Most Annoying Things About "Karens"

A Karen is used to refer to middle aged woman who act entitled, disrespectful and often sport a short bob. They are the woman that you fear if you work in retail, or a fast food restaurant. One mistake, or some policy they don’t like and they’ll demand to speak to your manager in hopes of getting you in deep trouble.
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1 They act entitled

Surprised? Not at all. These woman seriously flip out over the dumbest things. When they don't get their way, they start screeching and throw a hissy fit like a toddler. Ma'am, the world does not revolve around you.

They think the whole world revolves around them. Guess what? They're not the boss of us right now.

Good list. Also apparently they got sued which rocks.

'I would like to speak to your manager.'

2 They ruin the lives of innocent people

Particularly those who work in minimum wage jobs. What's the point of getting them fired just because they got your order wrong? One Karen at Starbucks did try to doxx some kid because he told her to wear a mask. It was actually the shop's policy, so not his fault.

They are basically the mothers of Cancel Culture.

3 They are Anti Vaxxers

A very stupid belief. Vaccines do not cause autism, and if they do, you'd rather have your kid die from a deadly disease than be autistic? Wow.

Personally, I'm a bit iffy about vaccines and needles myself, but even I know that they don't cause autism. Well, hopefully...

And they talk about "my kid will not grow up to be gay" ma'am your kid isn't living past 4 years old.

4 Some of them can be racist

One even called the Po-Po because an African American family was standing next to them in line. Luckily, the police sided with the African Americans, and so would I. Throw a book at them! >:(

Some of them have racially profiled people of colour.

5 They act like victims

Usually they're the ones who start things, but when people respond to them, they start crying. Don't dish it out then if you can't take it.

6 They’re usually over protective of their kids

They truly believe that their babys are angels and can do no harm. Quite ironic since they don't want to vaccinate them. Some Karens see no boundaries when it comes to their kids and would even baby them even if they are legal adults. Funny, it that their antics embarrass their kids.

This is a strange term.

7 They are hypocritical
8 They get offended over stupid things

Things like video games causes violence. They also have a tendency to get things banned, or go off on Facebook if they do not like something.

Worst part is they don't do research or anything to back up their arguments. " I don't like this so it should be banned! "

9 They don’t do research

When it comes to vaccines causing autism, or face masks being harmful, they don't rely on actual medical sources to back their claims up.

10 Their haircut

Very shallow I know, but their hair cut is really awful and unflattering.

That haircut should be considered a federal offense.

Now since a month ago I know what a Karen is.

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11 They always say "can I speak to your manager?"
12 Some of them are homophobes
13 They bash on movies with more mature content

Don't they know there's more to the TV industry than Dora?

Karen: 'Showgirls' is not for kids!
Me: Really?! You don't say! Here I was thinking 'Showgirls' was a kids' film.

14 They always say "go back to your country!"
15 They don't listen to other opinions or points
16 They don't wear masks

I clutched my purse because I saw one not wearing a mask in the store

17 They always say "respect your elders!"
18 They always cause a scene
19 They get offended by everything
20 They don't believe in science
21 They always say "the customers is always right!"
22 They force their kids to watch preschool shows
23 They force their kids to listen to preschool music
24 They think they are better than you and insult you
25 They think they're "divas"
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