Annoying Things About Justin Bieber Haters

If you hate Justin Bieber here are some annoying things about you.

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1 They are secretly jealous of his money and fame

Haters are jealous of famous people. So they just think its fun to hate Justin Bieber, write death threats saying that his mum should've had an abortion in 1994, because Kurt Cobain committed suicide the same year. Then say he is more evil than Hitler, Osama Bin Laden.

Yeah, we’re totally jealous of his money and fame he got from making music a 5 year old could make. - 3DG20

We're not jealous of anything. We can't stand him because he's always going around screwing up trouble.

We don't give a flying foxhole about his money! He sucked a million d---s to get his money! I'd rather not lose my dignity and not be selfish rather than getting money selfishly and being as arrogant as this homo habilis!

2 They are annoying

They don't know what every fan is like. We are not all obsessed with him, 12 year old girls, saying haters are ugly is a stupid reason to put on here.

I thought he was going to be a one hit wonder with his song "One Time" because at first I thought he was 11 years old. Then a few years later, hey remember that cute kid with his song "One Time" what happened to him?

The reality is that the haters are actually the ones that keep giving him 80% of the attention. Just stop. - 3DG20

Not as annoying as Beiber - TwilightKitsune

His fans are WAY worse. - 906389

3 They put him in every hate list

I personally don't care about Justin Bieber (I don't love him and don't hate him). However, seeing him in every hate list bothers me. I mean, he CAN sing live, and haters took their hate on him too far
#Anti-Hate - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I do hate Bieber, but I don't do this... - MLPFan

Well, we have our opinions! So shut up, Beliebers! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You must have been the one adding justin bieber to all the hate lists - TeamRocket747

I think we have every right to put whatever we want on our hate lists - TwilightKitsune

4 They are even worse than him

I know right!

Oh. Because we have a different music taste? I pity the person who made this list. He badly needs to go to the hospital.

Belibers are worse then Justin bibber haters whoever said this is an idiot

Shut up you belieber! - Skullkid755

5 They are boring

The real reason is this

6 They keep talking about him even though if they really hated him they would never bring him up

If they hated him, why would they never bring him up? Lots of Toptenners like me make hate lists of him - TwilightKitsune

7 They are ugly

What do you expect you put him as number 1 on the ugliest person in the world.
So haters are ugly.

Do you even know what we look like!?

You don't even know what we look like! - 906389

8 They never shut up

Because some secretly like him, and fans would be laughed at on social media if they said they liked him so they just pretend to hate him. Sh.

Oh. Because we have to say what has to be said.

Really? JB haters are the best m/ - 05yusuf09

9 They can think a song is the best song ever, but if it's by Bieber in any way they will hate it
10 They will always hate a person who has worked hard to turn his dream into reality

Those haters can never achieve anything in their lives nor can see anyone achieving success in their lives.

Those can never achieve anything in their lives nor can see anyone achieving success in their lives.

No, we won't. - 906389

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11 They attack people who like him and say they have no taste

They do this a lot on TheTopTens

12 They have negative reputations

Oh you mean like you are sexist to girls who like them. You bully the girls who like them.

Quite the opposite actually. Beliebers have a horrible reputation across the board.

13 Some secretly like him

You would be bullied.

14 They keep bringing him back into relevance when his fame would’ve faded a long time ago
15 They think evil people are better than him
16 They are sexist to girls
17 Haters send him death threats.
18 They think it's cool, funny and edgy.
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