Top Ten Annoying Things About One Directioners

This is about the fanbase of the terrible, talentless band 1 direction.
And this isn't about every single fan, so don't take it up the ass.

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1 They Won't Shut Up About Them

Wow. And you don't even get our fan base name right. Just wow.

There are these two directioners at my school, one of them is pretty decent but the other screams and squels and whines:
"i really want to date Niall, "
"Listen to their new song"
"How dare you not like them, they're sooo hot! "
"Zayn left! WAAA" - ToptenPizza

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2 They Think One Direction Is the Best Band On Earth

I remember when I liked One Direction, now I look back and wonder why I ever wasted my time and listened to them. I now listen to way better music (Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, etc. - music-is-life

I could think of bands in multiple genres that are better than them, note this isn't all of them because that would've taken forever:
Escape the Fate, Peirce the Veil, Black Veil Brides

Rites of spring, Moss Icon, Christie Front Drive, Dag Nasty

The Beatles, Queen, Led Zepplin

Punk Rock:
Sex Pistols, Ramones, Dead Boys, New York Dolls

Indie rock:
Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse

The Fray, One Republic, Imagine Dragons - ToptenPizza

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3 They Only Like Them for Looks

How much do you want to bet if they had acne, and beards growing down to their ankles no one would want to hear their music. Why, you ask? Because they suck. But they aren't even that good looking, Harry has weird hair, Leum and Luis are pretty average, and Niall is fugly af, Andy Beirsack is much hotter and more talented. - ToptenPizza

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4 They Will All Stop Being a Fan After a Few Years

I know for sure, I mean every girl used to love The Jonas Brothers, now they are completely irrelevant, and Justin Beiber, who is now probably the most hated person on earth. - ToptenPizza

5 They Are Often Idiots

The one directioners at my school are idiots. - ToptenPizza

We had Directioners in my 5th Grade class. - EpicJake

6 They Think That They Make Music

Music is a band with a lead vocal, guitar, base, drums, etc or even just one guy singing without any autotune. But they are some guys lipsynching some autotuned vocals while jumping around. Bands aside, people who don't play insturments are fine as long as they are really singing are fine like Adele and Michael Jackson. - ToptenPizza

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7 It's the Only Band They Listen To

Ugh this explains every one directioner I know they only listen to 1D - ToptenPizza

8 They Insult Real Music

This is very annoying because they think music genres like rock and such is just screaming. - ToptenPizza

9 They Bash Anyone Who Doesn't Like Them

It's so annoying, just because you like a crap band, doesn't mean anyone else does. They are total website warriors and make sure anyone who simply writes "i don't like 1D" gets flooded with death threats and called every name in the book - ToptenPizza

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10 They Act Like They Are Gods

Harry, Niall, Luis and Leum are just some idiots with a record deal stop worshiping them - ToptenPizza

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11 They Made Fun of Mitch Lucker's Death

They even told his five year old daughter to go kill herself! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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1. They Only Like Them for Looks
2. They Won't Shut Up About Them
3. They Think One Direction Is the Best Band On Earth
1. They Think One Direction Is the Best Band On Earth
2. They Bash Anyone Who Doesn't Like Them
3. It's the Only Band They Listen To



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