Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Siblings from 1-10 Years Old


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1 They take over your stuff and claim it's theirs

I have a brother called Jordan he is 9 years old

My sister always do that,i got annoyed - ComelCumil

I'm 12 he took my 3ds(don't laugh) its was black, then he says you let him have it! Like what!?! Because you lost yours meens mine is your,NO!

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2 Your parents let them get away with things

Yeah my brother is the most selfish brat you could ever meet. He is 10 and always gets away with things. How am I supposed to be mature while living with a mad man who always pisses you off, calls you names, steals your stuff and bring his crappy friends into my room, ma. No, you keep saying you are supposed to be mature, he's only 10. - sryanbruen

This isn't true. There are thirty lines in a note book, a 9 year old girl is accused of stealing 20 pesos (2 dollars) and has to write a page for every peso she "stole." 600 sentences for nothing? Yeah. - AnonymousChick

So my brother has his friends over and his friend starts coming into my room. Well guess what his little friend isn't allowed in my room

When my sister was 3 or 4 she drew all over the office chair and my parents had to get a new one. All she got was a serious talk.

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3 They are spoiled brats

My friend's sister (8) wanted to play "cooking mama" despite me warning her the game was VERY hard on the Wii. She failed to beat my high score and had a HUGE fit

At age of 6, 12 and 16, they are all spoiled brats one way or another. Like please, you fell down, big deal.

Are you a wizard or something? I am 12, my brother is 16, and my sister is almost 6. - Merilille

I hate my brother. He sucks. My sister is definitely better.


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4 They tell on you

Yes, of course. When they are trying to cover up what they did! So I always have a way to prove my innocence.

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5 They want things to go their way

Once my parents said "If you don't complain when were in the car or at Subway you get a cookie." to my younger sister and she complained and whined when she couldn't get the pizza at Subway and guess what? She got a cookie with M&Ms. Another time she wanted a "Password Journal." when we were at Best Buy and my parents said no like 50 times and she walked out with a brand new "Password Journal." Anything goes my sister's way as long as she whines or complains.

Are you joking! My 9 year old sister wants everything to be the way of her liking! Hello! If you do things your way, no one will want to play with you!

I am 13, and my little 9 year old sister insists inviting her heathen brat friends, who destroy everything in there path, to my Bar Mitzvah!

They want things to go their way because they always DO get their way

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6 They act immature

My little sister thinks its funny to draw marker on toilet paper, to make it look used. ); And it stained my sheets permanently!

And it always seems like that they'll never mature.

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7 They are bossy

Whether their younger than you, or older than you, any sibling can be bossy. - nintendofan126

What if that one is the older one. - AnonymousChick

I'm 11 and my sister is 5.
She: Give me my water.
Me: I won't
Me: I won't
She: I won't talk to you anymore!

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8 You sometimes argue with them

I taught the youngest how to form a good argument and do civilized debate but his other older siblings do five year old argument s and its holding him back.

My sister is 5 years younger than me and we get into arguments so much our parents sometimes keep us isolated from each-other

Me and my younger sister always quarrel and she is the reason why. She is a brat that complains over nothing! - EpicJake

If me and my sister are in the same room for 5 minutes it is a guaranteed argument.

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9 They cry

I'm 13, my little brother is 10. So I'm sitting here playing my EDM (look it up) quietly in the background. THEN MY LITTLE BROTHER WANTS TO HAVE A SPAZTIC FREAKOUT BECAUSE "My music sucks, and rap is better" Last time I checked, a ten year old should not listen to every single cuss word in the book so it rhymes. And he thinks he's the cheese because he "has more friends than me" MAYBE I LIKE HAVING A SMALL GROUP OF FRIENDS. Also he smashed some little girl's nail polish because "his friends dared him to". He also cussed out a teacher. Let's just say, if he was on fire, and I had a bucket of water...I would drink it.

My brother cries over everything even when he doesn't know how to tie his own shoes. He can just ask for help or something and not make such a big commotion over it. - cosmo

Well, ten year olds are allowed to be depressed. I cried when I was ten because I was SUICIDAL. - AnonymousChick

My sister cried when I broke A BLOCK in her building in Minecraft. Like, what? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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10 They watch baby shows that are extremely annoying!

Yeah, how dare someone with a mind still not yet fully developed watch something intended and advertised to that age level. Next thing you know, they'll be playing with toys. Oh, the horror will never end. - ArchAces

HAA! Try sitting next to my little brother while he is on YouTube for five minutes... You'll have to be put-down

My thirteen year old sister still watches disney channel and I watch trutv n I'm 11

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? They throw tantrums
? They make jokes about private parts

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11 They get away with things that you couldn't get away with at their age

That is because you may have been an only child then, until your younger sibling came to the world. - EpicJake

I know I hate this - opinionated4

I went to someone elses house once without asking by accident and I got grounded for a week

Years later my brother and sister do this what do they get?

A lecture no grounding holy hell

12 They always want to do things with you

I always try to play video games or watch television and then my six year old sister comes in and asks me if she can join. I always say no, then we fight and my parents get on my sister's side. It's so annoying!

To the person below me, that is very true. Yet he always plays crappy single-player games for hours on end, and never lets you join anything. They also suck at video games. They either slow you down as P2, or they throw a fit when they lose.

I wanted to go to game stop one day and until my sister said can I go and I'm like what is the point of you going SHE WILL DO ABSOLUTLY NOTHING IN BY GOING AND SHE BARELY PLAYS GAMES.

13 They try to fit in with your friends
14 They think they're better than you at everything

My sister always acts like she can do ANYTHING while she thinks I can do nothing. every time my parents show up she always acts like she's my teacher - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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15 They say everybody is your girlfriend/boyfriend

My sister does this. It's so annoying and I wish my parents would tell her to stop.

All my friends on my bus are boys, because my girl friends don't ride my bus. Whenever I say the are my friends, my neighbor and sister say, " Oooh! You have a boyfriend! "

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17 They poop on themselves V 1 Comment
18 Their voices are annoying.
19 They throw fits
20 If you're funny, they will stick by your side for a few laughs.

You make jokes and cracks all the time and you love it when they smile, but then they follow you around so hey can get a load of all the cracks you make! What a pain!

My brother isn't funny, he just STEALS my jokes and act like they're his.

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1. They take over your stuff and claim it's theirs
2. They are spoiled brats
3. Your parents let them get away with things
1. Your parents let them get away with things
2. They want things to go their way
3. They take over your stuff and claim it's theirs
1. They take over your stuff and claim it's theirs
2. They are spoiled brats
3. They act immature



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