Most Annoying Things About Rainbow Dash Fans

No offense to all Rainbow Dash fans. I know some are awesome but some are not!

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Rainbow Dash Fans

They say 'Rainbow Dash is the best Pony' like a broken record

There so kind to everyone there never ever rude not even rainbow dash

The films are okay

Rainbow is apparently my favourite Mlp character rating 5/5

Red warning of rain issued in ponyville

They make every character look bad to make her look good

I don't know why but I use to do this all the time when I was little.This one time I was drawing the mane six and for some reason rainbow dash was the only one who was skinny and everyone espicially applejack (who was the fattest) was fat!


No those airn't Rainbow dash fans those are bronies. - MorlaTurtle8

'Fluttershy sucks! Rarity is mean and greedy! Twilight doesn't deserve to be a princess' These are the messages coming from their mouths every 5 seconds - TwilightKitsune

Even if someone says something that is not offensive about her they get mad

Mlp Fan, I think you should be my friend as well. Twilight kitsune is my friend and we both hate dash and rude people. I, Twilight kitsune, and you should be too. I know you're friends with twilight kitsune, but I think we should be a trio. I am overall friends with twilight kitsune, and I also agree with what you said on my comment, you have good lists too. I definitely agree with what you think.

These fans are by far the worst fans since they are bullying TK. I wanna give these pieces of trash a pice of my mind.

Hi Vanessa I LOVE your idea. MLPFan and you are like sisters to me. You guys are the best - TwilightKitsune

Twiligt Kitsune, maybe that's because you're constantly instigating stuff. Act like Gilda much?

They say Rainbow Dash haters must die


Me:I hate Rainbow Dash because she's...(you already know. Overrated, boring, rude, etc)
Dash fan:You're disgusting and you're a disgrace to the whole human race, So are your fellow Dash hater friends
Me:How Is this a disgrace to the whole race?!
Dash fan:well...Whatever! You should just die already! Get a rope and hang yourself In a noose! The whole world will be a better place without you and those other dash haters!
Me:Oh really, If we all dash haters die, would you imagine what would happen to the world?! You guys will take over the world and bullying will go everywhere! And you guys should grow up anyways, Like really grow up! - MLPFan

Rainbow is selfish.

Then dash fans support people who hate rainbow dash to commit suicide. Is that what you want guys? To me its not what I want, its not like were all gonna like dash, but I think dash fans want this.

They are everywhere

They took over the media, the internet, game servers, non profit groups, EVERYWHERE - MLPFan

That's because we're awesome!

T-they cannot b-be s-s-stopped...

I’m honestly a Rainbow Dash fan, but I honestly love all of the other characters the same. With all respect, she is kind of misunderstood, but it really doesn’t matter which pony is better. It really is just a show. I like to think that this brony fandom is just a bad dream and we will all wake up from it soon. - Logicx2

The Soarin problem

The only RD ship I like is RainbowPie - RoseWeasley

RD is just a teen. TOO young for Soarin to date - Chromium

I don't ship anyone with anyone, period.

I agree Twilight Kitsune is smart and a great and fun friend.

They are stupid

How does this relate to anything your just a mean lowlife becasue your favorit person is annoying jeez rainbow dash is cool in her own way

Yes, but I like her it's just that the fans are very overprotective over Rainbow Dash. Like if you say "Rainbow Dash is ugly" then they are gonna rage at them.

No offense to any Rainbow Dash fan except the ones are bullies and cyberbullies. The rest of you are awesome. And you will always be. This is only meant for the bad ones. - TwilightKitsune

I'm rainbow dash's first biggest fan ever and u guys are being mean expet the ones that disagree with this topic I am not stupid and the rest of these mean things how would u like it if I said u were stupid huh ya u wouldn't like it I'm very sensitive so stop cause this topic is really hurtful to me and to others so ya

They can't respect opinions

I can never decide which pony is my favorite but I'v always thuoght rainbow dash is cool

They always attack anyone who hates Rainbow Dash - MLPFan

My fave pony is Fluttershy, but Rainbow Dash is ok too! - Pegasister12

My favorite is applejack - BoyGenius234

They abused TwilightKitsune on the 'Top Ten Best Things Rainbow Dash did' list

How many "people" do we need to hunt down? - RoseWeasley

If anyone does stuff like this, they can suck a di-I mean, CUCUMBER. - RoseWeasley

Twilight Kitsune, don't listen to that person who makes you look bad and they are being rude. These people just want to be rude because you dislike Dash, I don't like her either. We can like and dislike whatever we want. I know I don't like it when people dislike my favorite things, but I don't send them death threats, but everyone is going to have different opinions. That was rude of the people that added you to that list.

She is my friend, that was rude of them to mention her on the list making her look bad. You guys are being the bullies for hating on a girl who is just sharing her opinion about rainbow dash.

They treat a fictional pony better than real people

That’s probably because the fictional pony is, in some cases, better than many real people. - PrinceZarbon

I'm on a bet they made a statue for her or worship a figure of her - MLPFan

Yep, like Danny Phantom fans who treated Danny like a boyfriend. What?! They just fictional characters! - ChatNoirFan18

Yes, so true - TwilightKitsune

The Contenders

They pair her up with Sonic

Me, a Rainbow Dash fan: *sees this*
*is surprised*
*looks it up*
*sees results*
*bangs head on keyboard*
WHYYY?! - RoseWeasley

They don't even know each other and if they were to meet, they'd fight instead! What makes you guys think that they'd make a cute couple? That's just the same as saying a 22 year old person who likes Teletubbies would make a good match with a TODDLER who likes the same show! - MLPFan

This is so non canon it hurts.

Yeah that's pretty bad. I'm a fan but I don't pair her with sonic.

They make people leave the brony fandom

Like the show but hate the fandom

They're the main reason why I left the fandom and dropped MLP - MLPFan

Okay, I'm sry if Rad fans do that.

I mean I'm sry if RD fans do that.

They make other characters look bad

I use to do this but by accident like this one time I was drawing the mane six when I accidentally made them all look fat especially applejack but rainbow dash was skinny and so I’m like I don't know how that happened but fat is good...I guess

Like how they try to make Rainbow Dash stronger and look better than Buttercup. Wrong! Buttercup in many ways is stronger and more interesting than Rainbow Dash, watch the show PPG. Miku Hatsune is also better than this showoff, Miku is pretty and a cool singer, Rainbow Dash is ugly and brags too much that she gets so annoying. Miku Hatsune and Buttercup are better than Rainbow Dash.

RD make Buttercup looks bad is similar like Danny Phantom make Chat Noir looks bad. I hate the fans who trying to make their cartoon character are stronger and better than their rival (i'm sorry my comment contain Danny Phantom because I found Danny Phantom and Rainbow Dash have equivalent fans). I hate the fans who often send death treats - ChatNoirFan18

Not only to cartoon tomboys like Buttercup, but also to anime tomboys like Sayaka Miki. Do they have to compare her to pretty much every character there is?! - MLPFan

They abuse

Read the Worst things Rainbow Dash did and you can get a good example of what I mean. - TwilightKitsune

They hide her flaws

They always say that's she's everything good. They won't accept the fact that she's not smart. One even added her at the Smartest MLP Characters list. I mean, can't they just accept her flaws?! - MLPFan

They say that anyone who does not like Rainbow Dash are idiots

Like Danny Phantom fans who says "whoever hates Danny Phantom is actually idiot, loser, etc. I found Rainbow Dash and Danny Phantom are same, why? Here's my reasons:
-They have same hair
-They are unoriginal ( RD: Firefly, Danny: Chip Skylark)
-They send death treats and bully the haters - ChatNoirFan18

They think that everyone else supports them for being mean to haters when everyone is defending the haters instead

This reminds me of a girl at my class who pretended to be my friend for my lunch money since she knew I grew up in a semi-wealthy household but she constantly back stabs me. She always forced me to "share"my lunch with her. But when I want to ask her to share some if her lunch (I only took a little of her lunch but she took almost A HALF of mine)she gets angry and refuses rudely. She also acts popular when everyone else hates her. And that's not worse! She tries to steal my friends by telling lies about me but she didn't, though. In the field trip last year, she bullied me and when I was sitting, she pushed me from where I sat. And one time, after school before the after school studying lessons(we have that in my school)began, a friend of mine is making something and she went to the first floor's lobby with my other friend(since we're middle school students in our school, we're in the 3rd floor)for something. And me and my fake friend are the only one In our class, and she ...more - MLPFan

I want to meet her in real life. My ba-I mean, FRIEND will give her a few pats on the head. - RoseWeasley

MLPFan, your school personal life is similar like me. When I was 7th grade in middle school, I always bullied all the time. Reminds me of the girl in my school (her status is unknown because she leaves for no reasons when I was 8th grade. She has short hair and body) who bullied me with her words that broke my heart. She often harassing and despised me! Luckily my religion teacher (she doesn't working in my school now) grounds her and she apologizes me. But, she do it again. I'm glad she is moving from her school with unknown reasons and I go to school with peace life - ChatNoirFan18

I wil kill da rainbow dash haters I am more hot

Why do you have to bring your personal life into this. I mean I'm sry if Dash fans do that. And I'm sorry for you MLP fan, that must have really hurt, I'm sorry.

They have a crush on her and she's an animal
They say that she's Princess Celestia's long lost daughter and Is the lost princess of the "Rainbow Dimension"

"Rainbow Dimension" sounds like a slang word for acid trip - TwilightKitsune

Jut look at some comments at the Rainbow Dash is better than Twilight Sparkle list. It's even an item at the list -_- - MLPFan

They hate on other good shows, even ones they have not seen

You should watch a show first then review - MLPFan

I bet they insult Miraculous Ladybug because that show often insulted by haters negatively all the time - ChatNoirFan18

Dash Fan 1:Hey! Did you see that new____(enter a good show here that they didn't even watched/only watched the first trailer)?! God, that show is obviously AWFUL!
Dash Fan 2:I know, and I saw the trailer and the main character is a ugly mary sue! Rainbow dash should kick her in the butt!
Dash Fan 1:And she should kick those losers called haters who are just jealous of her!
Dash Fan 2:Yeah! Kick them to Venus and make them stay there FOR THE REST OF THEIR PATHETIC LIVES!
Dash Fan 1:Hey look! MLP Is On! Let's watch It!
Dash Fan 2:No! I don't want to see Twilight or the ugly characters!
Dash Fan 1:Wanna watch_____(enter a bad show here)Instead?
Dash Fan 2:Sure! Second best show ever! - MLPFan

Me: *watching The Knights Of The Zodiac*
Dash Fan: you're a baby.
Me: well, okay. Now shut up. This is getting exciting
Dash Fan: *looks at the T.V.* THIS IS THE WORST SHOW EVER!
Me: well, did you see the show at all?
Dash Fan: no…
Me: I rest my case - Ultron123

They are cyberbullies
Tammy Tamran Fanbases

Yeah they break! b and b

They constantly harass people on the internet for hating Dash

Twilight Kitsune doesn't mean all of you Dash fans, she means some that literally defend her like a real person. Stop being rude to Twilight Kitsune. And she is not annoying, if someone is, its those cyberbullies on the internet who make people want to commit suicide. Do you really want someone to commit suicide? If you don't, then stop hating on real people on the internet.

There's this person who says 'TwilightKitsune is jealous becasue she will never be as awesome as Dash' on the best things Dash did list. Excuse me, how can a person be jealous of a cartoon character that doesn't actually exist? That's dumb. And stop cyberbullying other people as well. You guys are annoying like Beiber fans. - TwilightKitsune

So annoying - MLPFan

Twilight Kitsune you are bullying all of us RD fans saying hat we worship her! FYI! I have a god already! You annoy make assumptions about me! Saying I make porn is just asking for somepony to co e back and bite you in your butt!

They call haters "losers"

Annoying people say this. And I agree with twilight kitsune. I hate it when people say this its annoying, more like rainbow dash and some of her bad fans are losers for bullying. I'm not saying all dash fans are bad, I'm saying some are but not all.

When I became rich one day, I would invest some for the non profit organization that's doing the Anti Cyberbullying movement. Because no one deserves to be bullied both In real life or In the internet! - MLPFan

They treat her like god

They are going to far! Don't they realize they are also being mean to god by worshipping something that's not god?! - MLPFan

They do, but she is just a fictional pony who is not even a role model for everyone.

I never do that - Neonco31

They try to look innocent when they did more bad things to Dash haters

Stop acting so innocent, We already know what bullies you are(the Rainbow Dash fans) - MLPFan

They call haters subhuman trash

But you call Beliebers subhuman trash. I'm not hating or trying to be rude, I'm just saying. - RoseWeasley

Most of them don't, but this one rude fan did. No human in this planet is trash.

Go to the list of things that should happen to RD by MLPFan. It is there clear. - TwilightKitsune

A YouTuber named Joby Dimms calls ALL bronies subhuman trash as well. SERIOUSLY? These fans only call for the haters and this YouTuber calls for the ENTIRE fandom! WHAT THE HECK!? - Neonco31

Treat her crimes like a good thing


Not lies. Check out "top ten best things Rainbow Dash did" that'll be your first clue - Ultron123

They call people bad names

That's still offensive. I mean they didn't ask for your input, did they?

Someone called me a fanbrat, I'm like that is just rude. I wasnt even being mean to that person, I was just comparing characters and how this one is better than the other.

No one asked me, I was just comparing, I wasnt even talking to that person, then they responded to me and called me a fanbrat. I didn't ask for their input, so you are wrong, what happened was the opposite.

They are rude to innocent people

Woah. So,evody's making assumptions about us RD fans...

Say haters are jealous

I am not jealous of RD, I just know millions of characters way better than her.


This is the reason why I leave Danny Phantom fanbases. They said "you are troll", "you are jealous because he is hot". I am now a Miraculers who like Chat Noir not DP fan again. Danny Phantom fans = RD fans - ChatNoirFan18

They think its okay to hurt others for hating Dash

Not all of them! Not me!

They don't leave haters alone

Most fandoms just tell haters that the things they like are awesome. Not Rainbow Dash fans, they will not leave you alone and tell you to kill yourself and that nobody likes you, insulting in the worst way possible,

They insult you in the worst possible ways
They go mad and protest when a Rainbow Dash item is on a bad list

Sure I'll get a little upset if A.J. is on a bad list,but there's no need to protest or go mad if a character you really like is on a bad list,this goes for everyone,especially most R.D. fans. -ApplejackFan

Some of them draw gross fan art of Rainbow Dash
They always ruin the whole Fan group altogether

Us RD fans always get shade thrown at us because of the bad apples in our group! Why can’t we all just get along? - Logicx2

They are mean
They make nice fans look bad
They make everyone want to kill them
They cause drama over a cartoon pony
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