Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Older Siblings

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Older Siblings

1 "Get out of my room"

I can't express how much my brother does that. I know I know nobody wants somebody to go into their room whenever. I'm 14 and he's 17 so we're not even that apart. This is a situation that happened:
Me: (I went into my brother's room) Can I borrow your color pencils (The worst thing is he mixed my pencils with his)
Him: No
Me: Wh..
Him: Get out. Get out. GET OUT GET OUT
Me: what I just need to..
(Also I am very weak in comparison)
Him: -Pushes me to the wall-
Let's say it gets bad

I'm the older sibling and my sister is allowed into my room

My brother in a nutshell when we frikin share a room

Basically, an older sibling just goes into their younger siblings room then pushes them out and locks them out, and when they try to tell the parents, they just sit and yell at the younger sibling and make them go somewhere else.

2 They make fun of you

I am 11 with a twin which is 4 minutes older than me and a 14-year-old sister. My 14-year-old sister and she told me it was PJ days when it was not.

My older brother called me a playboy just because I've dated 30 girls. jeeesus chill out - AlphaQ

I am 11 and my little sister is 7. She always asks me if I have a girlfriend whenever she sees a girl around my age she asks me if I have a girlfriend. AND SHE'S YOUNGER! I HARDLY EVER MAKE FUN OF HER BECAUSE I KNOW I'm THE MATURE AND RESPONSIBLE ONE! SERIOUSLY! FOR ALL OF YOU YOUNGER SIBLINGS I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO YOU: YOU GUYS HAVE IT EASY! US OLDER SIBLINGS HAVE IT WORSE THAN YOU DO!

My YOUNGER sister makes fun more than I make fun of her - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

3 "You're just a little kid"

HELLO, I'm an older sibling (age 12 as of 3/29/18) with a two years younger sister who is very sweet and loving and kind and helpful, but she is helpful to everyone except for me. And then my dad thinks that she's more helpful, but my mom knows that I always do SO MUCH for my sister and that she never returns the favor. And also she bosses me around like she's older. I might be a little bossy but not as much as she is. You should see her. She's like, "Mommy SAID." Me: "OK, I am." Her: "NOW." Me: "YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME! "

My sister says that to me and she's younger lol

My bigger sister still calls me this even though I'm 12 - jbella9000

My brother says that all the time, but I'm 11 - sabrinafan

4 They go out with their friends without you because you are too young

Its embarrassing when my brother breaks into my room when I'm having a party. - AlphaQ

My YOUNGER sister is allowed to go out with friends but I'm not :(

This does not bother me

It's goof riddance if you ask me

5 They can drive but you can't

My YOUNGER sister drives. I'm the older sibling and I don't drive.

I've drove a car and my older brother hasn't. - AlphaQ

My brother is 14 - sabrinafan

I'm the older sibling but I don't drive

6 They get more money

I'm older than my sisters and I get paid more money than them!

When it's my birthday I only get 10 or 20 dollars, but when it's their birthday they get like 100 dollars - jbella9000

You think a four year old needs 45$? - humanperson

It's annoying. Why do they get treated better just because they're older.

7 They are mean

That's true! My sister is being racist to me! - Gabo147

My younger sister accuse me for being mean while I'm not, and that got me scolded by my parents, and then started to mock and laugh at me. Who's the mean one now? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

And she expect me to respect her... I'm not gonna be manipulated anymore because she threatened me...

Actually my brothers are very nice I respected them and I respected them too - Kevinsidis

8 They yell at you

My YOUNGER sister yells at me

Yeah, older siblings definitely need to shut up and stay calm while the younger siblings torture them both physically and mentally (sarcasm). Do you expect us to be calm and quiet when you annoy us? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

It happens the other way around too though. - 3DG20

Mine sits on me. - AlphaQ

9 They force you to do stuff you don't want to do

Ikr,she's always getting me to do unspeakable things.THE HORROR

They always tell me what to do, I mean, they need to respect.

10 They put on music that you don't like

Thank you to the person who would rather listen to Taylor Swift or Camilla Cabello! Rap music is the worst kind of music. It never has meaning!

Justin bieber for me - Coreforce

My older sister always puts on rap music and I hate rap music I would rather listen to pop music by Taylor Swift or Camilla Cabello

I'm a 13 year old girl. My older sibling is actually very nice and mature but once my parents and little sibling went out for shopping so I was home with my sister and so she goes onto the youtube (the T.V. in our living room has youtube) and so she played awful songs by 5SOS and My Chemical Romance and I hate those bands. The music was loud and hurt my ears. I was also forced to watch dan and phil UGH I want to watch POKEMON CARD OPENING CHANNELS NOT DAN AND PHIL UGH

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11 They're stronger

I am 11 with a twin which is 4 minutes older than me and a 14-year-old sister. One day both of them decided to take my belongings away and when I went to my oldest sister's room she pushed me down and ya know.

But younger siblings have full protection from their parents, and they're more trusted and loved (even though parents always say that they love their children equally). Isn't that enough for you? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Umm... my sister is strong. She play tennis and she's not mean. She is just an eleven-year old! I'm ten and she doesn't have a single penny and she doesn't say "Get outta my room" she don't yell at me but she tease me and poke me everyday

In my family, they're stronger and have more protection. They get to abuse me all they want and I have to be their slave.

12 They get more attention

Not for me, I am the youngest sibling and I get unwanted attention.

I'm the older sibling and my little sister has serious anger issues and for that reason, when she blows her top I get told off for 'winding her up' even though I literally haven't done anything. Apparently I should 'know better' and 'just walk away when she starts getting mad' she has literally broken my finger before and she sitll got attention, like making sure she hadn't hurt herself while breaking my bones

Nah, that's my younger sister - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

No, it's the other way around.

13 Telling you that you're adopted
14 They burst into your room naked

Whose sibling does that? - 3DG20

Mine does that all the time what it's not even funny. - AlphaQ


Literally, my older brother and I share one room. Every time my brother gets out of his bed, he always say “Cover your eyes” and when he says that I realize that he didn’t wear his underwear in bed, and my mom said to my older brother not to do that in front of me. - HelloWhyImHere2

15 They sit on you

That's what I did yesterday to my younger brother.

16 Your relatives accidentally call you your siblings' names instead of yours


My name is maya my sisters name is eliana I'm sick of being called el-er-maya by MY DAD - Maya159610

My brothers name is Bob and my name is Ross. HOW TF DO U MIX THEM UP? - AlphaQ

17 When you're watching a movie and the whole time they're pointing to all the ugly characters saying "that's you"

When they do that say "uno reverse card b*"

I do that and he screams loudly and starts belly flopping on all the damn equipment. - AlphaQ

18 They ignore you when you ask them something


19 Be nice to you only cause their friends are there

Yet our little brother embarrasses us in front of friends - njalabi63989

Stop lying to your friends that I call you the best brother ever. I DISPISE YOU!

20 You always get compared to them

Why I can't be a fat retard like my brother? I don't wanna... - AlphaQ

21 They bully you
22 They force you to watch anime

My brother did force me watching anime all the time and when my friends asking me about barbie, I was like "what is that? "

This has luckily never happened to me. - 3DG20

I'm the one who shows the family anime, I just hope it isn't hentai. - AlphaQ

23 They’re emotional
24 They force you to do things instead of doing it themselves
25 Act like they are the parent

Mine tells me to take out the trash and other stuff when it is her job, ddumb!

26 They are bad sports

I don't think this is true

27 They die

they will die from uno reverse

28 They always have their way just because they are older than you
29 They are better than you at pretty much everything imaginable

Everyone is better than me at everything imaginable though lol - 3DG20

There is only one thing I could find that I'm better than my older sibling at. Guitar Hero. - Blaze

No he's only good at screaming. - AlphaQ

They're better at playing videogames, but they're worse with acting. - MinecraftHater

30 They constantly remind you of things you regret doing

I regret a lot of things because I'm overly reckless. He reminds me of EVERYTHING. - AlphaQ

31 They think they can do whatever they want


32 They boss you
33 They bully you for bad mouthing about anime

Mine wouldn’t care. - 3DG20

34 Tickles and poke you all the time

My sister did that all day

35 Use Stupid Excuses
36 They do nice things to your parents when you are around then show off to you after they favor them
37 Black mailing you to do stuff you don't want to do like their chores

My OLDER sister always black mails me and says stuff like "if you do the dishes I will tell mom and dad that you cursed."

38 They're always unfair and disrespectful

When I broke my toe, my brother would race me and always win. I kept saying 'It's unfair' but he would say 'It's so fair'

39 They will always treat you like the baby of the family, no matter how old you are

My older brother (17), has always been like this. Not only that, but he’ll also take the role of being my parent. He’ll belittle me, despite me to be a sophomore in high school, 15, (I’ll be 16 in two months).

There’s only a little over a year age cap between us. We are both older teens, but the way he treats me, I may as well be 12 again.


Please also keep into consideration, that while they may be your “little sister,” or “little brother,” they are not always little kids. Especially in situations where the age gap is no bigger than two years.

Younger siblings still deserve the respect that comes with maturity. Please don’t take that away from us.

40 They walk into your room just to do a random action

My brother came into my room just to do the woah then ran out and left the door open

41 Telling lies
42 They give you rude looks and smirk when you get in trouble
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