Most Annoying Things About The Loud House Fans

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21 They find Chris Savino better than J. G. Quintel and Pendleton Ward

Can't they all both be at equal level? - TheReviewer20

Just why?

22 They hate Making the Grade and Making the Case for no reason at all

Fans are stupid

I like both. - TheReviewer20

23 The Grim Crocker

Grim Crocker? - AinezoChan

24 They rage when there's an episode they don't like

Well they do that

25 They don't understand that Chris Savino, the show's creator, is still the same person who ruined Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls

Chris Savino have been on Cartoon Network And two of those shows where Dexter Laboratory And Powerpuff Girls And yes I'm talking about the original verion at end of the show around season 5 and 6 of both of these shows the episode went downhill they were less funny and got more boring after each episode but the fanbase don't know that only a little amount of people know one the reasons I thought this show was gonna fail

Enough! - kcianciulli

26 They think it's the "new" SpongeBob'

It's good, but nothing tops my favorite sea critter! - Poptyer

Well, they're kind of right. Not in terms of quality of course, but it's a highly-praised cartoon that does great in the ratings. It has a large teen/adult fanbase and is considered one of Nick's best shows (although I strongly disagree with this, Harvey Beaks and Post sequel SB are much better, in my opinion). It's even getting merchandise already (so far: DVDs, T-shirts, and even a podcast! ). It looks like Nick doesn't have to dread the day SpongeBob ends anymore.

27 They are the bullies

To be honest, I think all haters and fans are bullies to each other, they all claim that they can tolerate opinions but keep making wars, most of the haters are either stupid teenagers or young adults from the 90s who claim that every new Nick show has toilet humor and the fans are a bunch of perverted people who draw really bad fan-art.

Because they did not respect our's, so why do we have to respect the opinions of the people who don't respect our's - MrMonkey

28 They are obsessed with the show
29 They think the Loud House saved Nickelodeon, when really it is the show that destroyed the 2010s

In what way? I mean, we had Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig, TTG and PPG 2016. - TheReviewer20

30 They watch the show all the time
31 They only care about the show

No. - TheReviewer20

32 They are too possessive towards the show
33 They give Luna and Leni too much praise

Wait a minute, isn't this just reason 31 repeated?

34 His siblings are awful and selfish

Who? - regularponyfan09

35 It's going to ruin our children
36 The fanfiction
37 They don't talk about Lana
38 Inappropriate fan art
39 The fans are mostly girls

I like the show and I'm a girl I just want to put this on the list - TinyToonsGirl45

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