Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Insomnia

If anyone responds with a list of cures, ones that work, I will be eternally grateful.

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1 Inability to Concentrate at Day When You Need It

If you're like me you try to follow instructions but you can't concentrate long enough to do it right.

I get that a lot, actually. But the more you do it, the worse it becomes. So annoying, right, anonymous? - PositronWildhawk

Because you're so bloody tired! Aargh! - PositronWildhawk

2 Hot Nights, When Sweat Builds Up

Keeps you awake and glues you to the bed. Not pleasant. - PositronWildhawk

3 Tiredness Throughout the Day, Whether You Sleep or Not

I sometimes feel like I'll drop dead at midday. Agony. - PositronWildhawk

You're so tired you cannot do anything its horrible.

4 Boredom

Sometimes, while trying to sleep, I stare at my fine spinning around. - MoldySock

Just lying there, awake for hours, it just kills you... - PositronWildhawk

Still awake P.W? It's exactly 1.20am and I CAN'T BLOODY SLEEP! I keep seeing lists and lists and lists. If I don't sleep soon, they'll be enough lists to count! Arrgh... I'm not joking! Great list by the way. - Britgirl

5 Falling Asleep at 6am

Finally, you drift off, and then the alarm clock squeals into your ears. Insomnia is clearly a form of torture. - PositronWildhawk

It's misery! You finally doze off, feeling so good just to wake up to an alarm clock & realize you have to go to school. - NintendoROCK3T

6 Headaches

I'm being serious now. This the very WORST thing. The headaches are insane! You just lie awake while your head is thumping and all you want to do is nod off! An irritating rating of 10/10 for the headaches. - Britgirl

7 On Cold Nights, When You Slowly Feel Yourself Freeze to Death
8 Mind Wandering

Sometimes I hate the fact that I have a big imagination. Especially at night... So I try hard not to think so much and also not to imagine things in my head.

It's so weird, when you can't picture something otherwise simple at 11pm. So annoying. - PositronWildhawk

Yeah, I have random role plays going on in my head along with thoughts I strongly dislike and also I’m so excited for June 29!

9 Having It Happen Night After Night

Five nights out of seven. Sunday nights are best because it's the only day I can properly relax. Every other night, hell. I don't know how I've still got a job. - Britgirl

10 Noises Become More Obvious

Its like the clock in your room you don't otherwise hear unless its midnight then it sounds like its played through speakers used at a Metallica concert - Danielsun182

Also, the less sleep you get, the more you see and hear things, so thereof, the noises aren't just demon ghosts, they are demon ghosts Justin Beiber werewolves.

I just listen to music.

My sister has this CD player she always turns up really loud so I have to try to sleep through Kidz Bop blaring from her room (which is right next to mine) - idontreallycare

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11 When You Can't Tell Whether or Not You Are Asleep

Since your mind is still wandering and racing around but you daze off into space and sort of half awake

12 When You Wake Up and Feel Like You Can't Get Up

This one of the most relatable lists on here - idontreallycare

13 You Feel Like You Have to Pee But Don't

Oh wow, other people feel like this too?

14 When You Suddenly Feel Hungry
15 When you finally run out of ways to distract yourself and everything is scary

That moment when you finally make yourself attempt to sleep, but then everything is a murder

I'm not alone! - idontreallycare

16 When you have a song stuck in your head

I barely slept the other night because I had the ear worm from that F R I E N D S song. - allamassal

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