Top 10 Annoying Things About Crushes

We have all had them once in a while, or maybe you have one right now. But there are so many things about crushes that really tick me off and here are my top 10

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1 They only see you as a friend

This is so annoying for me because the person I like sees me, he knows me, he talks to me, and he's nice to me. He realizes my existence. But I know that I'll never get to the level where he feels strongly about me. I'm just the nice girl in the corner who forgot she was listening to music in school and started dancing and looked up and everyone was laughing or the girl who he showed the weird videos to. I'm not the girl who he sat next to when all the other seats were taken at the table who ate cold wet noodles just for the extra minute of time living in my fantasy of him caring about me. It was incredibly sad at the time because I'm not attractive in any way in my class- I'm the weak, pimply girl obsessed with Coldplay and hunched over a computer writing. Him showing some care about me was the most care I've gotten from someone I respected in the class that was respected by most other students in the class, and let alone him accepting me and I liked him... It was hard. I think I'm ...more - pandagirl

I feel as though I have the ultimate right to complain about this #lesbereal. - keycha1n

2 They don't know you exist, so you are practically a ghost to them

I so can relate to this, my crush just asks if I can do stuff for him like let him copy my work or throw something away for him...

This was the case with practically all my crushes. - PetSounds

Sure, Ruby Rose may not know I exist per se, and sure, maybe she's engaged, and sure, she's a decade older than me... But who cares? - keycha1n

Jinx still doesn't know I exist... hehehehehehehe

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3 They are already dating someone

Last year in 8th grade, I had lots of friends even if I didn't talk, my crush's name is Malachi and he was so funny and nice to me but mean to others. He always hang around me and another guy and two other girls that were my friends. Malachi always gets in fake fights with the 2 girls but I ship them with both of them instead of myself - PrincessKiana

Story time:
I had a crush on a girl named Emma but my best friend was dating her. I basically became the third wheel until they broke up.

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4 They like someone else

This made my tears go down like a river. He liked someone else and treated me like trash for months - MLPFan

5 That someone turns out to be your friend

He likes my BFF. She likes him. I sit in a corner and cry.

6 They flirt with your friend right in front of you

THIS I CAN RELATE TO SO MUCH! my best friend likes my crush and I think he likes her back. It's so annoying because I liked him for 5 months and she's liked him for like 2 weeks and he already likes her! Damnit crushes SUCK!

! MY CRUSH IS CALLED JUDE AND HE WAS FLIRTING WITH TWO OF MY BFFS AFTER HE FOUND OUT I LIKED HIM! Sometimes I doubt that the Valentine's card meant something... 。・゜・(ノ"')・゜・。

7 You used to talk with them a lot but they hardly talk to you anymore.


We're still friends though ^-^ - kawaiitohru

8 They are dating your friend
9 They are famous

Sorry...I can't believe I'm saying this but...I have a teeny tiny crush on louis Tomlinson from 1D...I know! At least he's more my age. P - Britgirl

Britgirl... I'm telling Keyson! Jk...

10 They hate you

I've seen many examples of this with my friend and her multiple crushes. - Minecraftcrazy530

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11 They are actually a jerk
12 They don't like you in any way
13 When it fades away
14 They crush you

Literally. Mine got an attitude so I told the teacher.

15 They have only talked to you enough to make you like them more.

He is so annoying! He'll talk to me just to annoy me because I'm sitting next to him, or he just talks to me because I (funny story...) watched him over his shoulder as he created a game on his computer with a password, I joined and beat him, so he wanted a rematch... :p hehehe

16 They break your heart

My crush is one of the cutest guy in my class. Before I developed feeling for him we used to talk to them a lot, but now that he knows I like him, he says he wants to move schools. He only talks to me when he needs help with his homework, yeah he still flirts with me, but its annoying cause he also flirts with all of my closest friends. They will break your heart, and have yo getting mixed feelings for them.

My chilfhood friend and ex crush broke my heart before I got over him for my celebrity crushes (Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook), and my anime crushes (RIN OKUMURA~~) - MLPFan

17 They make you worry about making them uncomfortable

I had this problem with my high school crush sometimes from grade 10 11 and 12 sometimes I would be walking or something and they would seem to walk away or something when they see you coming or something or they wouldn't smile or say hi or anything or they would make you worried all day or morning and you go to class worried and then you see them later and they smile and not seem uncomfortable or you talk to them with someone and they listen and smile and talk to you, I had this happen a lot I would go to class worried for nothing and my crush would smile later and seem fine when I in the same room or walking by she would keep walking by 90% I got worried for nothing, and when I talked to her with someone she was fine and she never said anything like, go away or something your making me uncomfortable

18 When they ditch you
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