Most Annoying Things About Grojband Haters

I admit it. We Grojband fans can get annoying. But that doesn't make the haters perfect angels. In fact, the Grojband haters have really gotten on my nerves these past few months. And believe it or not, it's not because they hate a show that I like. Here are the reasons why Grojband haters can be just as bad as us fans. Thanks to ChatNoir18 for giving me the idea!

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They type in all caps

Probably the most annoying thing about any hater is how they always type like they're shouting. Even if you really hate something, you don't have to write every single sentence like you're screaming. It's just a cartoon. Nothing to get upset about. - regularponyfan09

I didn't know this show was still relevant. - Skullkid755

You mean like Frozen Caps Lock Girl? - TwilightKitsune

They don't respect opinions

I definitely agree with that

They're hypocrites

An example is when they say us fans won't stop talking about Grojband but then they keep talking about how much they hate it. - regularponyfan09

They bully people who like the show

All Chat did was share her opinion, and she gets bullied for it? These kind of haters need to get a life - MLPFan

Yep. Instead of forgetting about the show and moving on, these haters choose to waste their life making fun of it and the people who like it. One of them even has a terrible blog dedicated to hating it. - regularponyfan09

Like my friend ChatNoirFan18. She loves the show but it seems every time she tries to share her opinion, she gets bombarded with hate comments. - regularponyfan09

Whoever bullies ChatNoirFan18 seriously needs to respect opinions. ChatNoirFan18, don't let these bullies stop you from liking the show or being in the fandom. This reminds me of what happened to TwilightKitsune, stay strong.

They go on and on about how much they hate the show

I just saw his hate posts on my favorite show, Regular Show. That just proves on how much of a basement-dwelling manchild he is.

@regularponyfan09 Oh you have no idea how much SGGB triggers me at any possible term. Not only he is a nostalgiatard, but he is also proven to be a Cartoon Justice Warrior (CJW) who decides to ruin everything for everyone else and take over opinions of others. Keep in mind, CJWs constantly attack or address anything they find inappropriate or offensive and stating their facts (overrated, slang, cursing, unlikable characters, no plot) from when a new show first came out and throughout the time to where a certain show has improved by valuable points (character development, toned-down humor, plot-heavy decisions). In fact, they typically repeat same points all over again from whoever is the most popular blogger or commentator of the moment so they could hide that to build up a really pathetic excuse and claim them it called opinion when absolutely nothing about an opinion that it fact and nothing else. In other words, people like to complaining about certain cartoon all days long and all ...more

They get triggered whenever somebody disagrees with them

And when this happens, they type in all caps. - regularponyfan09

They force people to like the shows they like and hate the shows they hate


They keep calling Grojband a Phineas and Ferb ripoff

You have no idea how many times I've heard this argument. To haters, it's the most common reason to hate Grojband, even though it's not true. - regularponyfan09

Wait, how is it a Phineas and Ferb rip off? Grojband is more musicial, while Phineas and Ferb focuses on adventures more.

I honestly don't know. They say it's a Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi ripoff too, even though they have nothing in common, other than featuring rock bands. - regularponyfan09

They spread their negativity everywhere

It is so annoying!

They think the loud house and hi hi puffy amiyumi were better

I am a fan of Grojband and I do think The Loud House and hi hi puffy amiyu are better shows but I think it comes from personal taste

Yeah I agree with you on that one.

That's because they ARE. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

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Almost every criticism they have against the fans revolves around them liking Grojband

Hey! I'll have you know that MY list shows how awful Grojband's fandom is. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Look at SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy's Most Annoying Things About Grojband Fans list to see what I mean. - regularponyfan09

They say it's one of the worst cartoons of the 2010s, alongside adventure time and regular show

Apparently he is because he has a permanent tumor full of nostalgia inside his brain that can't be removed. He'll never change.

SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy submitted this. Is he criticizing himself? - regularponyfan09

They keep flooding this website with pointless hate lists

Grojband is very hated on this site indeed. I see lots of hate for this show when it is not bad.

They never shut up about it
They make up lies about the show just to spread the hate
They stoles grojband fanarts without give a credit and making fun of it

There was even one where they call a Grojband and Gravity Falls collab fanart stupid

They attack positive lists about it
They threaten violence

They do? - legendary1234

They act like they're always right when really they're not

Thank you, regularponyfan09.

I've seen so many comments from haters that say "if you like Grojband, you are wrong and you need to grow up" when really it's them that need to grow up and leave us fans alone. They always say we act like babies but in reality, they're the ones acting like babies. - regularponyfan09

They claim to hate the show but know nothing about it

Or how about a regular picture where they say that Grojband loves Teen Titans Go and the Power Puff Girls remake

Or how about calling a Grojband and Gravity Falls fanart stupid

And even a picture of a sniper rifle shooting Laney and the loud sisters beating up Laney and even the worst one where Laney is killed and it says kill Laney Penn. there was even a vote saying which is better Laney or West Germany

@legendary1234 True. In fact, most of the pictures on that blog are just Trina scaring a random character. No originality anywhere. - regularponyfan09

For example, on the Grojband haters blog, someone posted a picture of Laney and Kin singing next to each other and everyone was like “what?! Laney and Kin are dating?! I thought she liked Corey?! ” So singing next to someone means you’re in love with them? And they say the show itself doesn’t make sense. - regularponyfan09

They don’t know that there are far worse cartoons out there

Sure, it’s fine that some people hate Grojband but they’re thinking that Grojband is the worst cartoon of all time when really it isn’t.

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