Most Annoying Things About Daylight Savings

Daylight savings change is annoying they should get rid of it permanently or have it on daylight savings year round.

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Changing all clocks

I not looking forward to changing all my clocks tonight I have 10 clocks to change

Yeah this a pain, the past 2 years I got 1 or 2 new clocks so I had more clocks to change, next dst change I have 2 more clocks to change than the last dst

Missed clocks are an hour off

It annoying every time when the clock is an hour off and I feels like that time

There time I have had a clock that wasn't changed, and I kept thinking that was the time it was then I saw that it was wrong

Yeah today I thought it was 11am then I forgot it was an hour ahead and then I saw it was 10am

Messes everyone up for few days

This is tonight I not looking forward to messed up time, I hope this the last change

Time change is coming I not looking forward for the messed up time

It's dark earlier in fall

It gets dark too early thanks to dst change at the beginning of the month

Now it gets dark at 5pm after dst ending witch sucks and is depressing

I hate it when it gets dark at 5pm after daylight saving time ends

I hate that it gets dark so early in nov since nov 3 2019, it so depressing

Can make you an hour late for work

I was late for work, I always start work at 7:30am and I showed up around 8:15am thinking it was 7:15am, I was late for work because of the dst change

I was late for work thanks to dst change last night

Makes you tired

Yeah I felt tired for the first few days after march 10 2019

Yes it sure does made me tired in march

Your eating routine is off by an hour at work or school

Yeah I have felt hungry an hour before lunch at school after daylight saving ended

Can make you go to work an hour early

One year at dst end I was early for work I stared work at 7:30am and I showed up at 6:29am I thought I was running late, and was 7:29am then the doors were locked, I was wondering why, I stayed for 30 mins and the doors were unlocked then I asked my boss if he was late, he said it was 7:00am

It feels like it's the time before the change

I keep thinking it the time that was an hour ago thanks to the time change last night

It feels like an hour earlier with dst beginning last night at 2am on march 8 2020

Yeah feels like an hour later after dst ended

It's dark again in the morning in spring

Yeah this sucks the first few days, but it gets light out again quckly

The Contenders

You feel sleepy an hour earlier in fall
Car accidents happen after change

Yeah the spring change makes more accidents because of people are tired

You can't sleep for an hour in spring
It causes health problems

Yes higher causes or heart attacks and stuff

Losing an hour of sleep in spring

This always sucks in spring when losing an hour of sleep

More work related injuries
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