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21 They Treat Your Car Like a Trash Can V 1 Comment
22 They Tell Yo Mama Jokes

They're just JOKES. You're not supposed to take them seriously, and even the way they're said should tell you so. How can somebody be SO stupid that when they're locked in a grocery store for a month they starve to death? The store would understand the situation and she'd probably walk away without having to pay a cent. And how somebody's mom be so fat that anytime she walks in heels she strikes oil? Oil is too far deep under the ground, and if she WAS that fat then wouldn't the heels break underneath her as soon as she tried them on? People need to just learn to take a joke.

The most terrible ones

I'm kinda sick of the hairline thing too - bjinmaro64

Adults are good at that. Kids aren't. - 445956

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23 They Disrespect Other People's Taste

I listen to metal and my older sister says I'm emo

Oh yes, the good old opinion kid that thinks his opinion matters on the internet.

They usually are a part of terrible fandoms (undertale, fnaf, and sonic (ESPECIALY SONIC)) and get mad with someone slightly disliking their good old game or movie

24 They Bite
25 They Steal
26 They Apparently Make Noise at a Decible Inaudible to Their Parents V 1 Comment
27 They Don't Always Turn Out the Way You Want Them To

Okay nothing can turn out the way you want it to, for example like movies sometimes they can but not all the time, but that's not a problem, this is a problem no kid can be born the way you want them to.

You do not control a child's life. Why should you decide the path they control? Don't live their life for them. Let them life their own life

Excuse me? You don't control a child's life. They have their own life to live so let them live it

I like to dress like a boy, I listen to death metal, etc and my mom wants me to be girly

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28 They Touch You

What the.. ? What's so bad about this? They're showing their cuddling stage!

Its called human nature - toptenzen

A person who added hates being touched.

One kid squeezed my balls on the bus - bjinmaro64

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29 They Exist

Well if they did not exist then the person who added this item to the list would not exist, not just him but everybody in the world would not exist

Right. RIGHT. Well I'll have you know, A CHILD NEVER ASKED TO BE BORN. If you have a child, that was your decision. Not theirs

Umm, everyone was a child once, so saying kids shouldn't exist is like saying humans shouldn't exist...

So I'm annoying for existing in the first place? , degenerate. - iexistithink

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30 They Have No Problem Breaking Your Stuff

I had a brass slinky... And he broke it TWICE!

I will beat them up if they break my stuff!

I am offended by this list.


o ne time I brought my mr Krabs toy at my school ( I was like 6 or something)

a nd this kid asked me if he could borrow it



31 They Imitate Teen Titans Go

Kids believe it's okay to throw tantrums, bully other people, being a sore loser, pinching their younger siblings, whining to get their way

32 They Eat Your Food

They eat your food because sometimes that don't got that many snacks but if you got some than yeah they eat it deal with it.

Yeah one time my mom made some pizza 2 slices went to go get them and this little prick ate them all jerk

Guess what, back in my day I knew this thing called PERMISSION, you degenerates.

33 They Like Dumb Things

Saying something is dumb is an opinion.

And this list is someone's opinion, so if you don't like it, search for fact lists. - FloydtheCat

34 They Think They Are Smarter Than You

In certain subjects I am. - iexistithink

And never will. - MinecraftHater

They are not. - MinecraftHater

35 They Get Away With a Lot of Things

Most people will never blame the little kid even though they either saw it or it was clearly them because they are the "precious baby."

36 They are Selfish

Once I was with another kid and we had just eaten dinner, and a few minutes later we got bored. I had an iPad without Minecraft and I asked for his ipad (which had Minecraft) but because he was a selfish little rascal, he only let me on it for 1 minute or somthing like that. I asked him

I let my brother use my stuff all time, but when I asked to play on his ds because mine was charging, he said no. So I asked why and he said he "doesn't like people using his stuff" well I guess I won't let him use MY STUFF then!? - SammySpore

They think they will be the king - MinecraftHater

Me and my twin sister always shared but we met a lot of Children who nevershared

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37 They are Snitches

About my previous comment,i was just joking - MLPFan

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38 They Are Whiny
39 They Straight Up Suck

Well this is rude

I disagree with this, and most all the others. As a kid, my parents didn't even have to tell me to be good, instinct told me that. Not every kid is like this.

Excuse me? Whoever wrote this straight up sucks, not children.

Good grammer m8, we are annoying because we straight up suck? , by the way this website is just sad. - iexistithink

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40 They Watch Dora

So what? , Dora maybe dull but it's a preschool cartoon - CerealGuy

DUDE, dora was a good show for kids, at least it's better than what nickelodeon is putting out nowadays

Look, I am a kid too and I don't watch dora. You watch it? Tell me! Tell me! I AM MAN. - SwampertBABY

RIGHT! WELL DONE! I'M OLDER THAN THAN 4 AND I WATCH DORA! WELL DONE! HERE'S YOUR OSCAR CRAP! (shoves fake awards at person's face) - Fibraihim20

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