up

I have a younger cousin that beats up two of my brothers and clearly I have no idea

12 They do inappropriate stuff

My cousin slaps my butt and and touch me in inappropriate p laces please don't bully me if I liked it by accident, I'm a girl by the way

My little cousins bit my butt during a party once. I’m not joking.

13 They act innocent even when they did something wrong
14 They act immature

I was watching Hell Girl episode 2 and my cousin came in and he was like "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? ". Technically, the series I was watching was a horror anime (this comment was made on 11/8/16)-Vestalis

I despise immature people, example: manchilds. And my main cousin, Keana. And she's in what? Grade 5? Yes but she acts like she's still in grade 2. I look on her tablet and she has cringe-worthy games on there. Embarrassing.

15 Relatives like them more than you
16 They are spoiled brats
17 They destroy stuff

When I was like 6, I was at Atlanta building a tower with Mega Blocks. And my younger cousin ran in and destroyed it! I got so mad at her and cried and yelled at her. And my dad scolded me for it. It was unfair! She annoyed me at many family gatherings. But thank god she's more mature and doesn't annoy me anymore now. We get along more now.

18 They tease you

Tell me about it, when I was a kid it was really bad.

19 They hit you with toys

My 7 yr old cousin thinks anything is a weapon

My annoying 3 year old cousins tried to throw a PADLOCK at me. >:( Luckily, their mom yelled at them. GET REKT! :D

20 They fight with you

They fight with you and your mums like stop doing that to your poor cousin and takes them to the kitchen to get ice cream to make them feel better ( not )

21 They get all the attention
22 Their birthdays are more awesome than yours

I have never had a birthday party, but they have one every year.

They get birthday parties almost every year while I only had TWO IN MY ENTIRE LIFE

23 They tattle on you

I know I have little annoying cousins that bug me off all the time like they got nothing else to do

24 They get treated like babies and toddlers despite them being school-aged

My relatives always speak to them in baby talk. So annoying!

25 They mostly give you presents you didn’t ask for

Once my mom was babysitting my cousins and when I came home from school that day I found the house had a lovely strong scent of vomit everywhere. I’m not sure who was the culprit, but I’m convinced that it was 1 of my cousins.

26 They always touch your stuff
27 They don't shut up

He i

28 They make you seem stupid

He always gets my vr head set and acts likes it's on to make me jeolos but it doesn't work

29 They watch Paw Patrol, Dora and other baby shows
30 They beg for your food
31 They harass you in public
32 They do gross stuff
33 They show off
34 Their lives are more exciting than yours
35 They trash your house
36 They hog stuff
37 They throw tantrums
38 They steal your stuff and claim it’s theirs

They stole my chips one time and my mom told me that I had to give it to them

39 They annoy you
40 They hate you
41 They have an attitude
42 They make threats towards you
43 They hog all your relatives’ attention
44 They watch Disney Channel
45 They jumpscare you

Once I was on the computer then my cousins randomly appear out of nowhere then yelled "BOO! " really loud and it made me jump.

46 They get you in trouble with your parents for their behavior
47 They get really mean for no reason

Once on the day after Thanksgiving in 2014 my cousin brought chips to share with us. Then for no reason he just started crying and slapping me and won't give me any chips.

Oh yeah it also made me get in trouble with my parents for no reason at all.

48 They disrespect property

During family gatherings 2 of my cousins act really extremely immature and they constantly throw stuff and run around and chase each other AND ONE OF THEM IS A TEENAGER! They sometimes knock stuff over and even spill and/or break them.

49 They can be violent
50 They hound you for your very expensive things

My cousin is a pain in the bum, he broke my lego display that I had a while back, and he expects me to give him all my stuff and he never gives it back.

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