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21 They call haters "losers"

Annoying people say this. And I agree with twilight kitsune. I hate it when people say this its annoying, more like rainbow dash and some of her bad fans are losers for bullying. I'm not saying all dash fans are bad, I'm saying some are but not all.

When I became rich one day, I would invest some for the non profit organization that's doing the Anti Cyberbullying movement. Because no one deserves to be bullied both In real life or In the internet! - MLPFan

22 They treat her like god

They are going to far! Don't they realize they are also being mean to god by worshipping something that's not god?! - MLPFan

They do, but she is just a fictional pony who is not even a role model for everyone.

I never do that - Neonco31

23 They try to look innocent when they did more bad things to Dash haters

Stop acting so innocent, We already know what bullies you are(the Rainbow Dash fans) - MLPFan

24 They call haters subhuman trash

Most of them don't, but this one rude fan did. No human in this planet is trash.

Go to the list of things that should happen to RD by MLPFan. It is there clear. - TwilightKitsune

A YouTuber named Joby Dimms calls ALL bronies subhuman trash as well. SERIOUSLY? These fans only call for the haters and this YouTuber calls for the ENTIRE fandom! WHAT THE HECK!? - Neonco31

Wow Twily Kitsune. You complain about being bullied and then you put a list online about incredibly rude things that should happen to RD. And the. You just expect us to no com,eat! That's not how it works! I'm an RD fan, but you don't see me putting up a list of why Twlight is an egghead... Do you?

Rainbow Dash is a fictional cartoon character, so you don't have to get mad if anyone says anything against her, because she does not exist. No need to get so het up. - TwilightKitsune

25 Treat her crimes like a good thing


Not lies. Check out "top ten best things Rainbow Dash did" that'll be your first clue - Ultron123

26 They call people bad names

That's still offensive. I mean they didn't ask for your input, did they?

No one asked me, I was just comparing, I wasnt even talking to that person, then they responded to me and called me a fanbrat. I didn't ask for their input, so you are wrong, what happened was the opposite.

Someone called me a fanbrat, I'm like that is just rude. I wasnt even being mean to that person, I was just comparing characters and how this one is better than the other.

27 They are rude to innocent people

Woah. So,evody's making assumptions about us RD fans...

28 Say haters are jealous

I am not jealous of RD, I just know millions of characters way better than her.


This is the reason why I leave Danny Phantom fanbases. They said "you are troll", "you are jealous because he is hot". I am now a Miraculers who like Chat Noir not DP fan again. Danny Phantom fans = RD fans - ChatNoirFan18

29 They think its okay to hurt others for hating Dash V 1 Comment
30 They don't leave haters alone

Most fandoms just tell haters that the things they like are awesome. Not Rainbow Dash fans, they will not leave you alone and tell you to kill yourself and that nobody likes you, insulting in the worst way possible,

31 They insult you in the worst possible ways
32 They go mad and protest when a Rainbow Dash item is on a bad list

Sure I'll get a little upset if A.J. is on a bad list,but there's no need to protest or go mad if a character you really like is on a bad list,this goes for everyone,especially most R.D. fans. -ApplejackFan

33 They have a crush on her and she's an animal
34 They say that she's Princess Celestia's long lost daughter and Is the lost princess of the "Rainbow Dimension"

Jut look at some comments at the Rainbow Dash is better than Twilight Sparkle list. It's even an item at the list -_- - MLPFan

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1. They say 'Rainbow Dash is the best Pony' like a broken record
2. They make every character look bad to make her look good
3. Even if someone says something that is not offensive about her they get mad



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