Most Annoying Things About Danny Phantom Fans

I found Neonco31 is a Danny Phantom hater. So i made this list and dedicate to him

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1 They often say "Danny Phantom is a best show" like broken record

There are way better shows than Danny Phantom - Stevenuniversefangirl

Danny Phantom sucks

I do like Danny Phantom, but I don't send death threats to people who hate it. My favorite DP Character is Tucker also(I respect every opinion of yours I also have unpopular opinions such as liking Lucky Star).-Vestalis

I am no fan of this show but this is my childhood.
For some reasons they are best shows out there but Butch works for Fairly Oddparent until now and still making new characters as a hobby. (Stop making characters, man! ) He also make a new show called Bunsen is the Beast (named after a scientist's tool called Bunsen Burner).

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2 They bullied people if they saw Danny Phantom haters
3 They said Chat Noir fans from Miraculous Ladybug are more annoying than them

Well, I haven't met any Danny Phantom fans, but I LOATHE the Miraculous Ladybug fans. It's a damn childrens show, you need to stop shoving it in other people's faces.

Chat Noir is way cuterand cooler than Danny Phantom - Stevenuniversefangirl

4 The reasons why they like him, just because Danny is stronger and great

Characters don't need to be great. In a series I'm working on, I might add character flaws to the characters ( the main characters are the signs of the zodiac and it might be a magical girl series but more violent like Madoka Magica.). A character with no flaws is a mary sue or gary stu depending on the gender. For example (i'm using one of the main characters for example) Leo can very lazy and sometimes can't talk with other people or her friends (the other zodiac signs) because of her autism (I have autism too). I don't want ANY of the characters into mary sues or gary stus. Mary sues or gary stus can be dull and boring.-Vestalis

5 They think Danny Phantom is only hottest male character in the world

There are much more hotter characters out there, like Haru in Free!.-Vestalis

Danny Phantom is not hot. Chat Noir is hotter (proof by the eyes)-Vestalis

6 They said Miraculous Ladybug is awful show
7 They said the haters must die

I know the Loud House, Invader Zim, My life as a Teenage Robot, any other shows instead of Danny Phantom.-Vestalis

I know Miraculous Ladybug! -Vestalis

Me: "Danny phantom is ______(insertwordthatactuallydescribesdannylikeselfishgayetc)"
Rabid Fanboy/Fangirl: " Ew, you should go die in a fire and let the other fangirls eat you for dinner. The world would be way better without YOU."
Me: "Chat Noir is hotter than-"
Rabid Fanboy/Fangirl:" DON'T"
Me:" Screw this rabid fangirl! I'm going to watch some Hell Girl on CartoonCrazy.-Vestalis

8 They whining like a baby when the show gets cancelled

If I see a reboot of Danny Phantom I would rather watch "that Boi" than WATCHING ONE SCENE OF THE REBOOT IN DANNY PHANTOM WHEN IT COMES OUT! -Vestalis

9 They only care about love and dating, not school or future
10 They very addictive and crazy to Danny Phantom

I don't watch Danny Phantom very often( I watch mostly Mirai Nikki, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Lucky star, Invader zim and others.)-Vestalis

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11 They make nicer DP fans leave to watch other good shows
12 They spam Tumblr and Deviantart with their stupid hashtag

I think their stupid tag is getting repetitive.-Vestalis

13 They said something rude and abusive about Randy Cunningham
14 They hate Chat Noir from Miraculous with illogical reasons
15 They ruined Chat Noir's personality to make him look good
16 They lie by saying Danny Phantom is underrated
17 They draw gross fanarts about Danny Phantom
18 They think Danny Phantom is real even though he is a fictional character
19 They are extremely bratty
20 They said Danny Phantom is their boyfriend
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