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1 Fire Drills

All of a sudden, when you are taking a math test, you hear a sound going BEEP BEEP BEEP. I'm like, "Ugh, not again, every single month." Then we walk out the door. SAME THING EVERY YEAR. It interrupts you and you get angry. - TopTenJackson

False fire alarms are even worse. There was one at college today - literally a thousand people evacuating from one building at once, standing around in the cold and seeing the fire brigade having their time wasted is almost enough to make the whole morning a misery. - Entranced98

What if it's cold outside. :(

Ok I get it, we need to know what to do if the real thing happens BUT COME ON MY EDUCATION IS MORE GOD D***N IMPORTANT

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2 Lockdowns

Lockdowns in our school are annoying you just sit there and do nothing pretty boring. But the good thing is we only have to do it once a year in my school but other then that lockdowns are just so boring. - WWEfanJayden

You just shut off the lights, then walk over to the corner and stay quite, just annoys you a lot doesn't it? - TopTenJackson

3 Nerds

Bruh. he's now a bully, nerds are annoying. They think they're good at everything and one literally said "science was they're religion" I bet they're church was "the science classroom" everyone here is just a group of unpopular kids and they're feelings just got hurt. But nerds are weird and scream so loud in the classroom and raise they're hand every second.

Some people are like, "DUUH" That means they are being stupid again, they ALWAYS do weird things. - TopTenJackson

How are nerds bad? Welp, creator of this list you are #4 A BULLY. Nerds arnt bad people they just specialize in something and arnt afraid to show it. - Yatagarasu

4 Bullies

People bullie people and it's like, bruh, sort your problems out

5 Stinky People

Me: "Do you smell something? "
Best Friend: "Yeah I do."
Me: "Carter, did you poop your pants again!? Your such a baby! "
Best Friend: "Yeah! "
Carter: "I don't smell! "
Me and Best Friend: "Yes you DO! "
Teacher: "Who smells funny? "
Best Friend: "Carter does."
Teacher: "Carter, do you need to use the bathroom, or get checked out? "
Carter: "Oh alright."

I hate it when people smell funny in class, then they go and use the bathroom, then come back and STILL smell funny. - TopTenJackson

Not going to lie: everyone in my school smells even though we all shower everyday.I have to hold my nose when I'm crowds since everyone smells so badly.MOST ANNOYING THING EVER

6 People Who Talk Funny

In assembly when we sing these religous songs there is always a horrible boring singer behind my back

7 Lazy Teachers
8 Homework


9 Smelly Food
10 People Who Stick Their Phone in Your Face and Take Pictures Without Your Permission

Let me tell you. I once did that to another girl on a bus with church people for a freshmathon and I do regret doing that because I don't know how she's gonna look at me.

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? Students Who Take Theater as a Blow-Off Class
? Pervs

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11 Pressure
12 People Who Reference Vines

Marcus cowley baited stop telling me bout vines that are not funny

13 People Who Use Instagram/Snapchat Non-Stop


14 Classmates Acting Dumb

Bro I feel you

That was the biggest problem in my school
Now dumb classmates are gone
I am so happy

I'm in the fifth grade and people in my class STILL:
Think the sun is a planet
Type slow
Pronounce the alphabet like ah buh kuh
Classmate 2:BUH UH TUH

15 Not Being Able to Use the Toilet in Class

Out of all the things on this list this is the STUPIDEST ONE. If you go to the bathroom you're only missing class for about five minutes. The teacher just wants you to do it in class? If you've ever had that teacher she's a bitch. - AngryHimouto

Me: Can I go to the toilet?
Teacher: you should have gone at break
Me: but it’s a human right and I didn’t need to go

16 The Life Ruining Cliches
17 People Who Leave Messes Everywhere They Go

When we switch classes, whoever sits at my desk leaves trash in there :I like bruh

18 Favoritism Among Teachers
19 Obnoxious People

Queen Bitches, for instance. Thinking they're so fabulous, ha. And they always look down on us nerds and punk rockers and goths. (Facepalm) Bunch of frilly retards.

20 People Who Don't Flush After Using the Bathroom
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