Top 10 Annoying Things About Parents

This is a list that just tells you annoying things about parents in general.Enjoy!

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They think they know best but they pick stupid choices for you

Mom: Which one do you want? Black hoodie or red hoodie?
Me: Black hoodie.
Mom: We're getting you red, you like red.
Me: But I want the black hoodie...
This happened when I was 16.

If I'm going to get a bit personal here, my parents made a decision to switch me to a very different school they're reason was they KNEW that was the best decision now fast forwards to now they HATE who I've turned into. All they talk about is how they liked how I was when I was at my old school, just goes to show this isn't a list of angsty childish teens ranting about their parens

They are so hypocritical

When I want to wear short dresses, short skirts and shorts my Mum won't let me. But when she and my others sisters are wearing those kinds of clothes, she let's them.

I've been doing Cheerleading for eight years and my mom is like you ARE stopping Cheer but now Cheer is my life and I love it and she broke my heart thankfully my dad says he will allow me to keep Cheerleading (thank God) and will tell my mom I'm really good and I should and I still do on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

My dad is so hypocritical,today he went into my room without permission and said to tidy my room.I bet if I went into his room without permission he wouldn't be happy.So how come my father can enter my privacy with permission but I can't? sometimes parents are just too annoying

Mom and Dad: Too much sweets are bad for you and too much iPad is bad for your eyes

*plays the iPad all day while eating cookies, chocolate and Asian desserts*

They think you are still a little girl/boy

My mom thinks she can still pick out my clothes! They want you to act mature but refuse to believe you can do anything involving complex thought or common sense.

My dad called me his baby girl

Only my mom does

They think anything is expensive

"My parents think 8 dollars is too much for a ON SALE xbox..."

xboxes cost more than $8...

My parents think 8 dollars is too much for a ON SALE xbox...

4x6 Photo prints normally cost like 15 to 30 cents depending on the location. However my mom makes me wait forever for those coupons, where each print costs like 10 cents. Yep, you heard that right: my mom insists on saving FIVE TO TWENTY CENTS PER PHOTO. (which is not a lot of money in my opinion)

I could've paid for them myself or buy a portable photo printer with my own money and print them at home instead, but she won't let me.

So maybe think twice before asking your mum for supreme wear - Vegeta40049

They shout at you for the tiniest reasons

Last night my parents YELLED AT ME for going to bed!

Like playing laptop overtime, they scold me to go take a break - Neonco31

My parents do this every day. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

My parents yelled at me on December 26, 2016 (the day after Christmas) because I said that I didn't do anything. The day before I saw my little cousin take a blanket, and everyone assumed that it was me.


They treat other siblings better

Yeah if my brother broke something he didn't get in trouble, but if I did, I would or probably got in big trouble,

I'm the oldest of four boys ages, 14 (me), 12, 9 and 2. The 2 year old is pretty spoiled (understandable), but then it gets ridiculous. I am the workhorse of the family, along with the scapegoat. Just the other night I swept the floor (our whole downstairs is hardwood) handwashed/loaded the dishes wiped off the table and counters changed the 2 year old's poopy diaper, AND cooked dinner while my parents a 12 year old brother were out. Guess what the nine year old did? sat on the couch watching T.V.. The 12 year old has allergies that I think he embellishes just a bit. He had his first real donut a couple years ago, and gets an average of about four per week. I get an average of 4 per month...

Always applies to younger siblings

They tell relatives embarrassing stories about your childhood

Why though?! Some of these things happened, like, six years ago! Just let me forget about them!

They tell you to pause an online game

When you realize they are finally knowledgeable of video games yet they transitioned to online - Maddox121

My parents tell me to TURN THE GAME OFF even though I haven't even paused it or saved it yet! EVEN WORSE!

The same thing goes for whatever I'm doing on the computer.

They enter your room

I want to install a lock on my door because of this

My mommy does that all the damn time

They take their anger out on you

Yeah - Yoshidude


So my mom bought an item which she believed that has a defect. My dad didn’t think so. They argued over it. Then later when they talk to me, even if it’s on a totally unrelated topic, they get angry and speak to me in a loud and frustrated attitude.

Guys, I have NOTHING to do with it and I didn’t even do anything in the first place, so what are you getting mad at me for? Don’t make ME mad! >:(

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They send you to bed too early

I think it's okay, I like when I get enough sleep. - LeaPurple2003

When I was in high school my mom made me go to bed at 9 PM

When they don't let you explain

This has happened to me SEVERAL TIMES! Just hear me out dad!

They disagree with you
They ask if you've done your homework when you are having a fun time

(Yesterday I was taking my finals for my classes on my computer)

Mom: are you taking your finals?

They buy stuff for your siblings and not you

Also if you want to buy stuff with your own money, they say no

I hate when that happens. - PhoenixAura81

They just don’t understand what you’re going through and how you feel

SO TRUE - railfan99

When I'm struggling with my homework and it stresses me out, instead of helping me, she just tells me off for slacking off (which is NOT true! >:( )

They force you to do something you don't want to do

Being touched.

Like when I was 10+1/2, my mom and aunt were teaching me to do a bridge and they were holding my wrists and ankles and pressed them down to the carpet while encouraging me to lift my body into an arch. As I was struggling, my 7 yo cousin told me, that my belly button needs to be higher. While he was saying this, he touches my belly button and began wriggling his finger around inside. I told my mom I don't want to be touched there, but she just laughed it off and made me continue.

This is sooo ANNOYING! I will admit, I'm like, the most stubburn gal in the world and I'm good, I do my homework, I eat my dinner, I only limit myself to 1 hour of T.V. a day, and ONE single slip up and, BOOM "unexceptable! your grounded for 3 hours! " me:oooOHH aM I NoOW? " AND moms like hokay we are going to SIT HERE ON THE COUCH UNTIL U SAY your SRY! " and ( no joke) I sat there for at least 5 hours until she gave up. (this happened yesterday no kidding) I am the one who (1): COOKES

At Disneyland:

Mom: We will ride It's a Small World
Me: I don't want to, it's so boring. I want to ride Star Tours, Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain
Mom: No, you're riding Small World and that's final
Me: >:(

They restrict my freedom

I'm 26 and I'm not allowed to leave the house unsupervised

When they ask "what are you doing?"

Ugh! Parents are so nosy. Like, just leave us alone

They smooch and hug right in front of you

My parents don't do this

They steal your stuff and claim it's theirs

My dad buys me snacks all the time.

(One day I saw him take my snacks and eat them)
Me: excuse me those are mine
Dad: they're mine cause I pay for them with my money

My dad does that to my aunt lol - Yoshidude

They think that you are a liar

I was telling the truth! >:(

And you’re not lying

They turn off the TV or change the channel while you are in the middle of a show

That is so annoyin. >:(

There’s only 10 minutes left in the show!

My dad does this ALL THE TIME.

Also once I was watching “West Side Story” (the 1966 movie) my parents attempted to change the channel but luckily they allowed me to finish the movie first. Also, when I was in high school I wanted to watch “Alcatraz” and my mom wouldn’t allow me to finish the episodes and made me turn it off and go to bed (episode ends at like 12AM on a school day)

They sometimes criticize and insult you

They called me useless :(

They never apologize when they make you upset
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