Most Annoying Things About The Loud House Fans

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1 They abused PhantomMilitia on the list "Worst Things About The Loud House"

I don't even like The Loud House but all I have to say is good riddance he retired I never liked the guy, maybe he wouldn't have gotten so much hate if he didn't act like such an arrogant jerk.

If you hate Loud House, you should feel bad for PhantomMilitia. - TheAwesomeBowser

Yeah just because he didn't like the show people went crazy and started saying mean things him and I know because he is my friend on the site and he told me what they have said which was very rude - christangrant

In fact they caused him to retire - christangrant

2 They disrespect opinions

I am a fan of the Loud House, but I am not a fan of the fans of this show. They are cringe, whiney, disrespectful, and they overreact to everything, ESPECIALLY THE LINCOLN WORSHIPPERS! - Spongehouse

I know right, Such cringe bombs.

It's your opinion, I'm not mad.

Some Loud House fans do, but most of the time, we are willing to listen to opinions before saying they are bad. - TheReviewer20

3 They draw gross fanarts on Loud sisters

This should be at least #2, it's disgusting how they do this. I like The Loud House but hate the fanbase - PeeledBanana

This should be on #1! I'm starting to like the show and the gross part of the fandom makes me want to rip my eyes out! - Hanjax70

I'm not going to begin on this. - Powerfulgirl10

I agree with this one. - TheReviewer20

4 They call the haters mean names

I've never heard of a case like that. - TheReviewer20

Some stupid visitor told PhantomMilitia to kiss a horse's ass just for disliking TLH.

Well, They Deserve It. - kcianciulli

5 They always forces people to like the show even though they don't like it

Not true. We highly suggest you watch it, not force you to. - TheReviewer20

My friend likes it and when ever I say it sucks. The Loudcest is stupid the loud cest is the fanbase ligit they are trash. Lincoln is a idiot also Lana Lucy luan lola Lily queen of poop Lori leni luna and l something anyway they all are annoying

That's Because They Should Watch It. - kcianciulli

6 When we said that we hate The Loud House, they get mad

I like the show but it's fine if you have it, as long as you don't force me to hate it. - Hanjax70

It's just your opinion, I'm not going to harass you just because you don't like what I like.

7 They bashing people's opinions who hate The Loud House

I love The Loud House and I respect your opinion if you don't like it.

Before you say anything bad about me, let me just say that I respect your opinion on the Loud House if you don't like it. I'm sorry. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Pretty much every single fanbase.

8 They easily get triggered

I bet they have anger issues, because that's how they act. - Powerfulgirl10

We don't have get triggered easily. In fact, I believe we are one of the passive fandoms out there because we constantly have to tolerate incest. - TheReviewer20

I don't get triggered.

Yes they do - christangrant

9 They hate Lynn, Lisa, Lori and Lola

I hate Lori more than anyone else on the show, so I don't blame them for hating these characters. Most of the characters, in my opinion, are bad anyway.

I don't hate Lisa or Lynn. They're both cool siblings. But the character I only hate is Lola. Because she's a spoiled brat and a tattletale. - TLHFanBaseSucks

I think Lynn is good

I like Lynn, I like Lisa, I think Lori is ok, and Lola is bad in select episodes. - TheReviewer20

10 They love it more than their parents


Wow. There are Loud House fans who love the show more than their own parents? Those people need serious help. - regularponyfan09


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11 They think Chris Savino saved Nickelodeon, when really, he's the same person who destroyed Dexter's Laboratory and the original Powerpuff Girls

I don't think you should compare a show and it's creator if it made bad things before, ignore that and focus on the quality of the show.

God, I'm sick of this argument. - DCfnaf

No. No. And no. He had almost no power in each of them. He was a fillin. - TheReviewer20

No One Cares. - kcianciulli

12 They talk about The Loud House all the time

So are the SpongeBob fans too.

So? I'm a SpongeBob fan and I talk about SpongeBob a lot.

13 They think Loud House is better than SpongeBob

So what its peoples own opinion. - Loudhouserules

Which it obviously isn't. - TheAwesomeBowser

You people say that everyone can have their own opinions and then you say the fans are stupid because they think something else is better.

I know, right? Both fans and haters can be such hypocrites sometimes. - regularponyfan09

At least SpongeBob can stand up for himself when he needs to

14 They think this show is better than Grojband

This is a disgrace! I can't believe that people say Loud House is better than Grojband!

Grojband is eh. - TheReviewer20

Grojband is a disgrace - GumballWatterson

Grojband is lame anyway. - kcianciulli

15 Triggered by the fact it lost to Spongebob Squarepants at the KCA 2017

It lost to SpongeBob again in 2018. They're probably even more triggered now.

Okay, as much as I am Happy that Finding Dory beat Zootopia, I think half of the fanbase were okay with this fact seeing that Spongebob made a few cameos in the show, while the other half threw a tantrum about it.

You guys should be arguing about KCA 2016. - TheReviewer20

I am a TLH fan, but I respect your opinions, and I do have to say some of this stuff is kind of biased and opinion based...especially the 'They think TLH is better than SBSP', because if you TLH haters like SBSP, doesn't mean that modest TLH fans like me or even groups like Loudcest can't like TLH better than SpongeBob. Also, for this one, I do have to admit I was pretty bummed that Spongebob 'stole' the KCA cartoon trophy (Just my opinion) again, and that Loud House didn't get that small time in the spotlight, but I'm not throwing a tantrum over it.

16 They praise Luna and Leni way too much.

I like the show and all the characters (I like Lincoln the most no matter what sorry Lincoln haters) and luna and Leno are two of my favorites but they don't need to be treated like queens

Leni is not even that popular, people like her but lynn, lucy, luan are much more popular even though lent is my favorite

They are both nice characters. And Luna is bi. How can we not support her? - TheReviewer20

Well, I can see why. Both are very nice sisters after all. But I wish Luan would get more love. - Svampbob164

17 They rage when there's an episode they don't like

Especially for "No Such Luck"

Well they do that

18 Luna Loud being treated like she's the greatest Nickelodeon character when she's actually the worst

Oh absolutely, she is easily the worst...

Yes, she's a horrible character, and her punk outfit looks ugly


19 They are hypocrites
20 They find Chris Savino better than J. G. Quintel and Pendleton Ward

J.G. Quintal is great, Chris savino and Pendleton Ward both suck

Can't they all both be at equal level? - TheReviewer20

Just why?

21 They treat Mr. Enter like crap

Who's Mr. Enter?

22 They forget how awesome Invader Zim and the other great Nicktoons are.

I'd much rather watch The Loud House, Spongebob (Season 6-9a included), The Fairly OddParents (until Season 9) and other Nicktoons than Invader Zim. That show has the worst fanbase of all time, and has caused me to hate the show. - Svampbob164

I myself made a vow NEVER to watch nick again until they bring Invader Zim back. When I saw the pilot to TLH, I knew it was doomed cause it will be on a network that makes watching paint dry more fun. But people are now crazy over this show and they forget the good shows that had action. TLH doesn't even have one villain. Yet Invader Zim had an plot and awesome villains. - Zim999

23 They watch the show all the time

So. - egnomac

24 The Grim Crocker

Grim Crocker? - AinezoChan

25 The have a terrible fanbase name

Actually, I like "Loud Crowd". It's catchy. Makes me wish we SpongeBob fans had a catchy name for ourselves.

Not all TLH fans like Loudcest. - TheReviewer20

26 They think the Loud House saved Nickelodeon, when really it is the show that destroyed the 2010s

You think that destroyed the 2010s? Take a look at TTG, PPG2016, Sanjay and Craig, Nutri Ventures, and Breadwinners. - Hanjax70

In what way? I mean, we had Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig, TTG and PPG 2016. - TheReviewer20

That would be Planet Sheen. - kcianciulli

27 They hate Making the Grade and Making the Case for no reason at all

Fans are stupid

I like both. - TheReviewer20

28 They give Luna and Leni too much praise

Bart-Toons in a nutshell

Wait a minute, isn't this just reason 31 repeated?

29 They don't understand that Chris Savino, the show's creator, is still the same person who ruined Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls

Chris Savino have been on Cartoon Network And two of those shows where Dexter Laboratory And Powerpuff Girls And yes I'm talking about the original verion at end of the show around season 5 and 6 of both of these shows the episode went downhill they were less funny and got more boring after each episode but the fanbase don't know that only a little amount of people know one the reasons I thought this show was gonna fail

Enough! - kcianciulli

30 The fans are mostly girls

I'm a boy,and I like the loud house. - tony931122

I like the show and I'm a girl I just want to put this on the list - TinyToonsGirl45

31 They think it's the "new" SpongeBob'

It's good, but nothing tops my favorite sea critter! - Poptyer

Well, they're kind of right. Not in terms of quality of course, but it's a highly-praised cartoon that does great in the ratings. It has a large teen/adult fanbase and is considered one of Nick's best shows (although I strongly disagree with this, Harvey Beaks and Post sequel SB are much better, in my opinion). It's even getting merchandise already (so far: DVDs, T-shirts, and even a podcast! ). It looks like Nick doesn't have to dread the day SpongeBob ends anymore.

32 They keep asking Nick to crossover it with SpongeBob

They Keep Forcing It

It's not gonna work. - kcianciulli

33 Odd ships

Looking at you, SaLuna. - TheAwesomeBowser

34 They are the bullies

To be honest, I think all haters and fans are bullies to each other, they all claim that they can tolerate opinions but keep making wars, most of the haters are either stupid teenagers or young adults from the 90s who claim that every new Nick show has toilet humor and the fans are a bunch of perverted people who draw really bad fan-art.

Because they did not respect our's, so why do we have to respect the opinions of the people who don't respect our's - MrMonkey

35 They are obsessed with the show
36 They only care about the show

No. - TheReviewer20

37 They are too possessive towards the show
38 His siblings are awful and selfish

Who? - regularponyfan09

39 It's going to ruin our children
40 The fanfiction
41 They don't talk about Lana
42 Inappropriate fan art
43 In the episode ‘D is for death’ all the characters die on screen
44 They keep making sexual fanfics
45 They spend more time whining about the show than praising it.

I think that Lincoln is the only thing they value in this show. Nothing else.

46 They disrespect and harass the shows writers

They behave like animals that belong in a zoo.

47 Lincoln and Rita body swap

People won't make SpongeBob and Patrick Body Swaps because they'd rather swap Lincoln and his mom. - kcianciulli

48 Weird theories like Luna and Lynn being trans
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