Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Older Sisters

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Older Sisters

1 They tease you

As an older sibling I admit that I tease my younger sister. - PianoQueen

My sister does this all the time. - EpicJake

Also, note that I'm not talking about ALL older sisters. - EpicJake

1-3 so far is so true!

2 They never give you privacy

Whenever I come back from the shower she come's in saying they need something but don't get out until I'm

My older sister always comes in the room where I am, and always bothers me but oh the minute I get mad she gets at me like I shouldn't get mad that she is bothering me. But it's not fair, cause when she asks for privacy we all don't bother her but when we ask for privacy she never gives me that.

Lol I'm the oldest, and it's my younger sister who invades my space. This is just false. - ToptenPizza

I have an older sister and younger brother, but it's mainly due to my older sister being so nosy that privacy does not exist in my house. - Elric-san

3 They think that they're the boss of the house

my sister always does this to me and she thinks that she can boss me around

I'm just walking in the kitchen, and my older sis happens to be there. I look at her on her phone, and she stares at me in disgusts and asks "what do you want? " She always thinks she owns the place, and always treats my little sister like a princess. It's so annoying.

Yep, totally agree, very bossy and annoying. When I was doing my work, that stupid elder sis kept singing her horrible singing and it made me not be able to concentrate and she is just an idiot

! My sister always tells me to go to my room when I'm grazing in the kitchen. Or she just tells me what I should eat, and what I shouldn't. I love her, but she isn't in charge and she's less that one and a half years older. SO... - Transformers234

4 They tell you what to do

Hey, we're older. We simply know more, we just want the best for you youngster! - ToptenPizza

I agree with you, I may be no youngster but I definitely agree, any youngsters reading this...think of us not as the bad guys, but your heroes! - Coreforce

I get told all the time what to do with my sister, and if I screw something up, she won't stop complaining, even though I tried to help when I didn't have to. She also never appreciates it when I try to help, and it's really frustrating. If she wants me to do something, she should showa little damn gratitude. - Elric-san

Nope. I'm the older sister and my YOUNGER sister is the one who's always bossing me around.

So annoying. Stop it sister! - EpicJake

5 They only worry about themself

Yep. I'm the oldest out of all my sisters and I don't worry about my spoiled younger sisters at all. I care myself, so...

Nah, we are forced to worry about you - ToptenPizza

Cause my parents hardly worry much about me, I've leaned to do the same with my younger sister.

6 They hit you

She hits me and throws her phone at me and claims that I hit her and throw things at her.

Actually, my younger sis is the one who hits. HARD. For no reason except for the fact you won't let her go to sleep at 3:00am, and it's a Sunday night. She's six, by the way.

Yes! So true! My sister is a mean person. She tried to choke me today. - AnonymousChick

This is false lol I'm the youngest and she never hit me. I think I lost track of the times I hit her though oops

7 They're spoiled brats

Wow. My younger sister is nine and she still uses a night light, while when I was four I cried every night because I was scared. Whenever she doesn't want to do something I have to do it. She practically relies on me for things now. So no, older sisters are NOT spoiled brats.

No way, the younger sibling gets all the attention, special treatment, when they do something bad it's because they aren't mature yet and get away with it. Younger siblings are the spoiled ones - ToptenPizza

Of course we are, my friend. It may be like that where you live but not here. - AnonymousChick

This is so true. My sister gets away with whatever and does nothing when I'm doing a mountain of dished that she made dirty. She gets away with everything and she always cries at the littlest things. - AnonymousChick

Nope. It's the little sister that gets all the love and attention and the new things, while I'm left with no self-esteem because of my parents.

8 They sometimes bully you for no reason

This is true. My sister can be annoying sometimes. - Userguy44


I’m the older sister and my sister is the one that’s bullying me. She’s 19

9 They sometimes tell on you

If you do something bad, I'm telling if you don't stop. I wouldn't lie that you did something you didn't, but I'm not teaching you that you can get away with whatever and those who would tell you off are bad. - pandagirl

It's my YOUNGER sister that tells on me

Sometimes, or ALWAYS

All the time

10 They treat you like a maid

My sister treats me like a maid she says "get my iPad, get my headphones, get me food, get my book, get my shoes, get my string, get my needle, get my sewing machine, get my water bottle, get my this, get my that and when I do all that and I ask her to get ONE thing for me she says NO!

My best friend is blackmailed by her sister. "Charge my computer or I shut down your Animal Jam account."

My sister blackmails me if I don't do something for her and she squashed me with her fat arse

You have got it backwards

The Newcomers

? They eat all the nice food

The Contenders

11 They always yell their voices out.

I just naturally project my voice. Anything wrong with that? - PianoQueen

12 They say shut up whenever they've run out of arguments

I hate it when this happens, me and my older sister are just fighting. And then when I'm not even saying anything she says "shut up! " I'm like what.

13 They get mad at you for no reason.

Like, dude... I accidentally stepped on your foot. Sister: STOP IT!
What? I'm just saying you shouldn't get mad about me stepping on your foot on accident.Sister: yes I should, because you're a spoiled brat! - Transformers234

TOO RIGHT! my iPad Pro was low on charge in the middle of doing an animation! Then I looked for my charger, but I realised that my iPhone was charging with...MY CHARGER! Which meant that I had to use Shareens iPad charger. But as soon as I plugged it in...Shareen snooped in to see me holding her charger. She was all like “that's MY CHARGER AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED! ”
And “I AM THE BOSS, SO I DECIDE WHAT YOU DO AND I don't WANT YOU TO USE MY CHARGER! ” I was like “jeez,’s just a charger! ” And she grounded me for a few days and told me never EVER to use it again! She is so annoying...but this is just a small sample of my life!

14 They get away with everything

They get you into trouble for things that you haven't done


15 They listen to terrible pop music

HEY! Pop music is awesome, and it's not only older sisters that listen to it. Pop music isn't different if I had no sisters. -_- This list is offensive.

No such thing as Terrible Pop music. Its all about opinions idiot.

Ugh my sister loves why don't we save me from the nightmare

I will die without 101.1

16 They do things they don't let you do.

Older sister: Don't come in my room! And always knock before before coming in!


Younger sibling: *Knocks*

Older sister: Wait! *Walks out of the room hiding it from view*


Younger sibling: *Goes somewhere*

Older sister: *Walks into younger sibling's room without permission, looking around*

Nah. I'm not that type of person. Although my parents are.

17 They call you a girl, even though you're just a boy

Not true -_- boys are just sexist

18 They don't flush the toilet after using the bathroom

Yep that's true

Who wouldn't flush the toilet...?

I always flush the toilet after using the bathroom
My little brother sometimes didn't flush the toilet after using the bathroom - RoseCandyMusic


19 They have a low pain tolerance


20 They think they're cool because they're older

My sister thinks shes cool because she is in community service

This is just like my sister


21 They're bossy and think they're the best.

YEEES my older sister has a HORRIBLE habit of that she won't stop bragging about how big her boobs are or how many guys are in love with her and she is even WORSE about the bossing she is all like "well I'm going to straighten my hair in the bathroom and paint my nails so you have to go upstairs HA HA! " ugh I hate it

22 They're into girly stuff

NOPE. TOTAL tomboy over here.

Not really - RoseCandyMusic

For some reason my younger brother loves Frozen. And as an older sister, I hate it.
Our house sure is switched around.

I did not mean to give this my vote. What does “Girly Stuff” Have to do with the issue here? - TopTennerPerson

23 They're always trying to annoy you

One time my sister wouldn't get out of my room! It was the most annoying thing ever

This is so true. - Userguy44

24 They ignore you

When I ask my sister to hand me something she just sits like never its yours I'm just like what WHY CAN'T YOU PICK THAT UP I hate it and they sometimes don't listen when I tell them something they would not care about they just walk away.

My sister always ignores me and then when I keep saying her name she says"shut up" and I'm like "I would if you listened! "

25 When they get to stay up later than you

Nope. I'm the older sibling and I have to go to bed earlier than my sister.

26 They don't stop when mom/dad tells her to.

Do I have to explain?

27 They're arrogant


28 They can do basically anything that you can't do

Nope. My YOUNGER sister can go out unsupervised and I can't.

29 When you tell them to do something and they do the exact opposite

so true

30 Say "sorry" as if they really mean, but they dont.

This is what happened today.

Mom: oh right I need to take you guys to the eye doctor, to get your eyes checked.

Me: mom I read all the way down to the bottom of the eye exam. (I really can)

Older sister: I don't care.

Me: *gets mad*

Sister: "sorry"

Mom: why are you mad?

Sister: she's mad at me because she said something and I said that I don't care.

Me: yeah and I wasn't even talking to her.

Sister: and so...

31 They always act like 15 year olds even if they are thirteen


32 They always try to be just like your mom. And when your mom likes something you do, they get in your mom's face and do it


33 She likes something I have and then does whatever she can to get it too

My sister pretends its hers and if I tell her its mine she yells like a two year old

My sister said the shoes I wanted were to boyish but when I was buying them she said she wantd the same exact ones

34 They want us to share our stuff, but when it's their turn their answer is simply " nooo"
35 They like to annoy you on purpose

My older sister can't be the only one who does this 24/7!

36 They think they are so smart

When you can't spell actually I think that your older sister is smarter. They're smarter though, because they learn harder math.

I think my sister thinks she is so smart when the younger silbling is aucaly smarter

37 When you ask them to stop singing they look at you and continue singing but quieter

I'm the oldest in my house and I have never tried to annoy my sister even though she humiliates me and calls me names but she has done this exact thing just a little differently so I was sitting on the couch a couple of months ago and then my sister came in the room stomping her feet as she walked and was singing Mary had a little lamb in the most out of tune voice and then came up to me and sang louder in my ear and I told her to stop singing but she started singing even louder I got up and left the room but she followed me and started stomping her feet when I walked away and I ended up in the houspital with a broken leg

It's so true!

38 They will take your things, than when you confront them about it, they’ll deny the accusation.
39 She acts so nice to you around her friends and then once you get home she is all moody.
40 They're simple-minded

I am going to kill the person who made this list

Maybe true for some kids but my older sister is in honores everything and has made me watch nova and flacabulary since was four years old recently she added last week tonight and the week

Not really - RoseCandyMusic

41 They are always on their phones and don't give attention to you
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