Top 10 Annoying Things About DVDs

Dvds can be great but they come with a lot of really annoying things whether its the dvds themselves or the cases.

The Top Ten

1 Disc errors

I hate this, the DVD player will not read my discs properly - Neonco31

Once the dvd starts skipping its never the same. - egnomac

Oh yes I hate scratches and it causes the disc to error this also happens with CDs as well - christangrant

These get annoying, quick, - VideoGamefan5

2 Having to repeatedly skip past trailers in or to get to the movie

Its really frustrating having to repeatedly skip past the trailers every time you put another dvd in the player, while most people usually just press the main menu button on the remote some dvds prevent the main menu button from working and you have to manyally skip pass the trailers. - egnomac

3 They are easier to damage

Those scratches...Enough to practice hypnotism. - Ananya

4 The extra locks on the side of DVD cases

The extra locks on certain dvds are just so unnecessary the case closes just fine without them I usually just break'em off. - egnomac

5 Releasing widescreen and fullscreen versions as separate DVDS

That is SO stupid! They could at least put both aspect ratio in one movie.

6 Not being able to pick up where you left off
7 Ridiculously over priced DVDS

Yep it's better to download...Or Watch on T.V ( Now that's classic ) - Ananya

8 Runtimes measured in minutes instead of hours

I hate when do this it's a lot easier if they just measure them in hours instead of trying to figure out how long the movies are. - egnomac

9 Cutscenes playing when ever you select any of the option in the main menu

This really annoys me every time I press the select chapters or hit the special features on most movies they show a cut scene from the movie before showing the features. - egnomac

10 Dvds not being able to work on certain DVD players
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