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1 Over the top autotune

YES! I like singing and I sound a lot like some of the singers like I can be Taylor Swift. But I'm not using auto-tune. The reason I watch the X Factor is because those people can sing without auto-tune! THEN THEY GET IT ANYWAY AFTER THEY WIN! UGH! - maddyparrot22

So right. I literally can't tell Katy Perry from Beyonce from Taylor Swift, the songs are so swamped with artificial autotune. I wish I lived in the 60's, 70's, or even 80's, when singers actually sung.

So. Much. Autotune.

And they're songs are so repetitive it makes me want to pop their faces, honestly. :( - Paris4Lyfe

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2 They think they're amazing

They think they are better than normal people. That actually makes them worse.

Yeah, I know some singers that are so arrogant they think they are the best of the best in this planet...

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3 Their fans

Some fans are arrogant and some are bashing other artist just to lift up their idols

Especially people who are like "! Music is my life! ", who only listen to Top 40 hits, throw away all their band merch when what ever flash-in-the-pan stops being popular, play no instruments, and call all orchestra instruments "violins".

The fans aren't the ones that get them started though, companies do. And don't go hating on One Direction. They're just really good singers, not their faults that god made them so talented.

Beliebers and Directioners are guilty for this. - EpicJake

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4 Most of them are just 'built up' by people who want easy money

Not Uh. They are all really good examples of really good singers. Justin Bieber was found on a side walk at the age of 12. He was just that good that Usher brought him into the world of music, but then because of becoming famous at such a young age, it kinda destroyed him sadly... :(

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5 Most of their album covers are a photo of them

Listen, if you call your album something like Spoon, make it an artsy picture of a spoon, not a crap photo of yourself. - ArpstaAmy333

I mean, for the first or second album it makes sense. I mean, you want your fans to know what you look like. But for every album? That's just narcissism.

Haha, that's cause people like to look at their faces...

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6 They give music a bad name

I like electronic music, but can't stand mainstream pop, or how people make it look like pop and electronic are one and the same. - PositronWildhawk

Electronic, Metal those genres are good. Michael Jackson is the KING OF POP. But pop, isn't my FAVORITE music genre. - EpicJake

Today you will hear very few good music on your radio (journey queen Coldplay the Beatles) I mean it

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7 Their music videos

Some of the music videos now adays are a little bit too extreme, and they don't even bother caring that little kids are watching these.

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8 People say they are rock artists

Obviously no one know what rock is anymore... It's a shame...

People! There is a huge difference between Led Zeppelin and One Direction! GET A CLUE!

Yeah... No one will ever be as good as the king of rock. Like ELVIS PRESLEY.

One Direction do have a BIT of a rock-ish edge on some songs like Best Song Ever and Drag Me Down, but other than that it's true. It's also somewhat valid. - WonkeyDude98

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9 They are the same genre as Michael Jackson

Some of the new pop artists are making Michael Jackson look bad. the only pop artists I like is Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Bridget Mendler, and Zendaya. those are the artists that don't make him look bad and who I like.

Some pop artists today say that they role model him and everything yet they do thing that Michael would never do.

Them and Michael Jackson are two completely different things. Duh

10 All their songs sound the same

Some of the artist have like all there songs sound the same, just with different lyrics, like Avril Lavigne. All her songs sound exactly the same but they aren't. I still love her though!

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11 Stupid lyrics

Some are vulgar, some are so corny, some are cheesy

The worst lyrics I've seen was Justin Bieber's song baby

I know! I always mishear the lyrics and it feels like they are saying something random!

12 Non-meaningful lyrics
13 They have insane teenage girls as their fanbase
14 Most of them can't write their own songs

Britney spears have never written one of her own songs

15 They are famous because of their looks
16 Most new pop artists make legendary pop artists look bad

Pop artists like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are making pop ions like Michael Jackson and Rockwell look bad. - Draco

Someone forgot Adele and Sam Smith still exist. - WonkeyDude98

17 Their voices are horrible in live concerts
18 Most of them are fake
19 They are spoiled brats
20 Some just want money
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1. Over the top autotune
2. They think they're amazing
3. Most of them are just 'built up' by people who want easy money
1. Over the top autotune
2. They think they're amazing
3. Their fans



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