Most Annoying Things About the Guy Who Adds Justin Bieber to Every New List

We know you're out there, and we won't relax until you get it with the axe. OK?

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He adds Justin Bieber to every new list

Let's face it. Who didn't see this coming as #1? I mean, there come times where #1 is just so obvious to some lists it makes you confused why that list is even there. Such as on "The Top Ten Worst Singers Ever," you have to be expecting Justin Bieber as #1. (Due to his near-universal hatred users on this site have towards him, and because it's this site's meme, and Hey! I couldn't think of anything else okay? ) But I don't know how little you would have to know about TheTopTens, Justin Bieber, or even logic to not expect this to be on the list, with the crown left of it. (Especially since it says it in the title)

This is annoying because once, this mystery person added Bieber on the list of Most Wanted Newcomers In Super Smash Bros. 4! Half the time, Bieber has nothing to do with the topic!

I'm waiting to see what, let's say, the worst thing you could find in your bedroom is, and guess who's number one? Guess!

I was released Worst Songs From Justin Bieber's Purpose. It was terrible album. - 05yusuf09

He praises that stupid singer

I agree with the list. But the person who adds him to every list could even be a girl. Not necessarily a guy.. - cosmo

How in this messed up world will I praise Justin Bieber?! I only added him to the new lists but I believe he deserves being put on those lists!

It's not always praising. He may do this to insult and make fun of Justin Bieber. - SelfDestruct

He did not praise him. He only added him to lists like 'Worst Things to find in your room' etc. How is that praising? - TwilightKitsune

He never goes away

Because there still are people who enjoy it. Oh yeah, I believe that multiple people are doing this, not only one person.

Reconsider is he puts him in every new "worst" lists Positron. - Decepticon

Who's fault is that? The people who complain about the joker. - Puga

Trolls... Some visitors really do troll huh? They do it all the time - jmepa1234

He thinks it's hilarious

Whoever thinks that's hilarious is probably just a complete douche - Gehenna

YOU ARE NOT HILARIOUS. You are less funny than the pain in my bowels after a very heavy curry session! - Britgirl

It could be hilarious, but there is a purpose why he's on the list, and that's because that item deserves to be on the list. He should not be on the top 5 on some lists though...

Few things are worse than someone who thinks he's funny than a guy who tells the same joke over and over. - lavashooter

He's annoying

What is annoying about giving hate that a person deserves?

This person is annoying for sure. But who says that person's a male? - keycha1n

This guy knows he's annoying - jmepa1234

Need I say why?!?! - PositronWildhawk

He promotes a stupid singer

People with sense don't listen to J***** B*****, so what's the point?!?! - PositronWildhawk

JB's a little boy with a squeaky little voice who thinks he's a real man. Real men have deeper voices, rougher skin and a shaving rash. Why would you want to promote the King of Kids is far beyond my comprehension. The mind boggles. It does, straight! Wally! - Britgirl

Something is missing. He promotes hate for a stupid singer. Because the "singer" deserves a lot of such hate.

He does, I agree with most of these. Good list! - funnyuser

He does it to bug everyone

Stupid trolls aren't they? - jmepa1234

If he wants a reaction, he'll bloody well get one! Several, with my TopTens allies. - PositronWildhawk

He's stupid

This is so sexist. Why assume they are male

He thinks he's genius though - jmepa1234

Again, need I say why?!?! - PositronWildhawk

I am not - Sausagelover99

He has no comprehension of something getting old

It's been almost two months. You don't necessarily have to be a physicist to know how time affects you, but this guy clearly doesn't. - PositronWildhawk

Remember that Justin Bieber has made a legacy. You guys want to forget that, but I doubt that we would. Because he started the trend of stupid music that we're all pissed at.

It's almost as bad as having no humour whatsoever - jmepa1234

He/she refuses to identify themselves

What if I'm the one who tells you that I add Justin Bieber on the lists?

My name is Justin Bieber!

Now, just cut that out. - PositronWildhawk

OK We know for sure that he likes Justin Bieber. But you need to show yourself. Are you really Justin Bieber - Jake09

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He thinks he'll get away with it

Not once the metalheads, goths, emos, bikers, decent people, nuns, dogs, cats, winos, inbred, pot-bellied, chain-smoking, burger-eating, people get you my annoying little pest!

If I didn't admit I was one of them, then I would definitely get away with it.

Too right he won't. One day, one way, he'll come to a sticky end.

He is Justin Bieber

He knows he doesn't have long left in the spotlight and that's why he does it.

Only a low-life American/canadian would do this. one more reason why we should all hate Justin. You've ruined pop forever. Please die.

Yeah. JB may be stupid enough to do such.

No he's from Philipinnes - TwilightKitsune

He compares him with Queen and Metallica amongst others

Oh. And Linkin Park, too! Not all new stuff is bad, though.

Well know I know it's some damn hipster teen saying old stuff is good and new stuff is crap. Such a cliché. - ArpstaAmy333

Exactly correct. I hate those people who think that. They just need to get a life and discover that nobody will like you if you never ever accept people's opinions. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

He wants to annoy every body by add JB to a new list including Most Wanted Characters on SSB.
He loves Justin Bieber

How would a sane person create a near-universal hate on Justin Bieber and at the same time loving him?!

Not so much annoying as... WARPED! - Britgirl

And he says Hitler is better than him - TwilightKitsune

So I hate you JB lover. - 05yusuf09

He probably doesn't even hate JB, he's just jumping on the bandwagon

I do hate JB. And I'm one of those people adding him.

And I have justified my actions. Read my post, and you'll know I'm not trolling.

Chuck Norris did not roundhouse kick him yet
He thinks he's genius

How do you kno - Hgalaxy

He adds Bieber to lists that don't relate to him or anything that have to do with him
Only did it for attention
He's a complete douche
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