Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Post-Secondary Schools

I am currently a university student. And let me tell you that even at a school of a higher form of learning does stupidity frequently occur (in some form or another). Many of the noticeable faults that post-secondary schools have effect the students directly, and the issues never seem to cease. This list compiles the ten most annoying things post-secondary institutions do that we all wish would stop. For the list of the most annoying things that post-secondary students do please visit this page:

The Top Ten

1 They waste money on stupid things and get themselves in debt which increases costs for students

I literally had to buy a BRIGHT GREEN lab coat

2 The overpriced meal plans and housing costs

Goodness yes. Some Universities bypass this by having free housing or meal plans, but university is mostly overrated these days.
Trade schools, community colleges, and military are far better.

3 The high tolerance for campus and dorm misbehavior
4 The quality of living on campus is often relatively low
5 Course times are scheduled with very little attention paid to other courses' times
6 Everything available to purchase on campus is too expensive
7 The end-of-year examinations are set up in a way that puts an awful amount of stress on students
8 In many cases, written exams don't necessarily accurately demonstrate a student's knowledge of the subject

That's a problem I have right now in middle school!

Much to look forward to, I'm sure! - keycha1n

9 They always seem to hire the driest and most difficult-to-follow lecturers
10 You are given randomly assigned roommates
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