Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Siblings from 1-10 Years Old

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1 They take over your stuff and claim it's theirs

My youngest brother does this all the time,
Super annoying!

This isn't only a younger sibling thing, it can be also an older siblings' thing, too. My older brother, when we were real little, keeps taking away my plastic Dough Boy figure, my Pokemon Yellow version, and my beanie Pikachu plush that one of my older cousins gave me! And when we were teens, he almost took away my ocean-themed edition night-light! Now that we're older, he don't do it anymore, THANK GOD!

I have a brother called Jordan he is 9 years old

My sister always do that,i got annoyed - ComelCumil

2 Your parents let them get away with things

My younger cousins in a nutshell

Yeah my brother is the most selfish brat you could ever meet. He is 10 and always gets away with things. How am I supposed to be mature while living with a mad man who always pisses you off, calls you names, steals your stuff and bring his crappy friends into my room, ma. No, you keep saying you are supposed to be mature, he's only 10. - sryanbruen

This isn't true. There are thirty lines in a note book, a 9 year old girl is accused of stealing 20 pesos (2 dollars) and has to write a page for every peso she "stole." 600 sentences for nothing? Yeah. - AnonymousChick

So my brother has his friends over and his friend starts coming into my room. Well guess what his little friend isn't allowed in my room

3 They are spoiled brats

Oh, yeah!

My friend's sister (8) wanted to play "cooking mama" despite me warning her the game was VERY hard on the Wii. She failed to beat my high score and had a HUGE fit

At age of 6, 12 and 16, they are all spoiled brats one way or another. Like please, you fell down, big deal.

Are you a wizard or something? I am 12, my brother is 16, and my sister is almost 6. - Merilille

I hate my brother. He sucks. My sister is definitely better.

4 They want things to go their way

My four year old brother is like this. One time we were driving back home from a trip and he knocked my tablet onto the floor of the car. I tried to pick it back up, but he freaked out whenever I did, so then I didn't get to play in my tablet for the rest of the ride.

Once at a family party my cousin was watching T.V. and she decided to blast the volume.

Me: turn it down it's too loud
Cousin: NO!
Me: (takes the remote from her, turns volume down, and hides it)
Cousin: (finds remote and turns volume all the way up)
Mom: (to me) this is her house so she has the right to do whatever she wants

So apparently she has the right to make me go deaf...

Are you joking! My 9 year old sister wants everything to be the way of her liking! Hello! If you do things your way, no one will want to play with you!

Once my parents said "If you don't complain when were in the car or at Subway you get a cookie." to my younger sister and she complained and whined when she couldn't get the pizza at Subway and guess what? She got a cookie with M&Ms. Another time she wanted a "Password Journal." when we were at Best Buy and my parents said no like 50 times and she walked out with a brand new "Password Journal." Anything goes my sister's way as long as she whines or complains.

5 They tell on you

Yes, of course. When they are trying to cover up what they did! So I always have a way to prove my innocence.

Happens to me when I accidently hurt my sister - MrQuaz680

And then I get in trouble

My sister does this for every little thing.
One time, they thought I said (which is illegal in our house) then I said “I didn’t say ! ” Then my sister try’s to get me in trouble

6 They act immature

My little sister thinks its funny to draw marker on toilet paper, to make it look used. ); And it stained my sheets permanently!

And it always seems like that they'll never mature.

7 They are bossy

My sister is like this a lot, SHE IS ONLY SEVEN!

Whether their younger than you, or older than you, any sibling can be bossy. - nintendofan126

What if that one is the older one. - AnonymousChick

I'm 11 and my sister is 5.
She: Give me my water.
Me: I won't
Me: I won't
She: I won't talk to you anymore!

8 You sometimes argue with them

This also applies to siblings over age 10

I taught the youngest how to form a good argument and do civilized debate but his other older siblings do five year old argument s and its holding him back.

My sister is 5 years younger than me and we get into arguments so much our parents sometimes keep us isolated from each-other

Me and my younger sister always quarrel and she is the reason why. She is a brat that complains over nothing! - EpicJake

9 They cry

I'm 13, my little brother is 10. So I'm sitting here playing my EDM (look it up) quietly in the background. THEN MY LITTLE BROTHER WANTS TO HAVE A SPAZTIC FREAKOUT BECAUSE "My music sucks, and rap is better" Last time I checked, a ten year old should not listen to every single cuss word in the book so it rhymes. And he thinks he's the cheese because he "has more friends than me" MAYBE I LIKE HAVING A SMALL GROUP OF FRIENDS. Also he smashed some little girl's nail polish because "his friends dared him to". He also cussed out a teacher. Let's just say, if he was on fire, and I had a bucket of water...I would drink it.

My brother cries over everything even when he doesn't know how to tie his own shoes. He can just ask for help or something and not make such a big commotion over it. - cosmo

Well, ten year olds are allowed to be depressed. I cried when I was ten because I was SUICIDAL. - AnonymousChick

My brother cried at 9,a 5 cry streak,for my dad calling him a baby. - DapperPickle

10 They get away with things that you couldn't get away with at their age

Younger sibling breaks a glass: it is ok, it was an accident.
You break something: clean it up and no video games for the weekend

To be fair I do get away with everything despite being 14. I just have a shy and kind nature and often get thought of as innocent. I do cause mischeif sometimes though and always get away with it because people overlook me because "Oh she would NEVER do that! " I wouldn't do illegal things though, just harmless trolls - Lunala

That is because you may have been an only child then, until your younger sibling came to the world. - EpicJake

I know I hate this - opinionated4

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11 They watch baby shows that are extremely annoying!

I hate In The Night Garden

Yes! I mean, me and my sister both watch the same shows (Shark Tank, Ink Master, Catfish, and Divided) but baby shows are annoying

Watching kids shows is actually the worst torture there is - opinionated4

HAA! Try sitting next to my little brother while he is on YouTube for five minutes... You'll have to be put-down

12 They always want to do things with you

A little bit is ok, but it gets annoying if you do it to much

I always try to play video games or watch television and then my six year old sister comes in and asks me if she can join. I always say no, then we fight and my parents get on my sister's side. It's so annoying!

To the person below me, that is very true. Yet he always plays crappy single-player games for hours on end, and never lets you join anything. They also suck at video games. They either slow you down as P2, or they throw a fit when they lose.

I wanted to go to game stop one day and until my sister said can I go and I'm like what is the point of you going SHE WILL DO ABSOLUTLY NOTHING IN BY GOING AND SHE BARELY PLAYS GAMES.

13 They think they're better than you at everything

My brother: haha sucka!
Me: you grenade/rocket spammed the whole game!

SO TRUE! I DESTROY my sister at any video game she tries to play with me, but one time, I was playing Xenoverse 2(No I am not a weeaboo), I picked Hercule, and my sister picked SSJB Goku (One with Sledgehammer, please help), the most overpowered character in the game! She used Maximum Charge (She is horrible at this), and I beat to an inch of her health, when she started spamming Super God Fist (all she does is spam that and Super Kamehameha), one got me when I was being called by my mom. That took me out, then my sister QUOTE FOR QUOTE said this,"I am better than you '''brother''' at everything! "

Basically, she beat me using the most OP character, when I was using the worst character, while being distracted! She is trash, that is what this really means.


To the guy who played Xenoverse 2,something very similar happened to me!

Me and my spoiled brat little brother were playing online,when I picked SSJ4 Goku,and he picked Broly,I was like,”Why Broly? ” He responded with this,”Broly is the strongest character ever! ”Then we fought,I was destroying him.So he just started spamming Blaster Shell(a good move but is very spammy)and he caught me off guard,so he luckily won,and he was bragging about it!

I was like,”you had to spam to win,you’re pathetic.”

14 They try to fit in with your friends

When I was little I did this to my big sister because I had no friends. I used to be that weird and shy kid :P - Lunala

HATE IT! - opinionated4

15 Their voices are annoying.

This one irritates me - opinionated4

16 They say everybody is your girlfriend/boyfriend

They say it for no reason at all, I don’t even have a friend that is a girl!

My sister does this. It's so annoying and I wish my parents would tell her to stop.

All my friends on my bus are boys, because my girl friends don't ride my bus. Whenever I say the are my friends, my neighbor and sister say, " Oooh! You have a boyfriend! "

I know it'll happen - opinionated4

17 They hog the TV

They are always watching pbs kids all the time, I hardly ever get to watch my stuff like forged in fire

I can't use the T.V. anymore thanks to the she-devil I live with!

18 They throw fits

I offered to clean her room because I was sleeping in it and she said she wanted it in a specific place and she puts it in that place when it's moved...i look at the floor and no dice everything scattered and I say ''caugh caugh'' the floor,so she hits me. Multiple times and screams at me

19 They get whatever they want as long as they cry or whine
20 They treat you like a slave

My little cousins are so lazy they want us to feed them, take them to the restroom, and get things for them. DO IT YOURSELVES, YOU LAZY PEOPLE! I'M NOT YOUR PERSONAL SLAVE! >:(

21 They think they're cool when they hang out with your friends
22 Family members love them more


Whenever we go see relatives we only see 1 or 2 times a year they used to greet me with a big "OH MY GOD HI! " "YOU'RE SO CUTE! " but when I was 4, my little sister came along. Ever since she was born she got the same attention I did. I asked my parents why my new baby sister got so much attention and they replied "Your sister is just younger and when you were her age you got the attention she did. BUT SHE IS 7 AND WHEN I WAS HER AGE MY SISTER GOT ALL OF THE ATTENTION. And then my parents say they love us both the same.

23 They believe the world revolves around them

My brother believes this

so true

24 They watch and act like Caillou

Look at half this list that's what little kids are like.

25 They imitate Teen Titans Go

The worst show ever

26 They don't respect Anime fans

This is stupid. I know an anime weeb put this on here!

27 They moon you

Used to happen to me a lot. - Lunala

28 They make jokes about private parts

My siblings do it and it is very annoying

True like they joke about butts - Lunala

29 They poop on themselves

What is this category?


30 If you're funny, they will stick by your side for a few laughs.

You make jokes and cracks all the time and you love it when they smile, but then they follow you around so hey can get a load of all the cracks you make! What a pain!

My brother isn't funny, he just STEALS my jokes and act like they're his.

31 They think everything is boring

so true

32 They scream for half an hour because they refuse to believe they are ever responsible for anything

Entirely my little sister there

33 They act smarter than you
34 They hurt you
35 They pester you
36 They break your favorite DVD
37 They force you to listen to Let It Go from Frozen
38 They force you to watch Disney Channel Sitcoms
39 They force you to watch High School Musical
40 They bully you
41 They give you a dutch oven
42 They force you to watch Anime
43 They throw tantrums
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